Tuesday, March 22, 2016


February starts off with my birthday and OH WHAT A BIRTHDAY I HAD! Travis cancelled his meetings and went out and got “a few of my favorite things” (fresh raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, avocados, tortilla chips, and other fresh fruit). So we had a food fest that night! Then on the weekend Travis surprised me with a shopping spree to the place I have wanted to splurge at for a while, HOBBY LOBBY!!! EEEEk, I was so excited and I made out like a bandit! I used the money my sweet amazing mother in law Kim gave me for my birthday here too and Travis gave me more than $100 to spend on whatever I wanted. So we went through the store together and anything I loved he would just put it in the cart. Travis is really good with shopping if we are there to get something (he’s not too into browsing or window shopping, there has to be a purpose). He is actually great at making things look good and has an eye for detail that I really appreciate. Anyway this is my stash (everything I’m holding up and the cart that's stacked full).
My boots have been literally falling apart (because I wore the same ones every day just about). And my mom found these amazing deals at Shoe Carnival and got me the two cutest pairs of boots (that now I wear every day).  My favorite season of clothes is definitely the cooler weather with boots, layers, scarves, and long sleeves. Then my mom took me shopping and I feel like I got a whole new wardrobe that I love! The clothes are my favorite clothes ever because I feel like they are flattering and comfortable, I feel dress and feminine in a casual way, even though that probably makes no sense since dressy and casual are oxymoron's but it makes sense in my brain. I am definitely not one of those super trendy gals that always have the cutest, greatest, new, and stylish ensembles but I am really enjoying my own grown up style where I can be a comfortable mom at home and not feel frumpy but feel nice and put together. Anyway I’ve always been a bit of a girlie girl and I really appreciate this kind of thing. 

There are 3 other leaders in Activity days and we each just take turns being charge of activities. I was in charge of the big daddy daughter date, I dont know why I took on this activity by myself (I think I get too excited about it before I truly think it through). I had Joan and Connie help me by bringing some of the desserts as well but I came up with the activities, decorations, prizes, and setting it all up and planning it out in my brain (Thankfully Shauna Garrick volunteered to help me set up since all the other leaders worked). Anyway I lost some sleep thinking about how it should all go but it turned out good I think. It was so fun seeing the girls just beaming with their dads there with them, you can tell the girls loved getting to bring their dads! They all got to wear their silly prizes.

I got pictures of the girls with their dads (this isn't all of them) and the following activity the girls made frames to put their pictures in. The only thing I would have really changed is having a daddy daughter message (luckily Travis is good at spur of the moment stuff like this and opened and closed the activity with a few words).
my kids always look forward to Valentines Day. I went and helped in Marleys classroom for the party and Kelser got a big treat bag too. My boys were there with me in the classroom, made things interesting especially since Grant wouldn't let me put him down the whole time. Try helping kids cut things out while you have a baby in your arms who is reaching out to try and grab the scissors at the same time. Often I feel like my experiences as a mother are preparing me for the day when I go and run a circus of my own.

The package from Grammy

Helping me in their new stylin aprons

this was the month of different kinds of hearts in the girls hair.

We had a Valentines Day Party for FHE. It was the day after Valentines day, so I went to the store that morning hoping to find great Valentines paraphernalia on clearance but all we went away with was cookie cutters... which we didn't even end up using for the party. Good thing I had a ton of random stuff we could use for our party. We decorated the house in hearts and balloons. We made little valentines day signs and crafts (they put around the house), we made peanut butter kiss cookies then went and "shared the love" giving cookies to neighbors and people in the ward.
I feel like Grant was sick most of the month. Just as soon as he was acting all the way recovered another stuffy nose would rear its obnoxious head. Sad grumpy boy.

I got lots of holding Grant time. He's a big boy and my arms have adjusted to his weight as he's gotten bigger but with holding him 24/7 for weeks my arms have gotten sore and would even tingle and fall asleep at times.
 The cute extension of my body.
I love this selfie they took!

