Sunday, September 27, 2015


Post of little words and lots of pictures, that's how I roll.
The seminary faculty at Cyprus had a little retreat with all their families at the beginning of August. We all went to a huge gorgeous cabin up in Brighton canyon that Kirkham Burbidge (seminary principal) and his family owns.


We have so much fun with this crowd, my girls were running around with all their friends the whole time. 

Julia and Shawnie working in the kitchen

Horse shoes

Kesler just follows his dad around everywhere, it melts my heart.

Took a late night walk on the path around the lake by the cabin.

A big bunk room with a projector screen for all the kids.

Grant being so cute I had to take pictures of this little butterball.

When I went to Grant's 2 month appointment at his pediatricians we found out that he's gained a pound a week since his last appointment (when he was 2 weeks). He is our big boy!

Parker turned 8 and so the whole fam damily decided to go down for his baptism and make a whole vacation out of it. 
We split up the drive and stayed in Mesquite one night. Went to the pool and ate out at the Casino and enjoyed the Deuces Breakfast and Prime Rib, it was a feast!

The traffic to California was horrific, the traffic is always thick but it was overkill this time. In the 8 years of them doing this drive this was by far the worst. We were sure excited to finally get to Tanner and Chan's, they are such incredible hosts. Their home is beautiful and they had it all set up for us to have a comfortable and great stay. 

My girls spent the whole first day in their backyard hot tub. 

A few of them went shopping and I told Travis to send me pictures of things he's trying on so I can check him out. He obliged me with this one, he told me to delete this afterwards but I can't he's just smokin hot!!!

Jack and Grant

My kids all slept in the front room, all our beautiful children * sigh.

We had such a great time, this day was my favorite! Towards the end of the day we went on the roller coasters and that was my favorite part! EEK I felt like a little squealing girl again, I hadn't been on a roller coaster since before I had kids. 

We got "surprised" from some of the people at sea world where we all got to go feed the bat rays these little fish.

Dolphin show

Circus show

Kesler was falling asleep on his dads shoulders.

Marley's favorite part was feeding the bat rays, she was so brave. Parker got a special dolphin encounter as part of his birthday too, he wants to be a dolphin trainer when he grows up.

A quick picture at the end of the night, we were all pooped!

Chan got us into a private beach that is truly gorgeous. California livin!

We stayed until sunset.

The last day was Parker's special day.

Then we were on our back home. Poor Marley got sick :(

I just love bath time pictures.

This little boy is potty trained, he loves his big boy underwear especially his spider man underwear.
Oh, he's cute!

 Kesler asleep under the table towards the end of our meal.

My kiddos have been a huge help to me around the house lately, it has been wonderful.

Daddy and his baby boy

Breakfast and the bumbo, Grant is not a fan of the bumbo.

Travis just got employed to teach an online course for BYU Idaho, A Book of Mormon class.

We had a great time with my parents and my Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Ron after they spend a week enjoying education week at BYU. My mom got the kids these adorable slippers.

He is too cute sitting in his swing all naked after a little blow out in his clothes.

My aunt Marilyn lovin on Grant.

My kids love pictures with "their baby".

Look at our little stud muffins, such handsome little guys ready for church!

 When we go to the gym to work out the girls love to practice their tumbling and use the money they've earned to share an icee from the food court. The girls are both doing tumbling this year and we've started Kaydence in piano lessons as well, our time seems to be taken up with something every night.

We've decided to try our hands out on a little garden, just tomatoes, raspberry bushes, then we also have grape vines and a pear tree. Going out every other morning to find new ripe tomatoes is my new favorite thing. I love the way they smell and taste, I could live on a farm (if someone else did all the work and I just got to reap the rewards).

 With school starting back up we've started our regular library trips. These are the books my kids are enjoying these days.

School started on August 19th for Kaydence. 

Kaydence felt like she was getting the short end of the stick since she had to start school a week before Marley so we went out and had a little mommy daughter date together. We went out for frozen yogurt. 

Ahhhhh! Okay I am in HEAVEN, I got a Cannon Rebel 3i. EEEK, it's so wonderful! I just need to learn how to use it!
 Snap shots trying it out.

School has started and now it's just me and the boys at home.