Wednesday, August 26, 2015


I wish I had more time to put details in my posts but it seems to be a very limited amount of time that I am even able to sit down long enough to write a sentence on here. So here's to relying on the sharp memory of my children (hopefully the pictures will trigger all the great memories and fun stages they have been in). Actually after typing that I have to make mention that not all moments in the Peterson home are filled with fun smiling faces but those are the times I like to focus on and the times I think to get the camera out (rarely during tantrums and whining sessions do I ever think to myself "this is such a precious moment that I want to keep and treasure forever"). So there aren't many of those moments captured but rest assured we have plenty of them.
Mariella, the adopted Peruvian Peterson daughter in law whom we love, came and visited us at the beginning of the month. She wanted to meet Grant and spend some time with us and even stayed over night! She is so sweet we just love her!

Travis took the kids out to buy fireworks and they had so much fun, we made it a two night event. The kids just love the pops and sparklers so we got lots of those. 

Throwing pops

The second night (4th of July). We had a big pack of fountains and fireworks that Travis lit along with all the fireworks that our neighbors were letting off, it was a full blown show.

And the best part, we didn't have to fight the crowds and the traffic (especially with our little Grant).

My grandparents (my dads parents) rented this huge cabin for the week in Bear Lake so we could have our family reunion there. It had 8 big bedrooms, 6 full bathrooms, a loft up top, and pull out beds in the family rooms, it fit us all very comfortably. It also had a hot tub (which was occupied almost the entire time), air hockey, ping pong tables, big screen tv, we had lots of games to play, and lots of visiting. 

... and these guys throughout the cabin 

I'm not a huge taxidermy fan but I can see how they lend to the cabin-wilderness-feeling they were going for. 

Grant was only two weeks old when we got there so my mom supported me in my eccentric lengths to making sure Grant didn't get sick (she bought all these face masks that I asked everyone to wear if they wanted to hold him). Everyone was so sweet and good about it, I felt a little embarrassed asking everyone to do it but thankfully everyone was more than understanding. 

I took off their masks for a second to snap a quick picture of them holding Grant (the pictures just looked a little silly w. ith all them wearing masks when they wanted a picture with Grant

Our little "cheeser" eating crispy cream doughnuts

The second Kesler got out of the car he ran towards Connor yelling, "Onnor" (Connor yelling "Esler") and they pretty much inseparable the whole time we were here. They were down playing air hockey together before I was even in the door. 
Connor and Kesler really are best buds, they are so funny and cute when they get together. The family kept commenting on how entertaining these two boys were to watch. 

The guys having their manly discussions in the hot tub
(in a circle left to right -Tyler, Jared, Jordan, and Travis)

I just love this little tie onsie my neighbor Niki got Grant and the cute pants that go with it that Sheena got him.

One afternoon we drove down to Ovid, 20 minutes away, to see Travis's grandparents, Lathair and Ina. It was great to visit and see them, this was only probably the fourth time I've seen them. Ina has Alzheimers and so they pretty much stick to a specific daily routine that makes it more manageable for them.  Every day they take a two hour drive to Logan to eat lunch at Arby's, it's something they very much prefer to do. We came to see them shortly after they returned from lunch.
Great Grandpa holding Grant.

It was sweet Great Grandma reached out to hold Keslers hand and he reached back and they held hands for a minute. 

One for the books :)

My grandma Peterson holding Grant, she said she could have held him non stop.

This was the first time Mickell was able to meet and hold Grant too, she is such a great aunt!

Nichole and her daughter Violet.

My dad with Grant, so sweet.

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We had such great meals and snacks the whole time. Every family was over one meal (or the treats) and my grandma had two of the dinners catered by this fancy restaurant in Logan and it was delicious!
Marley and Corinne eating breakfast 
So many delicious meals and snacks.

The kids wore out the hot tub while we were there, literally someone had to come fix all the level in the water and what not.

My uncle Jade brought their awesome boat for water skiing, tubing, surfing, and everything. My uncle Kevin brought his fishing boat and my uncle Jeff rented some wave runners to play around on. So we would go to the lake to play, unfortunately it was cloudy and would rain on and off the whole time we were there.
We still managed to get our boating, fishing, and playing in but it was more of a sporadic and last minute thing (taking the windows of opportunity the weather provided during our stay).

