Tuesday, September 13, 2016


We were able to go to Taysom's baby blessing on July 31st and it was wonderful time spent with the family and being able to see this precious boy blessed. The luncheon afterwards was held at Jessica's parents house and it was so nice, so much delicious food and the kids got to raid their many rows of fresh raspberries. 
Taking a drink, Grant style, no hands.

In August Robert went through the temple for the first time, I'm sure Grandma Green was there and has been praying for this day for many years. All her kids in the temple.

The girls and I went out to run errands while the boys stayed home and played. I love my boys!

Kaydence making breakfast all by herself (pancake mix), Marley and Kesler were both wanting the biggest pancakes in each batch and so progressively the pancakes ended up looking like this.

We went to Boondocks as a family, it was so much fun! Travis took the day off work and we did everything. We may be making an annual trip here.  

Students sometimes say that their seminary teachers look like someone else, often times someone famous.
Burbidge - Shrek

Travis - Eddie Redmayne

Santiago - Charles Barkley

My mom went to BYU education week and stopped by on her way home. My mom is so sweet with the kids, kt was cute seeing them read together before bed.

Kaydence got her new glasses

Bridger and Kassidy's wedding and reception. 
They had their reception in Blackfoot first. It was a lot of work trying to have all the kids ready, behaving, and keeping them clean in their cute new clothes. The kids were at the front welcoming the guests and taking the gifts and putting them on the gift pile. As it so happens my kids seem to be a magnet for trouble. The road was just paved with tar a few days previous and in places the tar was still sticky and the kids started playing in it (in between welcoming the guests). The girls had TAR on their new dresses Kesler had them on his slacks. Yeah, and we still had the wedding in Utah early the next morning and the second reception that next night.  

Trying to get in a picture... with Grant crying at my knees.

Our adorable kids!

Marley (had to take her dress off to try and get the tar out of it)


Kesler didn't make it to the end of the reception before going inside and asking to play the online PBS games. 

We got up early, got ready, drove down to the Ogden temple and got to see Bridger and Kassidy sealed. It was so special, I was just crying like a baby. I love Kassidy so much, she has been another little sister to me and I just want her to be so happy so bad. Her and Bridger seem so good together and I just wish them the best.
We tried to get a picture with them and all the grandkids, it was a delightful time. Chan entitled this gem of a picture as "birth control".

The yard where the reception was held was gorgeous, a secret garden for the kids to run and play in.

That night we stayed at my grandparents house in Layton then went back up to Ovid for a Peterson family reunion. 

Grandma Peterson had to go to the hospital for a couple days after the reunion, she had a UTI and family went and visited her. 

Kaydence is in 3rd grade, Marley in 1st grade. 

Travis woke up with his knee hurting him one morning and it was a little swollen. Then the following morning it was huge and Travis couldn't put any weight on it. He was diagnosed with Gout but after testing the fluids taken from his knee they found that it was an injury. It occurred on Friday night when we were out on our date playing laser tag. Crazy, he didn't even notice that he hurt it at all. It seems to be his meniscus was torn. 
some of the fluid they drained from his knee.

Thursday, September 8, 2016