Friday, April 29, 2016


This boy started crawling! Crawling at 8 months is a record in the Peterson home. Our other three started crawling shortly after they turned one and started walking between 14 and 15 months. 
Grant is such a happy little guy, he is always quick with a big smile. As soon as he was placed on my chest the moment he was born he was playing with his tongue and sticking it out and now he is always turning it around in his mouth sticking it out and making cute sounds. Grant loves water, he loves to splash in it, bathe or shower in it, in his face on his toes, he just loves to play in the water. He is also my most vocal baby so far, he is always jibber jabbing, saying momma and dada, blowing raspberries, makes sounds when he eats (especially nurses, he has from the very beginning been loud smacking his lips while he nurses). Grant is ticklish and very playful, I think he's going to be a tease. He loves his older sisters and brother and Kaydence holds him all the time when he wants to be held and I need to get something done (even though he is half her weight). He loves to be outside in this warmer weather but when he crawls off his blanket onto the grass he starts doing a bear crawl. He is always looking around for me if I ever put him down, he sure makes me feel loved and I couldn't be more crazy about him.

I always want to take a picture of my kids just before we go to church with them all cute in their Sunday best...but were always in a hurry to get to church on time and the moment we get home Marley pulls out her hair, one of the boys poop their pants, and everyone just wants to eat so I'm getting dinner on the table. But sometimes the planets aline and I get a couple pictures.

My dads birthday is on March 6th and he came down to get some trees and plants for his garden and made a trip out of it. My dad went fishing with Trav, his brother Kevin, and my cousin Brooke and Jared. We had a dinner at my grandparents where my grandma got dinner and I made my dads favorite cake, cheesecake and we all sang him happy birthday.

I made a big breakfast for the birthday boy and we got to enjoy the day with my dad, it was such a treat.

I feel like my kids are given sugar around every corner on a daily basis and I worry about it. So I always feel so good when my kids eat healthy. I made a dish full of 5 different veggies and they ate it all, I was so happy.

I'm naughty, I didn't want to buy their school pictures... But I took a picture of their picture 😖

Trav spoke at the relief society birthday dinner and we got a couple pictures together at the photo booth. It was a mad hatter tea party, made that much greater with having my man with me.

date nights have been so wonderful, we really try to make sure and do them every Friday. We went hiking up Ensign peak on one and then just walked around these ridiculously expensive homes around there. I just treasure this man and the time I get with him.

our cute little afro boy

the Fergusons had a Easter egg hunt for the kids in our ward and the kids got their buckets overflowing (the Allens had their annual egg hunt for all the kids too the next week but we were in Idaho and missed that one).

we got quite a few clothes for the kids at Kmart because they had them all 75%off and Kesler was being my good shopping buddy and trying some of the stuff on for me.

month of sickness continued. It was pretty miserable, I feel like there was always at least one of our kids that was sick. It felt like it would never end. It was so sad.

I LOVE berry season!!! The strawberries were about 65 cents a pound and the blueberries were 25 cents for a 6ounce case at NPS, so we got stocked up, eeeek!

the week before Kaydence got her hair cut she was letting me do her hair however I wanted and I loved it, I dont know why I only got a picture one of the days but it was fun.

before we left up to Idaho over the Easter weekend we had sweet friends bring Easter treats for the kids. Joan made the kids these cupcakes, Tasi Liaga always makes my kids treats and brought them an Easter goody bag, and Beni brought the kids Easter eggs filled with money and treats. We have so many really wonderful friends here.

Taylor hasn't been able to come up for the holidays or anything but my parents bought him a flight to come up for a week and we picked him up from the airport and drove him up to Idaho with us.
We stayed at my parents house but we came over to the PetersOn house Saturday and had Easter egg hunts. Kim went all out and the kids got lots of treats and toys!

then we had the real competition. Kim set up an Easter egg hunt for us big "kids" and it was awesome! After a lot of trash talking we were ready to kick butt and take names. Kim had slips of paper in the eggs that told us what our prizes were. There was lots of Reeses candy, symphony bars, other yummy candy, gum, gift certificates out to eat at Jamba, Taco bell, 12 pack of mountain dew, beef jerky, fuzzy socks, and MONEY 💵!!! She had $5 and $10 bills in a couple, gold $1 coins in a lot, and one $20 bill in the lucky golden egg! We found all the eggs Monte hid except the big golden egg. We were all out searching for it and no one was finding it. Then Kim motioned to Kass that she was close. I was on the other side of the hay field but heard Kim and looked up and was at the perfect angle where the light was hiring the egg. I high tailed it across the field as Kassidy was looking around herself frantically. I jumps over the ditch without missing a beat and grabbed that egg, success was MINE! It felt pretty great (especially since I was the one doing the most trash talking and had the least amount of eggs, LOL).
everyone's stash 

Then we left straight from there to Kent and Kathleen's home to meet up with everyone. It was so great having EVERYONE together, that doesn't happen very often now a days.
The kids were having a blast riding theIr four wheelers, jumping on the tramp, and running around.

The "L's" came over after we had a nice walk around the Parkinson's beautiful neighborhood.
look at this beautiful nephew of mine, Eldon! Oh, I'm in love!

My parents stayed and watched the kids so the rest of us could go out to the movie "Batman V. Superman". Mixed feelings with the movie but we had a great time, especially playing with the app on Trav's phone that would switch your faces. I think we were laughing so hard we were crying.

another at home with my baby and Johnny.

Leslie and Mickell had Eldon blessed in my parents ward with everyone there so we could all be part of it. It was so special and I'm so grateful we were able to be there for it.
Then my parents had a big feast afterwards with a big chuck roll.

We waited to have the scavenger hunt I had planned for the kids until Monday.

That night Kent came and picked up our kids when he got off work and the kids got to have a sleep over at their cousins house! That was so sweet of Kent to take all the kids and my kids had such a blast!
My parents favorite restaurant that I've heard so much about is called Thai Paradise and they took us all out to eat. Wow, from all the hype I've heard from my mom I was NOT disappointed. I tried everyone's dish and they were all filled with TONS of vegetables, TONZ of flavor, and the perfect touch of spice. It was delicious 😋

Kaitlin watched Grant while we ate and we came back to their house and hung out with Kaitlin, Travis, Kassidy, Bridger, and McCoy for a couple hours while the guys went and shot their guns. Then we went out to eat at Wingers with Kim when she got off work.
Before we had to head home we just hung out and we walked out to visit Dane and Hazels grave. 

my kids get so sad to leave.

A few pictures of face swap to end this post 😊