Thursday, June 30, 2016

10 Year Anniversary

 On May 6th was our 10 year anniversary! It is so crazy we have been together for a decade! In some ways it seems like longer, just because I can't imagine life without Travis but in most ways it has just flown by. I feel like we have both grown so much in this time and we have been so abundantly blessed. Travis is my whole world, my partner in everything, the butter to my popcorn, the pep in my step, the berries to my smoothies, the peanut butter to my jelly, the sunshine to my day, the crust of my toast (my favorite part), the ying to my yang, you get the idea. I love this man with my whole soul!
My amazing mom came up to spend most of the week watching our kids while we went a played ALL DAY! Oh my goodness it was amazing! We went to ifly and did the simulation skydiving, the rock climbing, the flowrider (surfing) one day. We went hiking up to Doughnut Falls and had a picnic as a family then Travis and I went to the IMAX theater and got an $8 bowl of popcorn and watched "civil war". Then the next day we went to Lagoon all day! It was so fun just having all of our attention on each other, laughing and experiencing new adventures together.

I couldn't help but laugh and smile while in the tunnel and the air just filled my cheeks and they were shaking like crazy which just made me laugh harder and spit started to fly out of my mouth for a second. Travis was laughing watching me when I turned so he could see my cheeks flapping around. It was so fun and awesome to do together, now Travis wants to do the real thing.

dominated the rock wall

Flow rider was crazy, it felt like our suits and clothes were going to be ripped off every time we fell off the board. Trav got the hang of it way better than me, I felt like I was eating crap the whole time. Every time i fell I would get water in my nose mouth and be whipped up the ramp. Trav had some pretty good falls too and he hurt his shoulder the first time out. One of the falls I hurt my knee pretty good. We both came to the consensus that flowrider made us feel old (these 12 year olds were making it look so easy).

we hit all the big rides first and were going nonstop and by the 4th ride we decided to slow down a little. I was starting to get a little sick and light headed but we just took some breaks and it was awesome! I loved feeling the butterflies in my stomach and screaming like a banchi with my arms in the air holding hands with Trav (awhhhh).

packed us a lunch and the grapefruit for me was huge! I will call this my grapefruit face.

Monday, June 20, 2016


These two playing so good together these days (some days are better than others).

Grant has had an ear infection for a couple months and has gone through three different antibiotics trying to kick it. I feel so bad for our little guy.

Eating food

For mothers day Kesler made me this at preschool and the girls made these sweet crafts for me. Travis and the kids made me breakfast and made me feel so special all day.

Pirate day in kindergarten
Kaydence performed in the school talent show again this year (but this year every class only got to vote for one representing their class... which makes it more brag-worthy ;) Not really, I'm just super proud of my kids
Travis got off work so he could come to the talent show again, she is such a cute little tumbler!

The tumbling recital.
Kim and Monte drove all the way just to see the girls perform. They came, ate dinner, watched them perform, and drove right back home (they were in the car longer than they were here). They got the girls flowers and cheered so loud with us for the girls, it was so great! My girls would smile so big and do a little wave at us after they did they did their tricks, it made them feel so special. Thank you so much for making it so special for our girls Kim and Monte, it meant a lot. The girls also got trophies after wards. It took them hours to wind down afterwards they were so enthusiastic and bursting with joy.

Our handsome boys before church.

We went up to Idaho and stayed with the PetersOn family over memorial day weekend. The last day of school was Friday so we kicked off our summer in B-town. 
Friday was also Kaitlin's birthday so they got Mr. Pizza specialty pizzas and a raspberry cheesecake dessert pizza. I'm grateful we got to celebrate this amazing girls birthday with her, they put off going to Island Park so we could party with them. 

The girls in Kaitlin and Kassidy's dance uniforms, Kim added them to the dress up chest.

Saturday we went and rode the four wheeler and bike at Rose pond and played around there. Then we got ice cream at Rupes and ended the day riding horses, petting bunnies, and jumping on the tramp at the Hurst's home. The kids had a blast!

Then on Sunday we went to church with my family and got to meet my newest nephew, Taysom Isaac Petersen! He is so precious and perfect, we love him so much!!!

Jonathan has been making these bow and arrows and they are pretty fun to target practice with... especially with a moving target (each other).

Memorial day we went and visiting Dane and Hazels graves, its become such a special place for our family.

Ended the trip with cobbler and smores, my dad is always doing this fun stuff!

At the beginning of this month Travis had the privilege of baptizing Sierra, a girl who he taught in seminary this year. She is such an exceptional young lady and I wanted to put her picture and the note she wrote to Travis in our book.