Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Happy 9 YEAR Anniversary

May 6th marked Travis and I's 9 year anniversary! 
I made him this huge poster of some of our life adventures together to mark the occasion. I want to put it in my book but I might do each of the collages for each trip as a page in the book instead of the whole poster image I made. 
I'm thinking I'll start putting the letters and cards we write each other in the book too (but not the blog, way to sappy and gushy and I wouldn't want to put the few readers I have through that).

Monday, June 22, 2015


I left my camera in Idaho when we went up to Idaho for Memorial Day weekend and so I'm pretty late in getting this post up.
Random pictures of my kiddos, throughout the month.

There is something very satisfying for me when my kids eat healthy. I have always been very interested in health and I have watched a few documentaries on Netflix lately that have made me more conscientious of the meals I make and what we eat. After watching them it made me feel like I was feeding my kids crack when I fed them sugar or processed food. I just want our family to be happy and healthy. I just want to try and do better and give them healthy options and we'll do the best we can.
On my own vegetable kick :)
 This pregnancy I've been getting hives at night. I started getting hives in high school when I got too hot. Like when I spend too long in a really hot tub, or at Lava hot springs, or if I'm directly in front of a heater for too long. Anyway I have a little heater inside my tummy and when I sleep I have to sleep with it really cool or I wake up with hives all over my legs. The hives go away quickly after waking and walking around but it's still a little crazy.
I am one of those lucky women who when they're pregnant they show fast and overnight. From the time I was 20 weeks until April my pregnant belly was measuring six weeks ahead of schedule. Then towards the end of my pregnancy (end of April) my belly stops growing and I'm measuring right on schedule and I actually lose weight at the end of my pregnancies, I'm so backwards! At the end of April I got this extra burst of energy where I felt so great, like I wasn't pregnant anymore! I was loving it but now that it's the middle of June my energy hasn't been so high but I still feel good (naps are just wonderful). I'm just so grateful our babies have done great and this little guy is a strong one. The other day I almost thought he was going to kick through the amniotic sac. When Kim was pregnant with Travis, Travis did kick a hole in his moms amniotic sac and she went into labor early (I don't know if I want our little guy to follow in his dads footsteps in that respect).

Marley  has been doing amazing with the Upstart preschool program, she is reading at a first grade level and doing so good! I'm so proud of her! Every month when she meets her quota with her school work they mail her a paper "gold metal" and when she gets one in the mail we go to the dollar store and she gets to pick out a prize (I know I'm so cheap but she loves it). Her prize in May :)

There were some amazing storms in May. I love storms, I think they're so exciting and beautiful. One afternoon it hailed and after it passed we ran outside to look at the hail and Marley started picking some out of the grass.

Kesler came in with his little blue elephant saying "Pee yew" wrinkling up his nose. I told him he needs to change him them so he went and got everything and started changing him all the while making sound effects of "Ew" "yucky" and "pee yew". He is going to be a great help with his little brother :)

My kids have been such a big help, especially Marley. She always unloads the dishwasher for me and helps me around the house and Kesler often tries to help too. I am such a blessed mommy :)

FHE - Kesler is obviously riveted.

Memorial Day Weekend
We went up to Idaho and spent the weekend with the PetersOn family. Travis left work early so we could go to Camryn and Kendra's piano recital on our way through Pocatello. The Parkinson family is moving to Idaho Falls in a gorgeous new home and so the girls weren't able to perform in their usual piano recital but their piano teacher had them come to her house to perform for us. These girls are so talented, it was really great for Kaydence to see them play because she will be starting lessons this fall. 

Then we were off to the PetersOn home where Kim got us these fully loaded pizzas and the kids had a great time playing out in their huge beautiful Idaho yard.

Grandma has all these toys and dress ups for the kids. The kids performed their own talent show for grandma and grandpa.
They had a talent show at the end of the school year at Kaydences school. Kaydence wanted to try out for it and do a tumbling routine. Each class chooses two students to perform in it and Kaydence was chosen. She did so amazing! Travis got off work and we all watched her and Travis recorded it, she is such a graceful little tumbler!
Getting out the guitar and listening to music, a favorite Peterson passtime :)
Grandma Green made this tent for Travis and his siblings when he was young and now our kids love playing in it and they slept in it every night downstairs.

We went down to Pocatello and did a little date night with Kim, Monte, Travis, and Kaitlin. We got a couple sitters to watch the kids and we all went out to see a movie. 
My kids sure love McCoy! They think every little thing he does is adorable and just follow him around.

Gotta have the popcorn bowls!

These three are fun to listen to sing and play different songs together.

They had some beautiful weather, Grandpa got out the motorcycle and was giving all the kids rides. We were throwing around a Frisbee and just playing outside. Travis and Travis were throwing two to three Frisbee's at a time seeing how many they could catch when thrown at the same time.

Memorial Day
This was a special memorial day because we Hazel's headstone this weekend and put it in. I love it so much, it's simple and perfect. It looks so good next to Dane's headstone and it just makes Hazel feel like more validated (if that makes sense) that she IS a part of our eternal family.

Great memorial day weekend. 
The last day there we were able to go help Kent and Kathleen with a few things with their house, they're moving and renting their previous home and having to get everything ready for the renters and move and pack and everything all while both working full time... so they were crazy busy. Their new home is so ideal, it's in Idaho Falls on more than 2 acres and just so gorgeous. I'm so excited for them!
One of my closest friends in the world that I treasure so much, Amanda, found out that she has cervical cancer and went in for surgery at the beginning of the month. It has been very heart breaking and hard for me, because I want to be there with her and do something for her but with things the way they are I knew I shouldn't. We had to do something to make it feel like we were all there with her at least so I made an 8 X  10 of pictures of Amanda and I that I sent her along with the mobile we all made for her to hang in the hospital. After the surgery the doctor followed up with tests and she is clear of the cancer for now, such a huge blessing. I pray she doesn't have to continue to fight this battle against cancer.
I love this woman so much!

My parents came down over Mothers Day weekend, they had to reschedule their Hale Center Theater tickets for this weekend and it worked out perfectly since we got to have grandma the day before Mothers Day. We all made both grandma's these mobiles with them and their grandmas. We are so incredibly blessed by our mothers!!!

My kids were so excited for Mothers Day and couldn't wait to give me the things they made for me. I felt so loved and couldn't feel more blessed. My kids are such sweet helpers and so good at showing me they love me, there just isn't anything better than being a mom! Marley is so sweet and kept giving me declarations of her love for me all day long. She would tell me how she loved me more than the color purple (the color she's been obsessed with lately), more than ice cream, more than the whole Earth. She tells me that she loves me MORE than infinity and that if infinity had a ceiling she loves me past the ceiling!

Travis and I went on a date the other week and we went shopping and Travis was trying on some suits. I am full blown pregnant in the waiting area to see them once he has them on. This lady asks me once he goes back into the dressing room if he's going on a mission. I look at her for minute and down at my stomach and back at her and say, "He's actually my husband so I hope not." Travis has funny things like that happen from time to time, and it makes me feel young (just by virtue of being his wife).