Sunday, October 12, 2014


Kaydence started doing tumbling when school started. She has been loving it and wanting to practice all the time at home. Travis has given her tips on how to help her balance and she likes to “perform” for me on a regular basis. It’s been really fun for me to see her enjoying it so much. After one of her practices she told me that her teacher told her she was doing a great job and even had her show the rest of the class how to do round offs. She was just beaming when she got out of class that time. We usually get to the gym about 45 minutes early so she can practice on the padded floors by the rockwall and the kids can just play. Marley has also perfected her somersaults and does about ten or more in a row down the length of the floor as fast as she can. Kesler jumps and skips along the floor and tries to climb up the wall like his sisters and do tricks of his own. It’s pretty darn cute watching them.
Travis showing her some techniques to learn balance.

One of the days I took Kaydence to practice while Travis took the kids to the Cyprus Homecoming parade. Travis prepared his students and told them he would be there with our kids but I don’t think we were prepared for how much candy they threw at him.  The guys on the football float were pelting him with the candy and thought it was great so more of them joined in. He sustained some injuries but we enjoyed the candy it brought in. The kids also got a cowboy hat, slinkies, token necklaces, and tons of candy.

There was about a week where Travis got sick so on one of those days I took the kids out to swim at the pool, they sure love to swim.

My parents came for the weekend to see another great play at the Hale Theater. My dad got me boxes of peaches and we canned them all while they were here, it was awesome! They came with us to our wards Dutch oven cook off and my dad was chasing the girls all over the field. I cannot believe how much energy my dad has. My dad took the girls to Rogers Bakery, per usual, to pick out their favorite doughnuts and pop rocks. My mom got the kids watermelon and they loaded us up with goodies. The following morning I made Belgium waffles, and then they had to go to get to church at their own ward. 

LOVE all the fresh produce, my favorite treats. 

These pictures melt my heart, I am so in love with my boys. 

Playing at home.
I just want to get pictures of the kids doing what we do at home. Playing with the picture blocks. I have been loving my Bosch and every week I get it out to make wheat tortillas and either good seed bread or rolls. The kids like to eat the tortillas as I make them. 

Travis asked for it!

When we were in the car driving home from Kassidy’s welcome home in August Travis was talking about his calling as Young Men’s president and he said, “you know, I’m just kind of ready for something different.” He has always been with the young men, twice as young mens president, and in the stake young mens presidency. He is incredible with the youth. 
Then when we got home he listened to the messages on his phone and one was from the stake asking to see him. Yep, I knew once he said that in the car that it meant he was in for it. He was called to be a counselor in the bishopric. I have been so excited because I know that Travis will do an amazing job and that our whole family will grow and learn from this great opportunity he has to serve in this capacity. Travis has felt incredibly inadequate but knows that he will learn a lot from this experience as well. Travis's wanted his dad to ordain him to the high priesthood so his family came down and we got to spend some time together.
Grammy got the girls Frozen lunch boxes/treasure holders :) 

Kesler got bath tub crayons

Family picture

 I love this picture of these two.

Daddy put the pool under the slide and the sprinkler on and we had our own little water park.

The "princess authors", they are princesses that make books.
McKenzie Havlain, Jocelyn Coffee, and Kaydence Peterson

Fun Family Filled day playing at Hollywood Connection. Travis had a day off work after Parent Teacher conferences so we took the kids out to wherever they wanted to go. 

Bumper cars were a favorite.