We had a great time visiting, playing games, and we even all played the noun game (my favorite game at this point in time).
(Kathleen just took this picture from my camera, I love it when people take pictures with my camera so I can be some of them too). 

Hot tubbing

Air hockey

Popcorn and movie nights!

My uncle Jeff took us all out to ride go karts, it was mainly the kids (and those who are still little boys at heart). 

The guys were all out to win and pass each other and Travis was no exception. He was cruising and I guess Kesler faces were pretty priceless when they were taking the corners fast.

Both of my little boys crashed on the couch

Late night hot tubing.

Marley was in an at home online preschool program called Upstart. It was amazing and she learned so much, she was testing at a first grade entry level before school was out. She is more than ready for Kindergarten!
She was so excited and just smiling from ear to ear when she finished her final assessment and we were all clapping for her. One mom came up to me later and told me she was tempted to take a picture of her even though she wasn't hers because she was smiling so big and cute. Marley has always been the most happy enthusiastic girl, she is my sunshine girl!
We are so proud of our Marley Jo!

Right after her graduation Travis and Kesler hitched a ride with Tanner and Kassidy up to Idaho to go to Grandpa Wilfords funeral. He is such an incredible man and we are proud to be part of his family and heritage. 
These are all pictures from Kaitlin, Kassidy, and Trav's phones.
Travis and all his siblings were there over the long weekend and had a great time together. They went to Rupes, had swedish pancakes for breakfasts, and went on a fun hike together. All the oldest grandsons from each family were there too (Parker, Kesler, and McCoy).

Classic Sunday meal in the Peterson home. 

It wasn't all play for Travis he worked on our new bedroom set any chance he got while he was there. Monte and Kim are giving us their old set so Travis is sanding down the entire thing (a lot of labor intensive work)so we can paint it, it is going to be gorgeous! Travis is such a hard worker I really appreciate that about him.

While the boys are away the girls will play (along with Grant of course). 
We went out to eat at Arby's (it is a rare occasion for us to go out to eat, I have all my favorite foods at home and have come to really prefer eating at home if I have the choice but it's fun for the kids every once in a while). 

We went out to Wheeler Farm and got to see all the animals and play around at the park there.

Then we went and got ice cream and made sundaes and had popcorn while watching High School Musical for the first time. We had fun

Kaydence is so good with Grant and loves to just hold him. She was falling asleep while holding him (I was right there watching) and I got a picture.
I woke up Kaydence when I took the picture :)
My sticker covered girl!

This was the big girls day out event I had been anticipating all year, my mom got all the girls in the family front row tickets at the Hale Center Theater to see The Little Mermaid!
The girls didn't know what the surprise was until we got there!

We had THE best seats in the house!
Marley kept wanting to reach out to touch Ariel and one of her sisters, she almost did one time but I quickly intervened just in time.
Such a memorable fun event! The girls (especially the three oldest) were open mouth and enraptured the whole time, the looks on their faces were so fun to watch. We were all smiling from ear to ear the whole time.
They got to meet Ariel, she was so sweet and incredibly talented.


The Chef and Flounder (Flounder was Kendra's favorite, he was only twelve and his voice was amazing). Such incredible talent all around the board.
Thank you so much mom!

The following week were headed to Island Park where we stayed in the Nelson family cabin. 
Monte and Kim just bought a big nice four wheeler this summer, so he brought that his motorcycle and Travis Nelson brought his two four wheelers for us to play on while we were there!

We stayed the first night at Grammy and Papa's and the next morning Kesler told Papa he wanted to check the traps with him. Grandpa caught a gopher!

Then we were off! We had a great time. Monte made the best breakfasts every morning, we had a great time around the camp fires, took rides on the four wheelers every day, went fishing, took nature walks, went out on canoes with water guns, did fun crafts for the kids, made home made ice cream, and just made a lot of great memories.

Nature walk with Grant

Grants first four wheeler ride

Kesler singing with grandpa around the camp fire.

