Wednesday, February 22, 2017


 New Years day we stayed in Idaho until that evening so we could all celebrate Marley's birthday together! My mom made a cake, had presents for her, Johnny, Jess, and Taysom came to celebrate it was the perfect ending to our little trip to Idaho.
Marley making a wish (or saying a prayer) before blowing out her candles.

Our joyful girl! Her happiness and joy for life is contagious.
 Marley said that Grandma and Grandpa got her everything she ever wanted! a smartwatch and a Rapunzel wig!
 Can you believe how young my mom looks, she seriously looks like she's my age! I am crossing my fingers that I age so beautifully.

All of us kids got together and bought our parents tickets to Ifly, flow rider, rock climbing, and gift cards to Tucanos for Christmas.

 Taysom is not a fan of having me take his picture.

The following Friday was Marley's birthday and we had her birthday all planned and friends excited  to come. But around the stroke of midnight on her actual birthday she woke up throwing up all over her bed. The rest of that night and next day she was so sick and miserable. I felt so horrible. I just snuggled next to her got her Gatorade, Powerade, and some salty treats. She couldn't have anything at first but by the afternoon she could keep a little bit down. So we revised and I contacted all her friends parents and scheduled her party for the following week.
We had a photo booth, games, ice cream, presents, dress up, the whole shebang!
 Zoe, Marley, Brooklyn, Annika

 Marley Annika, Emma, Brooklyn

 Annika, Chloe, Brooklyn, Jasper

Chloe, Brooklyn, Emma, and Annika

Jasper, Annika, Lily, Emma

 She wanted "Better than Seminary Cake"

Wendee Weight told me about a day where they had free ice skating and had figure skaters perform for everyone. I was surprised that there weren't many people there at all. It was awesome!

I feel like Grant is just a little mini Travis. He is so adventurous and cute and a little toe head to boot.
 This is cute little Travis when he was a baby.
 I was kind of hoping our kids would inherit his big lips but none of them have as plump of lips as he has.

Marley in her cute Rapunzel wig. The girls wore their wigs to Costco, Travis doesn't understand why they love to wear them so much but I told him it is a girl thing. I would have loved to wear these long thick wigs too. I remember having a long pony tail wig when I was younger and I remember wanting  to wear it everywhere.

Kaydence would go out like this whenever we got freshly fallen snow. The cold never bothered her anyway.

My parents came down one weekend and Travis and my dad went ice fishing on Pine View Reservoir. It was gorgeous up there and the sun was shining.
So my mom took us all the Museum of Natural Curiosity. IT. WAS. AWESOME. They had so much there it was a day of full fledged fun. The biggest jungle gym climbing area, a whole town that had everything you could imagine in there, and water area where the kids were getting wet and having a blast. 

 We are pretty crazy about grandma!

It was big enough for adults to go through the whole thing with the kids.

Behind bars

The magic store, they had a magician and was letting the kids help with all his tricks.

Seeing how long they could hold on like a sloth.

The water portion of the building we saved for last, for good reason.

These seats were pretty cool. They could sit in these seats without getting wet (except for what they splashed on themselves, which was actually quite a bit) and just play with the water that is surrounding them.

The tornado simulator was a great way to dry off at the end.

Kesler has a long attention span, well for a kid his age. He would stay at a center or activity for a long time, while a lot of other kids would be there for a couple seconds and zoom off to the next thing.

 Grant was being a little flirt. Everytime this cute mom would smile at Grant he would give her the biggest smiles and kept looking at her and if she looked his way he would be all grins.

It was so much fun. Such a perfect way to get out all there energy when it's cold outside. I think my mom and I used up quite a bit of energy as well.