Sunday, January 18, 2015

December Part 3 (Christmas break and New Years Eve Party)

Christmas break was fun filled with playing around the house, the kids got to do their favorite thing (play with their cousins the whole time), great meals, playing out in the snow, fun games (the noun game - my favorite), we got caught up on some good movies we haven't seen (wow, I especially loved "The Giver" and "Maze Runner"), we got to spend time with Leslie's brother, wife, and daughter, played at the gym in the school a couple times, the kids were in dress up clothes most of the time, enjoyed great meals, and had a rockin new years eve party!

Jonathan playing with my kids.

The family with some of Leslie's family. His brother, Sylvester, and Gloria and their daughter Esther. Jess, Johnny, mom, Sylvester, Gloria, Leslie, Mickell, Nicole. Front row: Kaydence, Esther, Marley.

The Noun Game. Jess is acting out what she thought was WWF wrestling.

Kent acting out - Gravity.

It was so fun playing at the gym at my moms school. The kids had a blast riding the Ziggles, Pogo sticks, scooters, and playing parachutes, and especially the scooters at the school that connected into a scooter train.

My dad was running back and forth pushing the kids across the floor on their scooter train.

My dad pushing my mom on the scooters :)

When we were playing with the parachute we played "Shark Attack". These were the sharks pulling me under!

Kesler in the batman costume my mom got him for Christmas. He loves running around and sounding scary.

Kesler literally wore these goggles all day every day that week, I had to wait until he fell asleep to take them off.

Kaydence holding Allison

The girls love all the dress up's at grandma's house!

Marley wearing grandma's sunglasses.

... so did Kesler

Grandma got fun dress up's for the boys as well, lots of superhero costumes. Kesler loved the Transformers mask. He came up to me growling and I acted scared and he quickly pulled up his mask and told me, "It's me!"

If he wasn't wearing a mask he was wearing his goggles.

Playing out in the snow!

Jonathan and Travis hooked the snow board up to the car and were pulling each other down the road.

When Travis was pulling Jonathan he fell and got a minor concussion! Crazy boys!

Kathleen made her girls and MY girls these adorable hats! She crocheted them, I love the bows she crocheted on the side SOOO CUTE!!!
Pink hats for Corinne and Marley.

Marley's birthday is shortly after Christmas so grandma took her out shopping for her birthday! She got the cutest talking bird that repeats what she says and a dog that barks and drinks.... and pees. They are the closest things she'll get to owning pets for a while (every year for Christmas she asks for a dog or any kind of pet). Maybe in a couple years. 

New Years Eve Party
I am a nerd and had fun planning our last new years eve party so I put up a backdrop for another photoshoot. Planned some "Minute to Win it" games and a few others. We playing "knowing knees" and it was so hilarious! The guys were blindfolded and us girls were sitting on the couch and they had to identify which knees where their wife's knees. The guys were stinkers and started tickling our knees until we burst out laughing (I was trying to stifle my laughs into my sisters back so they wouldn't hear me). Then we blindfolded the girls and had the guys sit down and we had to identify our husbands based on how their hands felt. Once again the guys were stinkers and were reaching their hands across one another when we went to try and feel the next person's hands trying to confuse us so we wouldn't find the set of hands we were feeling for. Stinkers! 
Then we DANCED!
DANCE PARTY! Rockin out to the 80's party mix, boo ya!

Photo shoot with the kids.

Constant munching all night long!
Kathleen made these delicious pretzel bites, salty with cheese dip and sweet with a cream cheese dip. I made a spinach artichoke dip, and the white chocolate corn pops. My dad got the sparking Martinelli's, the crab dip, the lil smokies, and Toquitoes. Jessica made bite sized cheesecakes. We had so much food!

"Minute to win it" games
Passing Kisses, ping pong peanut butter toss, tissue pull, yo yo smashing, ping pong shake,

The BEST ONE EVER!!! I was laughing so uncontrollably, they videoed it and I sounded like a hyena with hiccups in the video SO FUNNY!!!
(these were snapshots from the video)

New Years Photo Shoot

The ladies

Such a fun night!

Other great news occured on this special New Years Eve night! 
Leslie proposed to Mickell!!! They are getting married in February! 

Toasting in the new year!

This has been such a great year!
 Goodbye 2014 
Hello 2015