Tuesday, October 13, 2015


 Fresh Tomatoes!

Borrowed the canner that cans the 10 # cans (at Welfare Square in Salt Lake City) and canned 80 of them. It makes me feel so good when we add more to our food storage. The kids wanted to help.

My good friend Kate came up for the day to spend some much needed time together. I just love her!
Kate got to meet Grant.

I wanted to get a picture with Grant too but of course we couldn't get him to look at the camera.

I am so blessed to have such an incredible, uplifting friend, they just don't get any better than her!

Grant's hair has been coming out and some of it is still long so I've been wanting to cut it so its all even for his blessing but he refuses to sit in the bumbo... so he'll just work the look he's got goin on.

We blessed Grant on Labor Day Weekend so my parents came up Friday night to get some extra time with us! The girls set out their clothes Friday night so they could hurry and get dressed in the morning for when grandpa took them to get doughnuts. They get so excited!

That Saturday afternoon ALL of Travis's family got here, it was AWESOME!


We have church at 9am but were still able to get ready for church early and snag a few pictures (quite a feat with four kids) 

He is such a chub!!! I was afraid he wouldn't fit into Dane's special blessing suit but he did (it was a little tight but we made it work). Grant had a blow out during sacrament meeting (at least it was after his blessing), I was a bit of a basket case worrying over Danes special blessing outfit but my  moms a miracle worker and got it all out.

This is my favorite picture! Look at that sweet boy, I am so smitten. His sweet smiles just melt my heart.

Then afterwards I made a turkey dinner, with a lot of help from everyone!
Kim made her famous raspberry jello salad, I asked my mom to bring fresh vegetables from their garden and she made two side dishes out of them, and my grandma brought a Greek salad (upon my request, see I just have everyone bring my favorite dishes).
The weather was absolutely perfect so we ate outside.

handsome little Grant eating his tie.

Thank you everyone for making it such a special day.

Some pictures of my beautiful kids.

We had never been to the Great Salt Lake so we decided to make a trip for FHE. 

I love how this camera captures eyes, that is why you'll see so many close up pictures.

Had to try for another bumbo pic.

Super Stud Muffins!

We got the girls their own cans of whip cream and showed them how to do whip cream shots. Then Travis just starting squirting it in their mouths.

Kendra wasn't getting to close to catching a shot in the air so Travis made sure she got a good mouth full.

Whip cream all around.

When Grant wants to be held and I need to get something done (usually dinner or popcorn and smoothies) Kaydence will hold Grant. She's really good with him and had been helping me more and more with Grant.

I got all these adorable scarves at the dollar store and their so cute on the girls, sa-weet!

Jenny Skeen took our family pictures and we had plans to get out the guitar and play around and also get Kaydences baptism pictures done. Well I got everything in my purse stolen including lots of cash (more than I ever carry with me), credit/debit cards, gift cards, drivers license, the keys to our van, house, safe, etc. and pretty much any and all information you could have on me (with the exception of my social security number).  It was my own stupidity. Jenny was taking our family pictures and she warned me that the place was a little sketchy. You know me and pictures, I get so excited and obviously wasn't thinking. We were taking pictures on the train tracks and I had snacks and all these things in my purse to try to keep the kids happy and smiling and when we moved further into the trees it got stolen.
Anyway I decided to try and get some pictures of Kaydence in her baptism dress. I don't know how to take good pictures from further away where I get a good body shot to capture the dress better but I still love them. I can't choose which one is my favorite. 
frown emoticon

This is Kaydence's favorite, when I asked her.

Kaydence wanted to show me how her dress looks when she twirls.

Travis is always told by his students that he looks like someone famous. Over the years he's gotten: Brad Pitt, Owen Wilson, Channing Tatum, Steve Zaum, Prince Charming (off "Once Upon a Time"), etc. Some of his students this year are saying he looks like Eddie Redmayne, I can definitely see some resemblance. It's kind of funny because when I saw Les Miserables I told Travis this actor reminded me of him.

The girls are in tumbling and doing great, I'm excited to see them perform in a couple months. I love watching them (Kaydence is the little one in the middle).

Marley practicing her cartwheels. When Marley is in class Kaydence practices and vice versa.