The kids laid out to watch the Princess Bride one night, Kaydence is the only one who made it all the way through without falling asleep. That was one of my favorite movies growing up, my mom told me I watched it so much one summer that it seemed like that's all I did.

Travis's big catch of the day!

Grammy making us yummy bacon with our breakfast (since the boys were out fishing that morning).

When it was just our little family we took a four wheeler ride out to the pond and a beautiful deer came right up to the pond and just stood there for a few minutes. He was beautiful.

Travis and Travis took me and the kids fishing one evening, it was gorgeous out there but also scary with the drop off and the kids. We were really careful and the kids had a great time.

Kaydence caught her first fish!
She named her Rainbow Sparkles, and we ate her once we got home. When Kaydence found out we were going to eat her she was opposed to the idea and was worried it would hurt her fish. I told her she's already dead and Kaydence responded, "Well eating her will make her more dead". At least Marley thoroughly enjoyed eating the fish, she couldn't get enough of it.
Kesler watching his pole.

Monte and Kim rented canoes so we could all go out on the river. We brought our water guns and everyone had a great time squirting each other while paddling down the river. The kids were the main ones that used the water guns. The girls were with Monte and Kes was with Trav and I, the girls used all their ammunition on dad he got nice and wet.

Next Kaitlin went down with McCoy, along with our kids, grandpa and Travis. While they were going down Kim showed me her sister, Cindy's cabin (its so nice!).

We made home made vanilla ice cream, each of the kids made their own and loved it!

I think Papa is McCoy's favorite person, they're so cute together!

Grant just loved being outside, so I would bundle him up in the mornings and place him outside during breakfast and he would be wide awake and content as can be.

Kesler was helping daddy carry firewood.
Our last breakfast of swedish pancakes while there.

The beautiful rocks the girls painted

My big growing boy!

I am so in love with this little nugget!

The best way to clean up our little boy is to put him in the shower with his dad.

A post couldn't be complete without a picture of Kesler asleep on the floor.
Grant's pretty cute asleep too :)

Travis is such an amazing dad, he just loves our kids so much it melts my heart. He holds Grant a lot for me when I'm in the middle of something or when we're just relaxing together.

At the kids well child check up I found out Kaydence is in the 19th percentile for height and that Marley is in the 99th percentile for height. Therefore they wear the same of clothes. I also found out Kaydence's vision wasn't good so I took her in to see the optometrist.
It's official the girl needs glasses!
She is far sighted, which means she has a harder time seeing things up close. It's her right eye that's pretty bad so she also had to wear an eye patch for two hours a day. She seems to love her glasses but mainly wears them during school and when she reads. I'm wondering if this is the big cause of her headaches she was having last year (but they seemed to stop when I was making her drink lots of water so I don't know).

We went to DI while our tires were being rotated and I found this costume for $2, boo ya!
Tell me he isn't the cutest little superman you've ever seen!

I love when Grant is waking up and arches his back and stretches, so sweet.

Our great friend Beni came over to meet our neweset addition and of course came bearing gifts, for not only Grant but the other kids as well. It is so funny because Beni loves to hear babies when they first start to cry and wanted to hear him cry but as soon as he would start she would talk and he would stop automatically. Beni has a deep raspy voice (from a life of smoking) so she says she has the startling affect on kids, lol. I just love Beni, we have become really close and I'm so grateful for her.
She is so great with the kids, she makes us feel loved.

The only way to get this man here to visit us is to give him a project, so we gave him some projects to help Travis with.
Travis had a list of things he was wanting to complete (and now I can't even remember what they all were). Once they were done they tore out some of the wall to check for mold. We were worried about it ever since we got water in our basement the previous summer. So they tore it out and found some, it was very minor but they still tore out the bottom two feet of two of the walls in the girls room. It became quite the project and we had all the furniture and things in the girls room spread throughout the house for a week and half but it's such a blessing to have that peace of mind knowing were all clear. I think that mold in any older house is a worry we'll have, so hopefully well be in the market for a new house this next time around. Thank you for all your help Monte, we love you!