Monday, January 25, 2016


Kaydence was baptized a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on December 5, 2015. It was a stake baptism, which meant there was another little 8 year old being baptized as well. We had family and friends come to support Kaydence in her decision, I've said it before and I'll say it again, we have the greatest family ever! As for myself I feel like I couldn't be more proud Kaydence. Kaydence has always been so spiritually minded and wanting to do what's right. She is so very loving and compassionate towards others. She loves being the oldest and loves to teach others. She is always wanting to learn something new so she can teach her siblings or friends. She is such a graceful little thing, she seems to be good at everything she tries (she is such a good tumbler). She is very smart, quick, and has the best memory. She is very sensitive. She can be hard on herself and I find i have to be careful with how I handle her because she is already too hard on herself if she doesn't do everything right or perfectly. We are so very grateful to have been entrusted with this special girl, we love her so incredibly much!!!

It was such a spiritual and tender moment for me seeing Kaydence baptized by her daddy.


me and my girl
 (Grant has been keeping me up at nights and I have the dry red eyes to prove it)

Kaydences grandmas got her this mermaid fin that she has been wanting so bad (along with ear rings from Grammy and a poofy dress up dress from Grandma "e").

Tanner and Chan's family couldn't come all the way up for her baptism but they still sent her the sweetest "It's GREAT to be 8" package! Thank you Chan!

while our family was here for Kaydence's baptism the kids played and played and we all went to the "Festival of Trees". I LOVE all things Christmas so it was awesome... It was just crazy packed with people. The gingerbread part was everyone's favorite part I think.

I got to do a little photo session with my cute niece Alison while they were here.

My favorite FHE's

For the Cyprus Seminary faculty Christmas party we went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I always look forward to their Christmas dinner, they are so fun (the steak and salmon wasn't bad either 😋).

Josh Santiago, Ricky and Julia Andrus.

me and Trav and Kystalynn Santiago.
the only bummer was that we were split on two different tables so we didn't get to talk with the other table as much (and I forgot to get a picture of their table).

this is how Grant likes to sleep. He has to have his face smashed against something. He prefers to sleep on his belly but it made me so nervous, The pediatrician said its fine since he rolls around so effortlessly so I've started letting him sleep on his tummy. He is my first baby to love belly time and that is the position he prefers to be put in if I put him down. He rolls around the room when I put him down and gets in this bear crawl position and in this push up position all the time its crazy! He's such a strong little guy.

Kelser loves his little brother and loves to make him laugh and smile (Grant is quick with a smile and laughs when Keslers around).

First bites! 

Grant has been very interested in eating and trying to grab my food and put it in his mouth when I'm eating. He ate good but when I let him gnaw on a piece of my apple (on another day) he LOVED it and started crying when he would drop it.

Brooklyn got Marley a friendship necklace for Christmas.

Kenzie got a puzzle peice friendship necklace for Jocelyn and Kaydence, Best Friends Forever.

Visiting at the Durrants
 Ben was keeping the kids busy at their house playing MarioKart, the kids were pretty enraptured.

Activity Days making Gingerbread houses (I was in charge of this activity of course, I love this time of year).

Kaydence and Marley had their first tumbling performance and they did so good! It was so fun to see them perform all the things they've learned and to see how they light up on stage, they loved it! Marley's smile was the best when she saw me and dad yelling for her as she finished. she is one where her feeling are always written all across her face and when she's so  happy it is so very apparent. The kids got to sit on Santa's lap afterwards.

Ward Christmas party, these girls are so adorable. Marley, McKenzie, Kaydence, Emma, Lily,
(front) Brooklyn, and Chloe.

These were sweet things my girls did for me, Marley and Kaydence are always drawing me pictures or writing me sweet notes like these. They know how to make me feel special.

Then this one was from Kaydence.

Grant got sick spent the whole day in his jammies
and the next day was feeling much better.

At school they had every student make a list of one thing they wanted and one thing they needed. Then the Granite Credit Union got every student in the school the things on their list (within reason, they couldn't put a Wii connect, Xbox, iphone, etc.). Marley put down an Elsa box and a brush and this is what she got.
Kaydence got a watch and some books. I thought that was amazing that the credit union would be so generous.

For our "Christmas treat" Beni took us out to McDonalds. That way the kids got to play, get their own happy meals with a toy, a Sundae for dessert, and Beni and I could just visit. I thought that was way better than treats or gifts she could have dropped by.

The kids love this special time with just them and dad where they can chose to go and do anything with him. Kesler wanted to go to Jump Around Utah and then out for a Slurpee.

Both Marley and Kaydence wanted to go to Airborne so Travis asked if they wanted to go together or separately and they wanted to go together... and I got to go too! It was so much fun!!!

We all had a blast but I think we won't combine like this for daddy daughter dates again, just because it's suppose to be special dad and them time. Marley is Kaydence's little shadow and so she never wanted to leave her side. Well have to go again for a full family outing again (just not as the daddy daughter date). 


Our special dinner.

Circling around and listening to Grandpa read Christmas stories.

Kesler fell asleep leaning against grandma.

Christmas Eve gifts, the girls got fuzzy toe socks (they already have too many jammies), Kesler got ninja turtle jammies, and they each got four beanie babies (it's become a Christmas eve tradition). Daddy and Leslie made the kids fort in their bedrooms all ready for them to sleep in.

Christmas morning, I got more video this year but I can't go without taking some pictures. My parents and Mickell and Leslie didn't bring their stockings so I filled two stockings for them, you gotta have a stocking. It was such a treat getting to share Christmas morning with them there, it was so special.

