Sunday, November 22, 2015


Kim and Monte came down to drop off the finished product and we got to spend some time together. They got the kids a cheese pizza and the adults got Mexican food. They are so amazing, I have the greatest in - laws in the world, we just love getting to spend time with them.

Conference Weekend. I love conference weekend so much. We get to stay home, listen to the uplifting words of the brethren, cook yummy treats, get some things done around the house, and have our hearts touched by the spirit. My testimony of these apostles being called of God is strengthened every session. I know the Lord speaks through his prophets. I always look forward to this weekend.
Waffles with the works, starting the morning off right!

Putting a pecan in each square.

Travis turned 31 and got to celebrate at work with a big lunch, at home with the family, and of course I get to have my one on one time with the birthday boy as well on our date. 

Our happy bundle of joy, Grant is always quick with a smile. He is also our most vocal baby so far. He loves to make sounds, even when he sleeps he sighs (and when he eats you can sure hear him smacking his lips).

Kesler likes entertaining Grant, he is making fart sounds trying to make Grant laugh. Must be a boy thing ;)
Check out those sweet thighs

It is cute how early our children learn our voices, I love seeing how much Grant responds to his daddy.

Those cheeks just weigh him down

We love our regular visits from my parents, they took us all out to the corn mazes and we had such a great time. I can't help but smile and laugh at these pictures, I just love my goofy family!

The maze had all these trivia questions at the different posts where we got our maps stamped and went off for the next marker/post.

Travis is such a ham.


I love the beautiful mountains that surround the Salt lake valley, so picturesque.

LOLprobably my favorite (the saggy boobs just make it complete)

Thank you mom and dad, it was such a beautiful and fun evening.

Ended the night celebrating the birth of this gorgeous lady! Her birthday is on the 19th and we felt privileged to get her over her birthday weekend. We love you so much mom!

Ended the night with popcorn, a movie, and snuggling. 

My parents came to church with us too!

We made a list of fun activities and things we can do together and then put wrote them on Popsicle sticks then put them in a little jar thing we made. This is us having a "Tea Party" with biscuits we made.

The kids found a Katydid in our yard.

Once the camera is out I just can't stop.

Activity Days. Kaydence has been o excited to start activity days and since I'm in activity days I started letting her come to the activities a month early. We had the girls make their own witches hats for this activity then they wore them the next activity when we dressed like witches and went to Gardner Village, it was so much fun!

I love FHE around the holidays!

I was hoping Kesler would want to be a lion for Halloween, he was so cute in the costume! The novelty wore off quickly though.

We have another ward challenge where we are "Growing our Testimonies". We fill in all the spaces when we complete scripture reading, prayer, FHE, temple attendance, service,keeping the Sabbath day special, etc. We are just trying a little harder to do a little better. Our charts.

We had fun face painting. Travis did Keslers and I did the girls (while we jammed out to Halloween music).

Halloween at school, I got to help in Marley's class. I got to hold Kesler's hand and go through the school for their Halloween parade. Kesler was so tired of everyone trying to get his attention as we walked past, he was so done by the end (he doesn't like people giving him all this attention).

Our families all came down for the weekend and so I tried to put together a little Halloween party with activities and snacks for everyone. Halloween pop (treats were inside the balloons).

So funny, complete entertainment. Johnny and Jess get so competitive, I love it!

Bobbing for apples!

Jonathan is so silly, he makes everything fun!

Us ladies,
I just love the pictures this camera takes.

Guys being silly

Gorgeous couple!

I made dinner in a pumpkin for dinner, then as treats we had soft pretzels, pumpkin cheesecake dip with apple, homemade caramel, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins (What says Halloween more than pumpkins?)

Our handsome Spiderman!

Our cute little duck. His chubby cheeks just complete the whole ensemble.

Kim, Monte, Kaitlin, McCoy, and Kassidy got here in time to go trunk or treating!
Marley, McCoy, and Kaydence (aka, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Poo, and Princess Aurora)

These girls love to go trunk or treating together every year. Brooklyn (Cinderella), McKenzie (Mad Hatter), Kaydence (Aurora), Marley (Alice in Wonderland).

The girls were getting tired on the way home so Johnny and Jess gave them piggy back rides, love this picture!

