Friday, July 22, 2016


school is out and the kids wanted to try their hands at making some dough-ray-mee$$$
they went through their toys and got a pile going of ones they wanted to try and sell (put price tags on them and everything). Then they asked if we could do a lemonade stand with our yard sale. I thought that was a great idea and said "lets make it a bake sale while were at it!" Little did I know just how much would need to go into it but when it was all said and done it was so great! I quadrupled recipes for cowboy cookies, rice crispy treats, brownies, and freshly squeezed strawberry lemonade. When Travis saw the magnitude of food he was a little worried about what we were going to do with all the excess. He didn't want the kids to be disappointed if we didn't get people when the kids were so excited and put so much work into it (we made around 50 handmade flyers and went out and hand delivered them in the scorching heat). I was a little worried too but I figured it would be a great learning experience regardless. Well we just happen to have the best people in our ward, friends, and neighbors that came just to support these kids, it made me want to cry. Our lemonade stand was the happen place. We had people from before it officially opened until we ran out an hour and forty minutes later. Friends were coming after we sold out of everything, it was amazing.
the girls and the cash they earned.  

the girls have been obsessed with mermaids for a while and have been wanting a mermaid tail. I didn't know if this was going to be a fleeting desire of theirs and since they are around $100 a piece I didn't know if we would get one for them. Well they have really wanted one for a long time and I wanted them to have one too but I didn't feel like it was something I should just buy for them. This is what inspired this business venture of theirs. Wouldn't you know it they earned enough to buy a mermaid tail and a monofin (both girls have a fin now and share the mermaid tail... and now that I've seen how they're made I want to try my hand at making them each one for this next Christmas). 

Onto other summer fun, my parents came down and we saw a play together and went out to eat at the Braza Grill. I was making crepes for breakfast and my dad showed me the kind of crepes his dad made for them growing up, they're little turtles. 
The kids loved eating the legs first.

With the money from the lemonade stand Kesler got a sweet basketball hoop and ball, he is always shooting hoops... and whining in frustration when he consecutively misses. Oh the joys of learning good sportsmanship.

While my mom was here and watching the kids while Travis and I celebrated our anniversary we all went on a hike to Doughnut Falls and had a picnic on our way back. It was beautiful and our first official family hike.

This makes me laugh because sometimes its so true.

Happy Fathers Day to our #1 daddy!

Petersen Family Reunion
My parents rented the Hadley House over in Downata Hot Springs for a few days. The house was nice and had this big theater/play area where we played games, danced, and hung out. We went and spent one entire day swimming and going down slides at Downata. We had bonfires, cobbler, smores, and great meals. Jonathan made these bow and arrows that we hit each other with, we played capture the flag with them one day (when we were at the Parkinson residence) and it was so much fun, My mom and Travis are so funny, my mom was trying to bait Travis into trying to get here while she tried to dodge them. I would just get in between Travis and my dad (who were on my team) and make a run for the flag. I'm much better at running than I am at aiming and shooting an opponent without them seeing it coming. 
The whole week was so awesome, I love my family so much and am so grateful for these fun trips my parents make happen every year. 

My mom and sweet little Eldon. There weren't very many bedrooms but Mickell and I shared a room so the babies could sleep in there with us away from the noise. 

I have been so incredibly excited to be able to be there when Taylor proposed to Sheena! I have never been able to be there when someone else got engaged and it was so sweet, thank you so much for letting us be part of your special moment Taylor! My mom, Kathleen, and I helped Taylor put it together and he pulled it off amazingly.

We were playing the Newly Wed Game for a few rounds and then this was the last question:
What will he say is the thing about you that made him fall in love with you?
Taylor can guess what she will have written down and after Sheena's response say something like. "That's good but I want to add to it... but for that I'm going to need a little help"
(one of us will have slipped out of the room to help the kids come out on cue). 
5 things that made me fall in love with you
(have each rose with a big tag on it with the word to describe her)
Each girl came in the room one at a time to give Sheena a rose and then tell her, "Taylor loves Your _______ "
1. Joy for life (positive nature)
2. Copilot 
3. Peacemaker
4. Sense of humor
5. Loyalty and devotion
6. Heart (compassionate)
Then get one knee and pop the question Heavy black heartHeavy black heartHeavy black heart  

These kids are so close and Bella and Logan fit right in, we are so grateful to have them as part of the family too!

Tuckered out after a long day of swimming.

Eldon and Taysom

After three days in Downata we came back to my parents house for a bit, then we went up and stayed with the Parkinson family for the next two days. 
The boys were making homes for the potato bugs they were finding.

My kids loved the chickens! I think Kaydence was in the coop every spare moment she could find.

Camryn is the chicken whisperer.

Grant wasn't sleeping the best and I ended up putting him in our room with us and kept scooting closer to daddy.

We went to the Tauphus Park Zoo and had a great time. They had this cute little penguin walking around.

Grumpy boys

The kids got to make their own light sabers while we were in Downata.

We went and got our family pictures taken by Jenny Skeen, I just love her. The kids were not cooperating but instead of letting it stress us out we were able to laugh at ourselves jumping up and down trying to make them smile (or at least stop crying and glaring). It was actually a lot of fun. Afterwards we got everyone some well deserved Ice cream.

Happy 1st Birthday Grant!
We love our sweet boy! His smiles light up our lives and bring us so much joy. Grant is such a happy boy and such a tease already. If I tell him not to do something he usually stops what he's doing, turns back to look at me, grins his big 4 teeth grin, and goes for it while laughing. He loves to be chased and tickled and loves to wrestle around. He is such a big eater, he  often eats more than any other the kids. He loves his daddy, he is definitely our biggest daddy's boy. His first word was dada too. He is such a happy playful little ray of sunshine and we are so grateful he is ours!

We went up to the Hill Air Force Museum for FHE and had a fun time. I was really impressed with the whole thing, I didn't realize how many planes and what a big museum it was.

Afterwards we went to my grandparents house and had dinner. I asked my grandparents to share some stories of their childhood and we went through and looked at a ton of their pictures. It was really great, we have been reading about some of our family stories lately so it was so nice to hear them talk about some of their childhood memories and see pictures of them.