Gift's for their sweet little boy who is going to make his debut in February.

The kids always work hard and earn money to buy each other gifts. Marley's mask and wand from Kaydence.

I love making the kids something for Christmas every year, it makes me more excited and giddy for Christmas morning too. Three or four years ago I made the girls these big pillow animals (a frog and a pig) and they have loved them so much and they are getting so raggedy but they won't get rid of them and Kesler loves Marley's frog so much that he has adopted it and sleeps with it every night. So I asked the kids what their favorite animals were and made them each new ones this year for Christmas. (I forgot to take a picture with them and their pillows on Christmas morning so these were taken one Sunday after church).
Kesler's dog

Marley's turtle

Kaydence's sugar glider (flying squirrel).
It is so sweet how much they treasure the rinky dinky gifts I make them. I have never used a pattern when I sew them something every year. For three reasons, first of all because I've never used one and the thought of using one intimidates me a little. Second reason, I figure what I make them is one of kind that way. Third reason is because I come up with what they look like so it comes from my mind, my hands (because I sewed them... and it takes me quite a while), and from my heart (because I want to do something special for them, it makes it feel like I'm giving more of myself to them). Yeah I'm a dork but I figure I should capitalize on these opportunities because before I know it they will be older and anything I make will be LAME (The things I make are such a far cry from perfect).

Grandma and grandpa spoiled the kids, as usual. My mom found the most adorable, fuzzy soft, huge pillow pet for Grant. It was the perfect gift for our little guy!

Grant giving his lion kisses (or eating the nose).

Marley looking adorable in her Rapunzel hair that she got.

My dad made his famous biscuits and gravy for breakfast (the Christmas tradition we had growing up). I LOVE my dad's biscuits, I told him he had to come make them for us Christmas morning. We just pretty much lazed about the whole day, how Christmas should be. For dinner I made chili and cinnamon rolls. Leslie and Mickell were so sweet, Mickell said she has never had such delicious cinnamon rolls before and Leslie said the home made rolls I  made were the best he's ever tasted too... I'm going to have to make them when they come again. It is so incredibly satisfying for me when people enjoy what I cook, which is why I enjoy cooking for my mom and Travis so much they make me feel like the best cook in the world (so far from it but they know how much it makes my day when they say so).

We didn't leave for Idaho until after church on Sunday, December 27th. We have left for Idaho in the early afternoon on Christmas day but this year we decided to wait until Sunday because Travis has so many responsibilities and he wanted to have things squared away since we would be gone for 5 days. Anyway we got to Idaho and we enjoyed a Sunday meal at Grandma and Grandpa PetersOn's house. Then the kids could hardly wait to open their presents from them, they loved them! Kesler is obsessed with Spiderman these days, he's been his favorite for the last year or so.

It doesn't get any better than Frozen for these girls.

And it doesn't get any better than crinkly wrapping paper for this boy.

McCoy didn't wake up from his nap for a couple hours after we got there but he was wearing this shirt for hours longer before we noticed what it said! We are such space cadets.
A week or two later we found out that Kaitlin lost her baby, again. She lost her other baby about the same time, when she was 10 weeks along. She was 11 weeks with this one. It is hard to explain the heart ache and feelings of loss I felt when we lost Hazel. Kaitlin and Travis have been so strong through it all, they are such a united couple that they lean on each other and have these trials that seem to bring them even closer together. We love them so much.

had to have one of Kaitlins yummy desserts

we stayed at my parents house for the rest of our stay (the Petersons had a busy week of work and getting ready for Hannah Hansens bridal shower).
I love the country life.

The guys played this game a few nights, kept my dad up way too late.

one day we went and played at the gym.

my mom bought these videos teaching us self defense (I guess they are highly recommended by Glen Beck). So we watched part of one of the DVDs, all on how to incapacitated an attacker by different methods and positions of going for the eyes. I'm just praying for strength to be able to use any of them if my kids were in danger.
grrr, we are dangerous.  

we only had one night where we got to play with Parkinsons but we had such a great time.

My mom watched our kids so that we could go out on a date with Johnny and Jess. It is so much fun spending time with them and going out, thank you mom!

our new years eve party!
Kim and Monte came over to party with us, it was pretty much AWESOME!

this one we got on video, thank goodness. I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe, thank you for entertaining us so thoroughly Jonathan and Travis!

when Tanner saw a picture of them he thought we were trying to look like vampires, lol! They make vampires look gewd!

the champs

Marley is always entertaining to watch, she cracks us up. I don't think I've seen either my dad or Monte laugh so hard watching her. During the rubber band shoot she kept shooting them right back in her face and kept going. During the balloon pop she couldn't pop her balloon and it got squished into a shape where it was coming out her legs and she was stuck in that position trying to pop it. She is so innocent and everything always happens to her.

we all played "Anybody's Guess" and our parents were pros at it (the questions were so dated). Monte, who does not particularly enjoy games (unless its a card game) said, hey I wouldn't mind playing that game again. In Monte talk that means he really liked it. Monte gives me a hard time because I always want to play games.

Toasting in the new year.

the next morning we got all packed up and ready because we were going to Travis' uncle Robs wedding in Inkom.

Robert has come such a long way from where he use to be (about as wild as they come is what Kim has said). He has the priesthood and they want to work towards a temple marriage. We have heard so many wonderful things about DLyn  and we hope they are so happy together. They sure make a cute couple.
after the wedding and lunch we were off on our way back home. That pretty much wraps up the year 2015.