Monday, October 10, 2016


Kesler fell asleep during dinner.

Grant falling asleep on daddy during a show.

Education week BYUI rep was Todd Belnaps brother, Tim.

Work on the golf course.

Grants cute messy face after eating an ice cream sandwich.

Silly faces

Beauty and the Beast was so great! Gaston made the show, he was making my mom and I laugh a lot. Belle was perfect as well, so beautiful and such an amazing voice.

I have to upload pictures off 4 different devices every month now, it gets a little tedious. My Canon Rebel, my phone, Trav's phone, and now the generic GoPro (I forgot what it's called). These are some random pictures from the GoPro.

Our water main broke this last month, not fun. Travis called a few buddies and people from the ward and started the dig at 3 pm. Before 3 we had guys there digging away. I made some cookies and treats for them, had cold water bottles out, and got lots of $5 pizzas and bread sticks from Little Caesars for the hard working men. We had 22 guys who came and helped and got the whole thing done that evening. Amazing, so grateful for all their help.  

For the combined young men young women activity they went on a hike up Ensign Peak.

Sunday desserts.

Getting ready to go swimming, the kids like to go swimming for FHE often.

Kaydence swimming with her tail and Marley with her fin.

We had a stake daddy daughter derby race. There were 60 derby cars competing. I've never been to a derby, I was surprised at how competitive it is. Kaydence had fun making and designing her car with her dad. 

Girls Day! We went shopping, then I made a treat tray, we did hair, and facials together. I love our girl time!