Monday, August 22, 2016

Catalina Trip

Travis has been doing this dive trip with his dad and brother from the time he was 14 years old. They use to do this trip every year at the beginning with friends, some of them being the Horrocks, Sorensons, Vanordens, Wixoms, Miles, and the Petersons. Now they seem to do the dive trip every two to three years. I went with them a few months after we were married and then again this time, 10 years later. This year was a special year because it was the first time Kim came! Everyone came except Kass and Bridger, we missed them but hopefully we can do it again with them.
Pre and Post Dive Trip, enjoying California before boarding the boat and boarding the plane.

These pictures are from my camera along with pictures from Kaitlin and Chan (Chan's pictures are so vibrant and gorgeous, they're easy to pick out).

Spear fishing. Mike goes out and "hunts" alone, he's crazy but he get results!

Travis did some spear fishing too and came back victorious. One of the times I was with him and he speared a pretty big one right at the beginning of our dive. This was the BEST dive! It was the best dive Travis has had here in all of his years of going on this trip. It was incredible, we saw four sharks (horn and swell sharks). I found an octopus and Travis nudged it out of it's hiding spot and we saw it out swimming, it was purple and looked like the coral. We saw so many lobsters that I lost count after eight. Travis found this nice set of goggles with a GO PRO camera attached to the top of them! Oh man, I was so excited! He watched the video and contacted the boat he saw the diver on in the video to try to get it back to him but the boat couldn't find the person who it belonged to, so it ours YEAH! 
On other dives we saw bat rays, the kelp forests, lots of hidden sea life among the coral, and beautiful colorful fish. We had such a great time!

Kim got suited up and went out with Monte on the surface using his tank to look at the fish just below the surface.

Kelp Forest as seen from above

I didn't love the hoods because they squished my face together but they sure kept me nice and warm so they served their purpose.

Fun above water too! Chatting, snacking, playing cards, swimming to the island, sun bathing, reading books, and goofing around.
Coleman, Carly, me, and Trav
Nancy reading her book and sun bathing

Monte and I were a team and we were dominating (a first for me but Monte is good at cards).

On the last day we had a little dance party on top of the boat, I was pretty hyper and couldn't stop being silly. I love being silly!

Yeah...  I'm a dork "choo choo"

Tanner and Chan going out for a swim.

Kim out swimming waiting for Monte to join her so she could use his tank and gear to breathe while looking underwater.

Us three ladies went swimming to the Island, do some discovering.

Kim was the first to get in and just jumped right in!

watching some people pulling up some fish they were catching on the lower deck.

hot tubing

Travis got pretty sick on this trip especially one night were it was so choppy and we were bouncing up and down all night. I woke up to find Travis not in our bed and saw him looking miserable trying to sleep while sitting up and nodding off every couple seconds on the deck at 3 in the morning. It was pretty hot and stuffy below deck so he went on top, but it was bucking him around even worse up there. He threw up, while having a bloody nose and wasn't able to enjoy the delicious dinner that night. The crew served us these great three course meals at night and Travis wasn't able to enjoy pork tenderloin but whatever was in his stomach came out that night anyway. I felt so bad.

We had such a great time and made so many fun memories with such an awesome group!