Friday, May 15, 2015


The week before Easter people in seminary were posting pictures with this sign, "He is Here". People would post the picture and a statement explaining how Christ is in the picture.  Travis took one with my pregnant belly. He is here, Christ is in the creation of all things, the creation of our family, the sanctity of life, the creation of life. I am amazed that I'm able to play such a big part in the creation of life. That my body is creating another body, with a brain, heart, and a million other parts that function properly. This body I'm creating in my womb will house one of God's special spirits. It's pretty awe inspiring.

I tried earlier to take a picture myself, before Travis took one, but it was harder than I thought it would be to hold the camera out and away from me and move my finger over to take the picture while holding the sign and giving a side shot of the bump.

Trav tried to get a picture with Kesler and the sign but to no avail. Kesler wasn't cooperating.
As I was getting everything ready for our Easter Egg Hunt, Kesler was snuggling with dad.
I love their long eyelashes.
The hunt is on!
"Cheeeeese", Kesler's cheeser face

Then we had a scavenger hunt with clues taking them to their prizes (bubbles, chalk, small toys, and a little picture book for each of them with some of their baby pictures).

The next week we had Easter Egg sandwiches for lunch.

April 11th was Hazel's birthday, one year ago we "delivered" her and buried her next to my brother Dane. So we celebrated her birthday with a strawberry cake, a few songs we sang together, and the reading of the beautiful poem Travis wrote for me about the loss of our baby girl. The girls made sweet cards for Hazel and wrote special messages for her.
Happy Birthday Hazel!

Kaydence is an Arabian Princess.

Kesler HATES getting messy, he wasn't happy after eating chocolate and getting it all over himself. Before he ran to the bathroom to clean up I asked him if I could take a picture. 

While we were waiting to get our tires balanced and rotated we went across the street to DI. I love how my kids love to go here and I was browsing for some clothes and they were having so much fun trying everything on in their dressing room and coming out to show me. 
One lady came up to me and said, "I thought most kids hate trying on clothes". Not mine, they were dancing around, especially Marley and giving me a great show! I think Kesler likes feeling like a big boy and getting his own room to try them on but he wasn't nearly as excited as Marley was. He still tried on a couple things.

Winter waited until April to come this year. We had a week where we got SNOW!!!
The kids haven't been able to play in the snow this year so they were so excited to get up and play in it.

Waiting at Jiffy Lube to get the inspection done for safety and emissions. The kids were so good waiting in the waiting room. I am in love with those big brown eyes of his.
Then we came home and I found Kesler crashed on the stairs. Kesler can fall asleep anywhere with anything going on, it's great!

We went down to Temple Square one day since Kaydence was out of school (spring break was the week after our trip in Mexico).

Kaydence wanted a picture of the map of Jerusalem, she thought it was really neat.

We wanted to go to the kids museum at temple square but it was shut down for renovations until fall. So we went to the play at the planetarium instead. The kids could spend all day running around and playing here.

Kaydence got a belly shot of me, 7 months. Boom!

These pictures are out of order but one weekend we got out our fire pit and had a bonfire, the kids LOVED it. I love being outside sitting around a fire and watching the sunset and the stars come out. 

Saturdays and Sundays the girls usually wear their dress up dresses. They wanted to set up a picnic inside while watching a movie in the kitchen with treats in their picnic basket.

 On April 15th this sweet little guy entered the world, Jack Tanner Peterson. Kim, Monte, and Kass went down when he was born and Kass will be living with Tanner and Chan until September when school starts again. Kass got a job at a dentist office down there and is saving up money and Chan and Tan have been loving having her there too.

Two weeks later Monte and Kim came down for Mariella's graduation! She graduated BYU with her bachelors in Engineering.Congratulations Mariella, we are so proud of you!

Travis is infamous with the students for saying, "no kissing no swearing". He has been given all sorts of things from students with his famous quote on it, from home made quilts to signs. 
This guy gave him a tie with the quote on it, with the Idaho spud (that's the other slogan he seems to have, the Idaho spud.)

The young men, young women did a fun combined activity where they had glow in the dark bands and little scooters, laundry baskets, and tons of balloons and they played "Hungry Hippo's" but with human bodies as the hippos. One person on a team would be pushing the other one on the scooter forward to try and get as many balloons as they could with their laundry basket. It sounded like such a fun activity!