Travis has started just snapping pictures of some of the things Marley does. We just got the popcorn popped and were ready for a family show (The Good Dinosaur) and she returned from the bathroom skipping and jumped over my legs directly into the popcorn. It went flying and she looked up from the lids of her eyes to see if we all noticed the big bowl flying and popcorn landing on our heads.

daddy getting our fussy Grant to sleep while I was cleaning up the kitchen. There was a night where I was up the entire night holding him and got zero sleep (and I spoke in sacrament meeting the next morning). I love being a mom more than anything in the world but after this month I feel like our decision to be done after four kids is solidified.
Marley started getting puffy red eyes and at times it was so bad the bags under her eyes were purple. She seriously looked like she was undergoing Kemo with her pale skin and around her eyes it was swollen red and purple.

we took her to an allergist and that we another cicus preparatory experience or me. I had Marley, Kesler, and Grant with me at a THREE HOUR appointment. I was sick of sitting in the room that long and my kids were amazingly patient and good... That is until we neared the end and they had to poke Marley with 40 needles. It was one of the hardest mommy moments (very much like when Kaydemce went through 4 sets of burning her warts off). I tried for at least 20 minutes to get her to lay on her belly while they did it. I encouraged her I'm the best way I knew how, told her to squeeze my hands as hard as she could, to focus on the flavor of the sucker they gave her, to count to 40 together while they did it, to bury her head in my embrace, I didn't know what else to do. The nurse was very patient but she had to get this done. So I literally had to wrestled her down to the table. I must have looked quite to site, with my legs sprawling over her to keep her down, my arms wrapped around hers, sweat and tears running down my face... Yeah it wasn't my brightest mommy moment that's for sure. But on the bright side we gave their office quite the show (the piercing screams' heard throughout the building brought more people coming in the room trying to provide aide an witness this tender scene).

well onto more positive experiences this month. Grant falls asleep between me and Trav as we talk at night sometimes.

My parents got Johnny and Jess tickets to the Pirate Princess at the Hale Theater with us! It was such a fun weekend. Trav and my dad went ice fishing again Friday night (caught their limit again) and my mom and I took the kids swimming. Then Johnny and Jess got there and we visited the rest of the night. My dad and Johnny are living amusement parks for my kids. My mom brought the kids these cute adorable stuffed animals and treats for Valentines day too!
Then on Saturday we went on our SUPER FUN date to the play and then my parents took us adults all out to eat afterwords too. It was so much fun!!!

When my dad goes to get the kids donuts at the bakery he always brings back Trav's favorite kind of donuts too (blueberry fritters).

Tanner came up to Utah for his birthday this year! So we all went down to Provo to celebrate with them! They stayed at The Cottage in Sundance. They wet through the Provo temple open house and got a special tour with their good friend James Christiansen and Elder Lund as well!
Thursday night Kim and Kass came and stayed with us and we left for Provo the next morning together. Travis was able to leave work early and met up with us at the park, we've had beautiful weather (It was cooler there than it is where we're at maybe because it's higher and up against the mountain or something but still great for being outside).
Then we all went out to eat at La Jolla Cove. It was such a nice restaurant, the ambiance was great. Chan reserved a room for us so the kids could walk around and we could enjoy a sense of privacy, it was perfect. The food was so great... especially the dessert. Trav took the kids out to play when they were getting a little restless. He let them play around and got them all ice creams while we got to visit more. I was just waiting and waiting for the check to come and finally when the dessert was cleared I was thinking this is ridiculous I'm going to go and ask where our checks are. Tanner was sneaky and took care of the whole bill (and it was a really nice restaurant)! Happy Birthday to him, right!?!? That was so thoughtful and generous of Tanner and Chan! 
Then we all went with the kids to the Provo Beach Resort so the kids could play and we could all visit. It was so wonderful getting to see Tanner, Chan, and their adorable children, we are sure grateful they made the trip!