Friday, December 19, 2014


November was filled with all kinds fun stuff.
Cupcakes! My sweet neighbor and friend Joan is always making us yummy treats and she is always a professional at presentation too. I could learn a lot from her, my stuff taste good but it has much to be desired when it comes to presentation.

 Kaydence, the master of balance and serenity.

Popcorn buddies, Kesler tries to be just like his daddy.

Accident prone Marley Jo!
She was running full steam into her bunk bed and hit her head on the beam.

Kesler loves being read to.

Kesler passed out on the chair.

One of our FHE Thanksgiving crafts
Kaydence's Turkeys

Marley's turkeys

Once again Kesler being like daddy. He wouldn't wear his suit jacket until dad came home and he saw dad wearing one.

Elsa and Anna came to the Library!

Parents and Pastries

We went to ward temple night with friends from our ward and went to Leatherby's afterwards. Roger Fowler ate this all by himself, I thought it was noteworthy.

Travis wouldn't want me to put this up, but I love this man and everything to do with him! He took this quick shot to show me what he was doing when I asked him (lifting at the gym).

Dolly Erakdrick was baptized, they have such a sweet family. Dolly brought us the most delicious banana bread roll, it is her specialty.

My parents came up to go to the Hale Center Theater, see us, and celebrate Kaydences birthday on her actual birthday.They got her the cutest Anna costume that she keeps securely folded on her bed at all times. She LOVES it!

Who makes a better Anna...

The guys went out to the shooting range and my mom took us out to play! The kids had such a blast it was so fun!

 Kesler got his clothes soaking wet playing in the water part so he went around in his diaper for the rest of the time.

Then we went out to see the amazing musical performance "Catch Me if You Can". So good!!!

It was funny when I went to get this picture taken, the guys made comments like "oh! I know I'll look so fat in that picture" and things like that. It made me laugh!

Grandpa always takes them out for doughnuts and poprocks. He always gets their fresh baked bread and other goodies too.

My parents went on their own little getaway trip here in the valley and did lots of fun stuff but before they left they took us out to see trees, gingerbread houses, and nativities. 

 My girls have a play date with their friends every Friday and it just so happened that it was our turn to have the girls on the weekend of her birthday so I took the girls bowling. They had so much fun, it was so fun watching them sing, dance, and slide all over the place in between bowling. They are such cute girls!

Kassidy and Kim came down because Kass had a mission companion who just got home and had her "welcome home" party that she went to. Aunt Kassidy got Kaydence the most adorable boots for her birthday, she is so stinkin sweet!

PetersOn THANKSGIVING - (I'm just going to let the pictures say it all).

Kassidy brought her friend from college, Marissa, to celebrate with us.

A lot of hard work went into those mashed potatoes!

My mom and dad made a big breakfast the next morning, right before we started our huge lunch preparations.

I love my moms "onion goggles"

My parents got the kids these cool bikes for the kids and they were riding them while the grown ups (mainly my mom) were working in the kitchen.

That night we played games, per usual. We played "Inchy Pinchy Winchy" and L got the brunt of that round. Warning to all those who are new to the Petersen game nights!

 ALSO some big news!
I recorded everyone around the table as we were eating our Thanksgiving feasts (with both families) as we all said what we were especially grateful for this year. As it came to Travis and I we announced that WE ARE PREGNANT!!! I am so incredibly grateful and excited to be carrying another little miracle, it was harder to get pregnant this time and it has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me after what happened with Hazel but I could not be happier. We are due in June!!!!!!!!