Sunday, November 20, 2016


 If you couldn't tell I was pretty proud of myself for putting things together for the kids to be more involved during General Conference. I hope the kids got more out of it, the sessions were so uplifting and the messages shared were so powerful, I always look forward to general conference weekend I LOVE IT!
 I will say that trying to keep the kids involved was making it harder for me to listen to the messages but that's why they get it online so quickly. So I can listen and read them again.

My parents came up the first weekend of the month to spoil the grandkids! The first day we met my parents and grandparents at the Hogle zoo. Kaydence didn't know her cousins were going to be there! He was so excited! They are seriously her favorite people in the world. My parents surprised the three girls taking them all to Lagoon for their birthday. Best birthday gift ever, I know Kaydence will always remember it!

we had dinner at my grandparents house afterwards, pizza, family, and more ice cream 🍨

The next morning my dad took the kid all out for donuts 🍩

Monte and Kim came down Saturday and Sunday to celebrate Travis birthday.
They took us out to our favorite restaurant, food coma!
Sunday after church Bridger and Kassidy came over for dinner, it was so wonderful. Thank you for making it such a special day for the big birthday boy!

Grandpa is always good for a snuggle with the grandkids ❤

I got released from activity days leader, so this was the last activity I was able to come to. I have LOVED hanging out with these great girls and enjoyed this calling.

I feel like I haven't written enough about Kesler and his fun personality lately. 
A few things I want to share about my fun little man Kesler. Kesler is my least photographed child, not for want of trying. He does not like his picture taken and I when I try to get pictures with him his eyes are usually closed or something. It's frustrating because I want to take pictures of him all the time but I don't want to keep bugging him. He is so tender, sweet, and conscious of others feelings. He is a gentle soul. He is pretty shy around big groups or new situations but at home with me he just talks an talks... And talks to me. At the end of everything he says he says, "is that cool?" Or "is that funny?"
He is such a big helper, he likes to help me unload and put away the dishes, and clean up after Grant when we're at the grocery store and Grant is taking everything off the shelves Kesler is right behind him putting everything back. 
When Kesler needs me for some reason in the middle of the night he has never woken me up by shaking me or saying my name. He just stands there by our bed and waits for me to wake up, it's like he doesn't want to disrupt me but needs me so he waits. It's a good thing I'm such a light sleeper or I wonder how long he would be waiting there. 
He loves when my fingers get "itchy" and they attack him in tickles. I seriously can't stop once I start, I love his laugh so much! 
Every child has their own challenges and Kesler has a couple as well. So the two things with Kesler at this point would be how he is such a perfectionist and how he freaks out if something isn't perfect. When you're 4 there are lots of things that you can't do perfectly, like painting his pumpkin and having the paint drip down, or when he is practicing writing his letters with me and they aren't perfect, if his socks aren't on just right, etc. He can really cry and scream in his room when he's frustrated. I figure I'll just let him vent his frustrations and talk to him when he's calmed down, he can go for quite a while sometimes though. The second thing is poop... yeah lots of poopy in da underwear (I don't want to embarrass him by writing this but he's so easy and sweet that I think someday I'll forget that he wasn't perfect if I don't write down the challenges he has). It's a roller coaster he will go weeks without accidents and then all the sudden he pooping in his underwear every day, multiple times sometimes. Then we'll get in a good groove of no accidents and then it will start again in a few weeks or months. It could be a lot worse, it's usually only a week of accidents (until another cycle of accidents begins again in the next month or so). I can say this though, I won't miss cleaning out poopy underwear when this stage is over. 
Kesler is so easy to love, he has me, heart and soul. Kesler is the best student in school, the teachers are always telling me that. He is always randomly telling me he loves me throughout the day, he says it so sincere and sweet. He hugs my legs all the time and tells me he loves me or tell me that I'm the BEST mom. I am so very blessed and grateful to be his mom.

Hat day at school. Marley seems to be liked by everyone, probably because she loves everyone and is the happiest girl in the world. There is a boy in her class that stares at her all the time and he even tried to kiss her during class one day! I guess the teacher didn't see but we told her she needs to tell him "no!" and tell the teacher if it happens again. I don't think she wants to make anyone feel bad but seriously in this case she NEEDS to. 

I get more time with just my boys nowadays.

Kesler got his face painted at school.

So smitten with these boys!

We paint our pumpkins, carving can be so stressful with four little kids. With paint we just put down newspapers and let them go. It's a mess but I can handle cleaning up a mess, and it just makes the whole activity so much fun for me too.
Yeah, I forgot to get pictures of them painting and of their final product. You know what that is just how it goes a lot of times nowadays for me as well.

We aren't able to make it up to Idaho very often nowadays but we decided to go over Stake Conference weekend this month (Travis sometimes just needs to get away).
We spent Friday with the PetersOns and had a yummy dinner of Hawaiian Haystacks and got to visit with grammy, papa, Kaitlin, Travis, McCoy, and Kassidy (Bridger was home studying). So great spending time together.
I was welcomed at my parents by this lovely site, I love this time of the year! My dads yummy dried apples that I practically inhale.

Saturday we (My parents, our family, Mickell, Eldon, and Johnny) went out to Jensen's Grove to play Frisbee Golf and let the kids play on the playground. It was a lot of fun and a beautiful day to play outside.

Then later Jessica, Kathleen, and her youngest three joined us and we had a full blown Halloween party!

Jonathan comes up with best games!!! This was so fun!

Sunday we went to church with Kim and Monte and got to see their wonderful primary program, they did such a great job. Kim is in the primary presidency and the next week was set apart as the primary president!
The girls came back and just snuggled with grandpa in his big king sized bed.

I didn't think of this until after the fact but I should have dressed up as a "wardrobe".
We had lions and witches this year. 

I was able to help in Kaydences class for her Halloween party, I love getting to help in the classroom and see them at school!
 She loves to show off her little brother

Marley does a pretty good witch laugh/cackle.

Marley with her good friend Tabitha.

Kesler, Brooklyn, Marley, Tabitha.

Kaydence and McKenzie

Kaydence, McKenzie, Kassidy, and Morgan.

We always have to make our last stop at our adopted grandma's house - Beni and Kirk. They always spoil the kids with big boxes of Count Chocula, and this time it was also a Costco size of fruit snacks, and hot chocolate with marshmallows, and packs of stuff to make fun jello jigglers.

That pretty much wraps up October, I love this time of the year!