Monday, July 27, 2015


(starting from the top clockwise)
Hagop Arslanian, Michelle Fowler (secretary), Josh Santiago, Travis Peterson, Kirk Burbidge, Julia Mortimer.  
The last week of school is just fun stuff for the kids at Cyprus Seminary, Trav and the faculty threw the kids and their friends at the high school a barbecue and water party. They have tons of kids coming over during the lunch hour to fill their bellies and these guys go nuts trying to meet new kids and cooking on the grill. 
Then we had a fun little party at the Burbidge's house (the principal at Cyprus Seminary). Kirk and Shawnee Burbidge know how to throw a party. Their whole backyard was set up with big speakers, music, toy areas for the kids, food (grilled chicken, fruit, salads, etc.), snacks, games, and a movie under the stars. They have a projector screen and so we set up, grabbed all our snacks, and watched Big Hero 6.

This little gem is a blanket that folds into a pillow that Travis has had since he was a little boy, Rambo all the way!

After school got out my mom came down to spend the week with us. I had been anticipating her trip for a while and we had plans to PLAY! The first day we went shopping, our specialty. The second day we met up with my grandparents, Jade and Jamie's kids, and went to the Hogle Zoo. Wednesday we got all girlied up to have a girls day. I dropped Kesler off to be w atched then us girls went out shopping then we went to see the Cinderella movie. The last full day we stayed around the house and just talked and relaxed. Once Travis got home from work my mom watched all our kids while Travis and I went on dates. We went out to eat one night, to the movies another night, to the temple another, and ran errands without kids. Thank you so much mom, that is such a gift to us! While we were out on our dates my mom brought all these fun games to play with the kids, they had so much fun every day my kids were asking when I would finally leave so they could go play games with grandma. 
 It is such a treat when my mom comes to see us. We all had such a wonderful time with my mom. I always so look forward mom to the week my mom spends with us in the summer. 
Bird Show

My grandpa always gets the kids their choice of ice cream or cotton candy.

We love GRANDMA!

Kesler loving his cotton candy

All the kids.

Shopping! Grandma knows how to spoil us!

At the theater watching Cinderella

I was loving our date nights, our last dates before having four kids running us ragged :)

Don't let Marley get to your phone! She took so many pictures on my phone it took me forever to erase most of them, these were the ones I kept.

Kesler has always been my amazing sleeper.
Falling asleep while playing games on the ipad

Splayed across the couch

On the floor partially under a bed.

Dressed as batman on a chair.

And his blankie is always near. 

Then we had our little baby boy Grant. My mom stayed with us for a few days and stayed up during the nights to get Grant on a good sleeping schedule. She is so amazing! She made my favorite meal that she cooks (lasagna) and we had tons of leftovers, she cleaned, helped watch our kids, and went sleep deprived so I could catch up on mine. Yeah, I seriosuly have THE best mom in the world!!! These are other sweet things people did for us after Grant was born. 

It cracks me up when Grant sleeps sometimes he has this grumpy looking face and I just love kissing those wrinkled eyeborws. 
So does daddy

Can I just say that I love this boy with my whole soul! All my kids, I just feel like the luckiest woman!

Grant is one loved little guy, his sisters and brother always want to hold and kiss him.

Who does Grant look like?
 It's kind of funny to hear how everyone is always saying who they think he looks like. I think it is so hard to tell at this infant stage, but at this stage he looks a lot like Kesler to me (except with lighter hair and his eyes seem more blue, although you can't tell as much in pictures). 

Kesler loves to help his dad. No matter what dad is doing Kesler likes to try and help, I can tell he wants to be just like dad.
Washing the cars.

Grant and his fan club.

Pictures of our newest addition.

The Gallaghers were so amazing while I was giving birth they spoiled our kids. These are the jumping frogs Krista bought the girls while she was watching them.

Kaydence helps me out, when I have things to do and Grant starts fussing she is so good with him and holds him. She fell asleep while holding him one time, which is a little scary but I was watching them the whole time.

There will be lots of random pictures of Grant throughout this post. He loves to have his head farther back, especially when I hold him while I'm walking around. 

I love the view from up here holding him.

Travis at his dentist appointment. This was a picture he texted when he coldn't feel his mouth anymore.

 Getting some loves

My mom came up again about a week after helping us because Taylor made a surprise visit to meet Grant and stay with us for a night. AHHHH, I was so excited! 
My brother Taylor with Grant

Taylor came up with a friend, Sheena. She is so incredibly sweet, she came with a gift for Grant and these adorable dressup dresses for my girls (she has a daughter that has outgrown them and they are serisouly the cutest dresses ever). My girls LOVETHEM!

Me with my stud of a brother, I love him so much!!!

My dad got the kids some sparklers and pops that they got to play with that night.

 Thank you so much for coming Tay, it meant so much to me. 

Roasting marshmellows over the fire pit, playing the guitar, and singing. Fun Summer times.

This is my favorite.

And to end this post off... more pictures of Grant.