Saturday, March 7, 2015


 Exciting news this month is we got our 20 week ultrasound and found out we're having another boy! It was the best ultrasound ever! The Stenographer was awesome, we had this nice new machine they just got in that took so many different types of images (3D and other stuff). Usually I've ended up with 5 or 6 photos of our baby after the ultrasound but we literally had 30, it felt like a whole book. It was funny because as the stenographer was putting jell on my belly and telling me she'd look for the "fun stuff" after looking for the specific things she's suppose to inspect she put the doppler on my belly and BOOM - a full frontal view of the boy parts. Okay maybe not that instantaneous but pretty close. He was moving so  much and just looked so perfect and that strong heart beat was the best sound in the world. Then a doctor came in and looked at our baby more, we got to just sit and watch him for about an hour. Travis was thinking they took so much extra time with me because of what happened last time I was there, I don't know why but it was very nice. Our little guy is measuring a little further along but either way it looks like he's coming in June.
My birthday week was wonderful, relaxing, time with family and friends, a date with my hubby, getting to go shopping with birthday money from our parents, treats, and lots of happy birthday wishes (Facebook friends always make me feel warm and fuzzy on my birthday), just my cup of tea! I'm not a flower girl so I've told Travis I would much prefer a gift card (so I can go shopping) or fresh fruit, especially berries.
So I came home to this:

If I wasn't so cheap (and had to buy the produce that's in season, which is entirely lacking around this season) I could eat this all day every day and I'd probable be in better shape too. The two things I'm often at war with myself on, saving money and eating fresh and healthy(I try to strike a balance) .

My visiting teacher, Rebecca Heywood, stopped these bad boys by for my birthday, yum! I have great visiting teachers, a couple months ago I got sick and my other V.T. (Treasa Stewart) brought me some delicious butternut squash soup she makes at her bakery. I got the hook up with my visiting teachers.

 Travis and I went on a date to the CES "Evening with a General Authority" and got to see Elder Holland speak. He is my favorite speaker, I love how he speaks with such power. I feel like he speaks right to the` heart. This talk was no exception, his talk was entitled, "Fear Not, Only Believe". So good!

I also got to see my sweet friend, Mandi Soter over my birthday week! Marley and Kesler got to play with her little girl Lizzy, while the other kids were at school and they had a great time together.
 I LOVE visiting with Mandi, she is just such a good person through and through. For my birthday she took me and the kids out for lunch and got me this wonderful book (Lady Emma's Campaign). I seriously love this woman, she is so amazing!

We had the play date at our house after school on Valentines Day with all the girls.
 Valentines Day morning Travis and I got the kids cards, chocolates, and treats. I love how they get so excited! Holidays are so fun with the kids!

 Kaydence LOVES tumbling! I forgot to mention in the last post that in January Kaydence was moved up to the next level, level 3. I love how the tumbling coaches are always moving each of the girls individually to the next level. Kaydence loves to practice, which helps, but in her new class she is by far the youngest. Kaydence was a little hesitant about her new class and hated being the smallest but the older girls are really sweet to her and she loves it. She is a professional at back walk overs and they're starting working on back handsprings and Arial's already (those are two things I always wish I could do).
The other nice thing about these tumbling classes is that it's on a month by month basis so we can take a month off (we took November, December, and now March off). It's nice to be able to take breaks and come back and she can just pick up where she left off. 
A friend in her new class around Valentines Day (they got fun glasses).

I love it when Travis helps Kaydence with her tumbling, it's so cute!

We had a traumatic doctors visit this month. Kaydence had some warts on her foot  (4 of them) and the doctor used this spray stuff to take them off. He had to do three rounds of spraying her warts and warned me that it was painful. It WAS painful, for all involved. Kaydence was screaming, pleading, crying, begging, the whole time. While she was screaming in pain the doctor and I had to keep pinning her down. I'm sure every single person in that towering building heard her. It was bad. Marley had her ears covered and was close to tears watching her.
Then after witnessing the autocracy we put Kaydence through Marley had to get her immunizations. The thing that breaks my heart is that even after seeing what happened to her sister when I told Marley it was her turn, she looked at me with those big blue trusting eyes and smiled and hopped onto the table. I was already holding back tears but that did me in. Needless to say it was a hard day. I just knew my girls would never forgive me.Thankfully my girls are so loving and when I went to hold them tightly afterwards they didn't pull away at all but just cried in my arms.
While we were enduring torture the boys were at home, Kesler sacked out on the tile floor. 