We always have to stop at Beni and Kirk's house. Beni loves to spoil our kids. She got the kids their own pack of koolaides, a big box of Eyeballs (Halloween cheese balls), and each got a box of Count Chocula cereal. She tells everyone she has adopted us.

Some big changes in the Peterson home occurred this month. Travis was called as our wards new BISHOP! It's been pretty crazy for us to wrap our minds around and it will be a big adjustment for our family but I believe it will also be a great chapter in our lives.
This past month or so Travis and I have been looking into the possibility of moving out in the Tooele/Stansbury area. We really enjoy the country, rural feeling out there and we're ready to be a home we want to live in more permanently. We have been praying about it and looking at houses online and I didn’t feel an impression one way or the other so I followed the pattern I have learned through my life experience. We decided to move forward and look into this choice of buying a new house more seriously and praying that he would direct us if one choice was better than the other for our family and for our ability to serve Him. I was praying that we would be where we could do the most good, where our family could serve him best and what would be best for our children. Well this definitely wasn’t what I had in mind when I was praying for that. Before we found out about what the Lord had in mind for our family I was thinking that the Lord would approve of both decisions (to stay or to move) and that we would do our best to serve him wherever we are, you know “lift where we stand”. So following that line of thinking we tried to make an appointment with our realtor the next day to look at a few homes we picked out but she was booked and we had to wait until the next weekend. In between that time we got called into the stake president’s office and had this calling extended towards us. After we left his office we both left his office with wide eyes, feeling pretty overwhelmed, and Travis just looked at me in the car and stated, “Well I guess we have an answer to our prayers”. He wrote to our realtor the next morning to cancel our appointment. This is where the Lord wants us. I definitely didn’t expect such a conclusive and definitive answer to our prayers and me telling this is not meant to scare anyone from asking the Lord but I know that the Lord answers my prayers, not usually in such a big way but I know the Lord is aware of our concerns whether they be big or small. I see his hand in my life on a daily basis as I witness the many tender mercies he gives me in my life.
For me the hardest part of this calling will be me having to sacrifice the time I get to spend with my favorite person in the whole world (I’m probably a little too addicted to being with him and so this will be a good thing for me ;)   I know that as we both sacrifice this time away from each other our family will be blessed and that the Lord will consecrate our efforts as we strive to devote ourselves to him and his kingdom. I think this whole thing has already made my husband and I hit our knees in more earnest heartfelt prayers, I know Travis would say he is really putting the scripture in Ether 12:27 to the test about coming to the Lord in our weakness and having faith that God’s grace will make his weaknesses strengths.
I just wanted to write a few words about the strengths Travis has developed that I have come to really appreciate and feel so blessed to have found in my spouse and I know they will serve him well in this new capacity as well. He has such a big heart and he really loves this ward and has a special love for the youth of this ward, he isn’t one to get emotional very often but has really wanted to be able to convey this love for the youth in this ward and wants them to know of the Savior deep and abiding love in them. Travis is also one who sees and focuses on the good in others. I think often times it’s easy to be harder on those in our families or to see the faults and weaknesses in our spouses because we interact with them on such a daily basis and their actions so directly affect us. Well my husband if affected by my many weaknesses and faults daily but even so - I know that my name is not only safe on his lips but that he looks past my weaknesses so much that it seems like he forgets all about the trouble I cause him and he only has uplifting and positive things to say to me and about me. It is such a blessing to know that when I mess up he will not hold it over my head or think less of me but that he speaks so highly of me. He makes me strive to be that person that he seems to think I am. I know that if he can think this way of me that he will do the same for those in our ward as he strives to help them feel of his love but especially of the Saviors unfailing love. He is such a strength and blessing in my life and I know that as I “share” him we will be blessed and that his new calling may be a bigger blessing to us and our family than to anyone else. I know Travis will try his hardest to serve in this new capacity. 
Travis is the best man I know. He has such a genuine interest in others, he cares and loves others, and is such a great listener. I feel so blessed to be able to communicate on such a deep level with Travis while also being able to be goofy and laugh together, it just makes my life so much richer. He is such a stalwart and steadfast man, so firm in his testimony of Christ. He chose long ago that he would serve the Lord and he hasn't wavered in his determination to live this life of discipleship. I am so grateful for his faith, for the strong priesthood holder he is, for the devoted father and husband he is, and how he has blessed my life. I hit the jackpot when I married Travis. I am so proud to be his wife and stand by him.