We had a family home evening lesson on serving and showing love for others, then we got to make a very special craft for their grandma's for the upcoming mothers day. We worked on it for many days and it was a lot of fun. They were fully decorated mobiles that had pictures of them with their grandma's over the past couple years.
The kids loved decorating the foam circles that had pictures with them and their grandma's on them.

April 28th was my brother Dane's birthday, he would have turned 21 this year. So we celebrated with some of his favorites, home made french bread and apple jacks. We sang to him, and got to share memories, and watch some videos with Dane. Happy Birthday Dane, we love and miss you so much!!!
Two days later was our big boy Kesler's 3rd birthday!
He wanted to go see the animals for his birthday so we went to the Hogle Zoo for his big day. 
Travis got off a little early at work and we met up with my grandparents and Alyssa, Megan, and Gavin (love their grandparents pass that gets us all in). 
We always start off riding the train.

It was the first day they had the whole dinosaur exhibit set up throughout the park. The next day was the actual opening day for it but they had it all out when we got there. It was awesome too because there weren't many people there at all (we were there from 4pm-6:30pm).
My grandparents got all the kids ice cream cones.
The paleontologist in the sandbox.

This polar bear is so lively and fun, even the way she relaxes cracks me up!

My cute little divas.

The kids had so much fun, they rode the merry go rounds lots of times (per usual) and had a great time with Alyssa, Megan, Gavin, grandma, grandpa, and our family!

Kesler actually wasn't a fan of all the dinosaurs throughout the park. They were motion activated and some would growl, roar, or spray you with water. They were really awesome but they seemed a little too life like for Kesler's comfort. He thought they were real and he thought they were going to eat him. He told us holding out his, "He eat my arm!!!"  
So whenever a big dinosaur moved his head toward Kesler and roared he would turn the other way and run. Since the dinosaurs were everywhere Travis followed Kesler when he started running the other way, they took the round about way to get everywhere. Kesler became pretty watchful for dinosaurs and was hesitant to want to do much, listening and looking out for them. 
Travis was feeling like he needs to toughen our little guy up from his reaction to them but I cannot explain how enduring and adorable it is to me. Kesler has always been very cautious and careful. He's not one of those boys that always has bumps and bruises all over. He's tough when he gets hurt but he doesn't like going into something until knows how it works and feels comfortable with it. 
Kesler still does not enjoy the spotlight. When others give him attention he will usually ignore them or shake his head (in places with lots of people like church, the grocery store). 
Kesler is very selective about who he will be affectionate with (hug or wrestle) but he's starting to feel more and more comfortable with more people. 
Kesler still does not speak very well, he mumbles really. I can understand him really well and he communicated a lot with me but not through pronouncing the syllables in the words he's saying. He gets really frustrated if you don't understand what he's trying to say.
He is my child that notices details the most and is the most clean. When I clean he will watch me to make sure I don't miss a spot. If he gets anything on his hands, shirt, or pants he yells to me and then runs to grab a rag and clean it up. He isn't one I need to prompt to wash his hands when he gets something on them.
He is the easiest thing to discipline because he is so tender. If you give him "the look" he shrinks and looks at the ground and if were home he'll go to his room without saying anything. If you tell him "no" especially with a stern tone his bottom lips pops out, he ducks his head, and runs to his room and cries in there until you go in to talk to him about why he's not suppose to do that and give him a hug. 
If there is a baby around or anyone around who is asleep or trying to go to sleep, he puts his finger to his lip and says "Shhhh". He will often point to my belly and say "baby" then "shhh". 
He regularly just comes up to me to squeeze my legs in a big sweet hug, I love it so much.
He has always been a great sleeper.
He loves cars. He especially loves the big cars and goes through the house just pushing them around a lot. 
He loves playing outside, even by himself. He is so good on his scooter and will just wiz around on it. If he had someone to play outside with all the time I don't think he would ever come inside. 
He almost never needs to be prompted to say "thank you" and "your welcome" (as long as you can understand him).
He is really good at asking for permission before he does something, making sure its okay with me first. 
That's a little about our big 3 year old boy that I am so smitten with!