Sunday, February 8, 2015


I love starting out the new year/book with this special girls birthday. Marley turned 5 this year and will start Kindergarten in the fall! I love getting to have her home with me all day. She is doing amazing in her online preschool program, Utah Upstart. She is already reading, doing addition and subtraction, and she especially loves the science parts. Marley has also been trying so much harder to listen and obey. She is always the first one ready for family prayers with her arms folded, head bowed, and eyes closed. Marley is quick with a big smile on her face and a hug to give. She also has started asking me if she can help me with what I'm doing every day, usually unloading the dish washer, wiping down cupboards, and especially playing so well with her little brother.  I'm so grateful for my sweet, affectionate, and the most ticklish girl in the world! 

The birthday girl wanted brownies and ice cream for her birthday (Marley is a chocoholic like her mom). Then she wanted to go swimming.

Monte was down to pick up the girls from the airport, they were flying in from Spain. He got here early so he could take Marley out for lunch for her birthday!

It's hard to take pictures swimming but we had so much fun, we had these suction water guns and goggles and had a big water fight.
Then we came home, had presents, and brownies and ice cream.

 We got her another stick pony, she wanted two so they could pull her carriage. She sets up the chairs or uses the couch as a carriage and ties up her horses to pull it. She loves animals, especially ponies.

Kaydence worked for hours on the weekend to earn money to buy her sister something for her birthday, she worked so hard. Kaydence got her three fuzzy monkeys (Marley had a bigger monkey so these are the baby monkeys).

That weekend my parents came up and of course Marley wanted doughnuts and pop rocks for her birthday. These doughnuts are as big as their heads! My dad just loves to spoil them!

My mom brought the kids candy canes and this little guy is a huge fan, he LOVES candy canes!

Random January happenings.
The kids in their capes and Kesler in his Batman costume.

One Saturday morning I woke up and was rolling out of bed and found Kesler all bundled up on the end of our bed. He was literally sleeping in between the mattress and the foot board. Sometimes he sneaks into our room and sleeps on the floor but he is getting sneakier. I can't believe I didn't even hear him come in or feel him climb up on the bottom of our bed. Cutest thing in the world!

I have been obsessed with eating tortillas this pregnancy, I put an omelet in them in the mornings and make some kind of wrap or burrito for lunch every day or I just eat them plain and warm. So I have been making homemade tortillas a lot more regularly and this guy loves to help. He likes to shake some of the flour on the pan before rolling the dough on it and after he does he exclaims, "I did it!". Then he uses the rolling pin and goes over the ball of dough a couple times and exclaims again, "I did it!". He gets more flour on himself, the counter, and the floor than anything else.
 Me with my boy! (I'm a pro at selfies)

The kids like to make treats together and the kids faces end up looking like this every time.

I wasn't feeling particularly attractive this day, more like a beached whale actually, but Travis said to come over so he could snap a shot of my belly. I am just one of those lucky women who pop out SUPER fast. It's kind of embarrassing when people ask me how far along I am because I literally look like I'm 10 weeks farther along than I actually am. This is not much of an exaggeration, at my last ,doctors appointment they measured my belly and said that I'm measuring about 6 weeks further along than I am! The doctor asked me if I was sure on the due date, pretty sure I was marking it on my calendar for months. Then asked if I had an ultrasound and if it could be twins! I'm one of those crazies who would actually love that but NO it's not. I had two ultrasounds on their in office ultrasound machine and I find it almost impossible to believe that they wouldn't notice two sets of arms, legs, or another head. I got a good look at the baby both times, so it's just a numero uno. I've always popped out pretty much overnight and with this being my fifth pregnancy I feel like it's just popping out sooner and sooner every time! 
 We had an Enrichment activity this month and it was all about meal planning, sharing recipes, and trying recipes. I was one who they had present crockpot meals, recipes, and tips. Anyway While I was up there presenting apparently everyone was looking at my belly. I hadn't even sat down and Michelle Allen told me to come over here and tell me what else I got cooking and looked pointedly at my belly. It was so funny because everyone came up to me telling me how the whole time they were wondering if they should ask but it was pretty obvious I was (good thing no one was paying attention to my presentation ;). I don't know how to tell people I'm pregnant. I feel like it's so random to tell someone I'm talking to, "So guess what? I'm pregnant.... again". 

One of my favorite lunches :)

First time Kesler tried salami, he loved it. He is a little meat eater!

Mickell sent my girls these fun Japanese treats that started out as powder and then you make them look like sushi, it was really fun for the girls to make!
Thanks Mickell!

I have been switching babysitting with my friend Laura Averett and she has a little guy who is almost two, Andrew. Kesler and Andrew play so well together, they are always off playing with their trucks and Lego's.

These days Kaydence isn't letting me do fun things with her hair, she just likes her hair down or braided usually but she let me try something new one morning. It looked pretty cool.

I have been getting so sick of my hair lately and I've  been wanting to do those "beach curls" or the loose curls with a straightener. I had tried it before, off a Pinterest board, and it took too long and totally didn't work. My amazing friend Jerdanna always has gorgeous hair and the perfect wave so I sought out her help. She gave me some awesome pointers and it lasted for three days (I'm all about hair do's that last several days... because I feel like I'm just wasting my time if I'm taking time to do my hair every day).
They weren't exactly the loose curls but I was excited my attempt still went pretty good.

The last weekend in January we went up to Idaho for my little sisters bridal shower and my beautiful little nieces baby blessing!
We got to Travis's parents house Friday night for dinner, Schwanns ice cream, and a nice visit. 

Mickell's bridal shower was a joint effort. My sister Kathleen made all the adorable invitations, my mom oversaw everything, made the treats and got the stuff for us to decorate, and I was in charge of the activities and games. 
The bubblegum game is always a must!

It was a lot of fun and very well attended... I'm thinking someone should throw me another bridal shower ;)

Travis took the kids to grammy and papa's house during the shower and grammy gave the kids the gifts they got for them from Spain. Kesler in his sombrero. 

That night my family surprised me with a huge triple chocolate cake to celebrate my birthday a few days early!

The next morning we went to Kent and Kathleen's ward so we could see this little angel blessed.

I have to just say that we were so touched with church that Sunday. During testimony meeting we heard three testimonies that were so powerful. I am so very grateful we were able to hear the testimonies shared and I wish they knew how much their testimonies touched me. The first man is about my parents age and his perfectly healthy wife had just died in her sleep the previous month. He shared the whole experience and all the tender mercies he received through this. Another was sharing his testimony on family history and the miracles he witnessed. The last shared a powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon, he was sharing how it has changed his life (he was very old and it sounded like the last words he wanted everyone to know).
After church we went to the Parkinson's and enjoyed an incredible meal Kathleen made.

Joy and  , Kent's mom and stepfather.

Proud parents!

Cousins are the best!

Joy (Kent's mom) is amazing, she always comes equipped with all these crafts and activities for the kids to do. They made necklaces with their names on it, boondoggles, and other things.

Kesler strung his whole necklace (except his name, Travis did that part). The kids had so much fun!

That pretty much wraps up January with the Peterson's!