Sunday, June 25, 2017


Travis got tickets to the Rocky Mountain Races from our friend Jimmy Fowler and we sat with their family. It was really cool, the cars are crazy. They have double deckers, teeny tiny cars, race cars, and things like that. It was loud and the girls weren't that into it so I think the boys will go sometime this summer together for a guys night while the girls go shopping or get pedicures.

Dan, Josh, and Travis. I don't know why Santiago is dressed up but it's a great picture I got off Trav's phone.

Grant falling asleep on the desk chair for his afternoon nap

While my mom was here Andrea watched my four kids while my mom and I went shopping and out to lunch together. The kids love playing at the Haviland's house, such a cute kiddos.

The boys playing with the chickens.

Everytime my parents come our kids get spoiled with donuts.

Grant is such a happy boy.

This is the poster I helped Kesler make for preschool.

Kesler graduated from preschool and they put on this little program for the parents.

Ms. Cody and Ms. Emily, they've been so great.

My sweet mothers day gifts!
From Kesler

From Marley Jo

From Kaydence

I was called to be the relief society activity leader and was released from activity days. They had a mother and daughter pajama activity in May so I got to go back in with my girl that evening.
The following activity the girls used the pictures taken during the mommy daughter activity to scrapbook them and frame it for their moms:

It was so wonderful getting to see everyone at the viewing and funeral of grandma Peterson. I loved getting to hear stories about her. The lunch was great and the kids really enjoyed the park right next to the church. 

We stayed in a hotel in Montpelier after the viewing and the kids enjoyed that. I slept in the pack n play with Grant half the night to keep him from keeping everyone up. It wasn't the most restful night I've ever had but it definitely wasn't the worst either.  He woke up when the sun started coming up and I decided to try and put him next to me in bed to see if he would sleep longer and he did... but he kind of clung to my face the whole time. Pretty sweet, I can't help but feel loved. It's a good feeling. 

After the funeral, the lunch, and visiting with relatives we went back to Blackfoot. 
These two are so cute together. Kesler was doing his school and wanted to show McCoy how it works. 

It was mothers day weekend so we were able to give grammy her mothers day gift, we got her a gift card for pedicures with the girls when she comes down to see us.

We had a great time riding on the four wheeler.

We got babysitters one night so we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse and went to see the home Travis and Kaitlin are buying! They are officially home owners starting in July!

The following weekend Everyone came down this way because Levi Nation got married in the Provo temple. Kim and Monte stayed with us and we had a great time with them here. 

It was Kaitlin's birthday on Saturday so we all went out to her favorite restaurant for lunch, Cheesecake Factory. Then we went shopping at Marshall's and then took McCoy home with us while they all went to the wedding.

The two are BUDS!

Sunday morning Grammy was playing games with the kids. We sure loved having them come and see us!