Monday, July 10, 2017


We kicked off our summer with a trip down to Arizona. We have been wanting to go visit Taylor and Sheena and my aunt Marilyn and Uncle Ron offered their cabin to be our little meeting place, and what a place! We obviously love the excuse of being able to spend time with Marilyn and Ron, and Rhett and Sandy and their kids came up as well. It was such a blast!
On the drive down we stopped at the Moqui caves, it was about $5 a person. Travis and I have driven past it and wondered what was inside, now we know. It wasn't much to see but it was fun to get out and see what was inside the cave.
We decided to make more of a trip out it and spend a night and a day at the grand canyon. We stayed at a hotel in Williams, 50 miles from the Grand Canyon. The town was so cool. The whole town was designed as a Western town with western shops, restaurants, and fun diners. Right behind the swim pool of the hotel they had a western shoot out. We heard fireworks and then saw the cowboys having a full blown shoot out. We missed most of it, because we were showering after playing in the pool. We would have liked to have spent more time there.

The kids were so good here, I was worried how things might go... you know with cliffs feet away and envisioning our kids running in different directions. They stayed close and were good listeners. As we were loading on a bus and Travis was sitting down behind the kids a lady commented to him, "wow, you're really calm for traveling with 5 small children." Travis chuckled and said, "well it's 4 but yeah sometimes it feels like 5".
When we got to the first site I was walking with Grant with our wrist bands linked and quite a few Asian tourist were coming up to Grant and cooing and I assume saying he's so cute. Two of the couples asked to take a picture of him. Grant gave them a big smile and said, "Cheez". One tried to get a picture of Kesler as well but he wouldn't let them.

After the Grand Canyon we took the shortest route to the Tenney cabin... and we went on the most abandoned road I've ever been on. Nothing in site but desert and sage brush. We only came across a couple cars the whole two to three hours we were on it. It went from a paved road to a broken road with big pot holes everywhere, to a dirt road, and absolutely no service on our phones. When Siri told us to turn left, Travis was like "no". It was a narrow dirt road that looked steep at parts and you completely would miss it if Siri didn't tell you it was there. I was getting so worried and wanted to turn back, even if it added a couple hours to our drive. If we broke down we would be up a creek and we didn't even know if we were going in the right direction. Grant must have been picking up on my stress because he just started crying and adding to the joy of the drive. We waved down a truck when we finally saw a vehicle, then again we found a couple on 4 wheelers that we stopped to ask for directions from. We made it to the cabin with only 15 minutes tacked onto our travel time, CRAZY! 
Just before we got to Forest Lakes we saw this gorgeous view. 

It was so great getting to spend so much time with Taylor, Sheena, and their kids!

We put on some tunes and played Corn Hole on the deck quite a bit, it was really fun.

Lots of yummy treats

You'll never guess who kept getting hurt. They were playing tag and she caught her fall with her face. Poor girl.

We each got dad a card and he got stuff for work off Groupon: 30 pairs of cool socks, a charcoal suit, and shoes. He is always needing more stuff like this for work, he wears a suit almost every day of the week.
Grant is such a happy boy, he is always wearing a big smile it seems. Grant loves balls, they are his favorite toys. He loves to kick them, throw them, bounce them, and play around with them. He loves to kick to ball back and forth, and he will give me a ball to throw to him to hit with a bat or branch. Grant is so animated and funny, he loves to make us laugh, he is such a ham! He makes such funny faces, loves giving high 5's and knuckles, and playing Just Dance with me (he is my dance buddy). He loves the spotlight and is quite attached to me. He is a great sleeper and eater. He eats more than the other kids and goes to bed between 8:30 and 9 and sleeps in until around 9:30 every morning and still takes a 3 hour nap. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will last because the other three completely stopped napping around the time they turned 2.
For his birthday we had cake and presents. Then we had a cook out and camping in the backyard. Sleeping in our new tent was fun, the kids put on a play for me. It was pretty cute and they even let me be the queen in their production.

My parents got Grant a cute hat and this basketball hoop and ball, since Grant is obsessed with balls. He will find a ball (or something like a ball) in literally any store we go into.  

Pictures from Trav's phone from Youth Conference, it sounds like it was awesome!

Some of the leaders: Ted Vandanaker, Kristy Fowler, Andrea Haviland, Tressa Elkington and Roger Fowler.

They played lots of water polo, it's a pretty big thing at Cyprus High and we have a few in our ward who are on the team. I was told Travis was keeping up with the kids the whole time and has some sweet water polo skills.

Ryan and Lisa Loose

Brenda Tuttle, Travis calls her Trenda Buttle.

Aaron Bush with Trav

Dillon Taylor

Madison Fowler and Abi Liddell

Scripture study activity

Travis moved schools and will now be teaching at Granger in West Valley. They had a last outing golfing before he left and it was WINDY!

My grandparents took us all out to play at the Classic Fun Center, it was actually on Grants birthday and it was crazy because he actually showed reservation with getting on everything, not like him but he is showing more care since his birthday. It was so much fun, Travis and I got all sweaty shooting the balls through the air guns, and giving the boys ammo. The funnest part was Laser Tag, no lines and it was just our family. That was for sure my favorite part, Travis just tears it up even when it was him against all of us.

Out of all our children our most cautious one was the first to break a bone. Kesler fell off the little slide in our backyard funny and had a buckle fracture on his radial bone. He was so brave and sweet while Travis took him in.

Kesler also got this cut in his head running into the edge of the island.

The girls have been wanting summer haircuts. They don't let me do their hair anyway so I took them in, they chose which style of cut they wanted. 

Service project at Lynette Strouds with the young men.

Weekly ward playgroup and we met up at Wheeler Farm one week. Grant gets plenty of attention wherever we go.

Travis put on new tires that are solid so they won't go flat and in this neighborhood you can't ride you bike without getting thorns in your tires. So now Kaydence can finally ride her bike without getting a flat every time.

My mom was down and we went to this is the Place Monument park on the free day There were a lot of people but it was so big that it didn't seem crowded at all.

Free ice cream

Pony rides

Grant did not want to get off his pony, he started throwing a tantrum when it was his turn to get off. He kept petting the pony and bouncing on him as he was riding.

Splash pad, Grant found a little friend.

More ice cream.

I've been reading family history stories and I wanted to look up to see if we're related to this Richardson cabin.

My mom paid for the kids to ride the horses since riding the ponies was their favorite part, except Kesler (he wouldn't ride one).

In Brigham Young's home.

Such a fun and eventful month!

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Sounds like Grant needs a pony for Christmas! ha ha jk Where did Trav go for YC? That place looks so familiar! You guys have had a super busy summer!!!! Hey oh!!! Love the girls' hair cuts! xoxo