 I visit teach a sweet lady that has become a good friend of mine, Beni Daniels. She is a little anti-Mormon but she still calls me her "relief society lady" and has always been so nice to me, albeit blunt and a little fiery. She loves my kids and is so much fun to visit. She likes to spoil my kids with treats, let them play in her huge sandbox, and gets down and plays with them herself. She's awesome. She had a Friday off work and asked us to go to McDonald's with her so we can chat while the kids play. She got the kids fries and sundaes, it was fun!

My husband is amazing, talk about getting down and deep cleaning. You know it's serious when you get the sweat band out. I had to sneak a picture of him, is there anything more attractive than a good looking sweaty man cleaning your house? I submit that there is NOT!

 We had a big 7/7/7 Challenge in our ward. Travis was the one who organized and did it all. Everyone in the ward had a chart to fill out and everyone was suppose to read 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week, for 7 weeks. It was fun how "into it" everyone in the ward was getting, even the primary. We had a big Sundae party to celebrate completing the challenge. We had to miss the bash because we were in Idaho so the bishop saved ice cream, whip cream, lots of syrup, and topping for us so we could party when we got back

Making tortillas has become a bit of a novelty in our home. Each of the kids take turns rolling out the tortillas, dusting flour over the pan... and everything else.

My babies

The weather was beautiful in February, we had weekend were we didn't even need jackets, crazy. We went out to the park a lot, the kids played on their scooters, roller blades, or on the blacktop. It was really nice.

A cute drawing of Kaydence's.

It was so great getting to have the family together for the weekend, my parents had one VERY full house it was awesome!

cooking up some grub and chopping up onions (the onion goggles have become a novelty).

On our way to the Rexburg temple to see Leslie and Mickell married!

The new Mr. and Mrs. Brown.

We had a professional photographer, Jenny Skeen, but Travis took a couple as well.

Nice wet bum uncle Ron.

It decided to snow when we came out for pictures.

My silly tall brothers making Travis feel less of the height difference.

I love this one of us sisters!

We had a luncheon at the church after the sealing where Gloria made some delicious African food along with rolls salad and other non spicy dishes. I was surprised with how much I liked the African food, it was delicious (African food has become Mickell's favorite type of food).

The cute kids were staying entertained around the church.

Leslie and Mickell had a gorgeous reception at the Matsuras.

Two big buses of Leslie's friends from BYU Idaho came to the reception and it was jam packed the whole time. It seems like everyone had a great time, it was a little too crowded for the kids and I to stay very long so we went home after a bit. 
And the kids all got to have a sleep over in the camper!

We got to spend the rest of the time visiting, eating, playing games, and relaxing.

Travis holding sweet little Allison.

Then it was time to head home.
Parting is such sweet sorrow. Kaydence hates goodbyes.

We got to have Jonathan at our house for a couple days before his flight took him back to Texas. My kids were in Heaven, he is so much fun!

We got to have another fun weekend with my parents. We got to go with them to this play at the Hale Center Theater it was "Ghost, the Musical". It was an amazing performance, they struck such a chord with me and I was just tearing up repeatedly.

Corinne wanted to go to a bounce house for her birthday and so they came down to Utah. So we were able to celebrate her big day with her

I love this picture of this good looking couple.

How we all felt by the end:

Then we came back to our house for dinner, decorating cupcakes, presents and watching the movie Travis made for Corinne's birthday (I think the kids were enjoying the video of them at the bounce house more than they actually enjoyed the bounce house).
It was a great eventful month!