Sunday, August 31, 2014


Started this month our right, my mom came up for a couple days to spend some quality time with us! She got up at the crack of dawn on Monday morning and was here by 8:30 in the morning!!! I feel so loved! 
My friend Andrea watched the kids that morning, which the kids LOVED because they got to spend the day with McKenzie and Brooklyn. My mom and I went shopping, I spent all of my birthday money that I had been saving for such an occasion (and then some). Oh man it was fun I got some cute stuff and at great deals from Ross, Rue 21, and the DI. Then my mom took me out to one of our favorite buffet places here where I have all the shrimp and seafood I can handle, YUMMM!

The next day my mom watched all the kids while Travis and I went on a date. S&I had a husbands and wives day where we got to hear some great speakers, chat with friends I haven't seen in a long time (like Kevin and Natalie Clayton!). Then we had a great lunch and yummy desserts (eclairs!). 
Then my mom picked us up and we went to Hogle Zoo with my grandparents! We had so much fun, my kids love the zoo! I didn't realize my mom loves the zoo so much too, she said it would be one of her favorite dates because she loves animals so much and she loves to walk and enjoy the sunshine. Knowing how much she loves the zoo makes me love it that much more. My grandparents have a pass so we all got in with it and got to go on the train - around the new Safari area (so cool), and as many merry go round rides as the kids could handle (which was A LOT!). 
They also have this new cute water area, splash pad, type thing that the kids had so much fun in. And of course my grandparents got us all popcorn and spoiled the kids with ice cream cones and cotton candy! So fun!

We did our annual camping trip with Kent and Kathleen this year up in Bear Lake. It was such a perfect site with so much shade and a stream running along the side of it. Kent and Kathleen also made an AWESOME purchase this summer, they bought a TRAILER! It was so nice and we reaped the benefits from their purchase as well. It was so nice having a kitchen area, a fridge, freezer, bathroom and sinks, and beds for all the kids. We still had our tent but it was just Travis, me, and Kesler who slept in it. It worked out so nice.

Corinne's "baby", she was holding and caring for this rock like one of her babies.

The next morning we made a dutch oven bacon quiche dish with fresh fruit then my parents and Mickell came up to spend the day with us.We all got ready to spend the day at the Lake!

Everyone is always climbing all over grandpa and he is constantly playing with them, they sure love grandpa!

Bear Lake was gorgeous, I had never actually been to the lake before and I was amazed at how big it was and how blue and clear the water was. The beach we were at was so perfect as well because it was sandy and shallow and it got deeper really gradually so it was perfect for all the kids to play in!
Grandpa and grandma brought the canoe! 

Travis enjoys swimming and would swim out to the buoys and back.

I can't help but laugh everytime I see this picture. Mickell was out playing with the kids and she was being cute with Kaydence so I went to get a picture (apparently just at the wrong time). The way Kaydence's face is smashed in the life jacket and how Mickell is picking her up out of the water is just priceless.

Kesler loved playing in the sand (also got a picture of my cute Jamberry toes).

After playing at the lake we went into town for Raspberry days, got the absolute BEST raspberry shakes I've ever had. They had a ton of fresh raspberries in them, the bottom was saturated with berries! Then we went around the fair and booths then stayed and watched the parade. 

We made out like bandits with our garbage sacks of candy (even though Kent was hording it all ;)
FROZEN float!
Kaydence had two of her friends over to play the other day and they were all talking about Frozen. Then I heard Kaydence say excitedly, "Guess what I saw when I went to Bear Lake?" Kenzie - "What? A real bear?" Kaydence said, "No! Even better!  .... Anna and Elsa dresses and we got to see Anna and Olaf in the parade!!!".
The kids were so tired by the time we got back. Kesler was out before we got back to our site and stayed asleep until the next morning. I had all the stuff for tin foil dinners that night and we were all too tired for dessert so we saved three desserts for the following night. Although not everyone had to wait that long, Connor and Kesler enjoying Oreo's before breakfast.

Blue-Eyed Connor and Brown-Eyed Kelser :)

We went back to lake for another day of fun and brought all the blow up toys.

I was playing around with the girls and making them capsize off their floaty things and Camryn was loosing her sea shells. So anytime I saw some floating in the water I would dive after them for her. Kendra must have thought that I really loved shells because she is so sweet and spent a lot of the time finding floating seashells then bringing them to me and saying she found me more. It was so sweet I decided to keep them all.

The first dessert of the night, peach cobbler! Then we had these delicious waffle cones filled with chocolate, fresh strawberries, marshmallows, and banana's. Kent and Kathleen spoiled us with yumminess!

Marley gives the biggest hugs, seriously. She shakes and goes red in the face a little when she hugs you. I have told her not to hurt people when she hugs them but she still likes to give big tight bear hugs. She was giving Kent a hug and he was hamming it up and she loved it so she kept giving him her big hugs!
Then Connor wanted in on the action and was giving loves to his daddy.
A lot of love going on when we get together :)

Kesler was "eating" the inner liner of his coat and Connor must have thought that looked pretty good too!

Travis has success out on the stream and caught six or more fish, and we brought two of them home!

Travis brought his guitar and would sing and play every night and the girls love it!

The decadent dessert cones

Such a fun trip, we always look forward to our annual camping trip every summer!!!

Then a week and half later we had our family reunion in Downata Hot Springs. My parents rented out the Ranch House which had lots of room and beds for all, it was perfect!

 When we got there everyone else was already in the warm pool and going down the slides. Corinne and Connor were just swimming around the whole pool with their floaty sleeves, it is so crazy seeing them swimming on their own!

Then we came back to the Ranch house and had my moms amazing lasagna followed by brownies and ice cream.

That night we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows for smores too.

We saw some deer right behind the house.

Kesler just shoves food down his throat, it constantly makes me nervous.

We had one of the most important elements of the treat missing, chocolate! Mickell saved the day and went and bought a big ole pack of chocolate for the rest of our trip.

Kesler and Connor trying to steal Travis and I's bed for the night.
Then we all stayed up talking and watching the new Captain America.

As the kids rolled out of bed the next morning they joined in on the coach to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman, they LOVE that movie.

Kathleen made breakfast - fresh fruit and their famous dutch oven breakfast with TONS of bacon, cheese, eggs, and bread.

My mom brought tons of beads and things for the girls to make and design their own necklaces.

and Kathleen was doing Mickell's Jamberry nails.

Then we hit the pool for a day of non stop swimming!
My parents got the kids life jackets to swim in and they loved them.

Playing around the little splash pad

Camryn, Kendra, and Kaydence just kept going down the slides.
I LOVE slides! The kids were loving them too. At first Marley was too scared to go down but grandpa held her hand and took her up and said he would watch her and Travis would go down before her to make sure she'd be okay and she did it. She LOVED it and went down over and over again.
Going down with grandma

Dad's Dutch oven desserts - peach spice cobbler and apple cobbler

We would also play Volleyball with the little beach ball because they had it all set up with the Ranch house.

My parents are just so darn cute!

Mickell and me being goofy (I know what you're thinking, you're jealous of my flaring nostrils-they are a sight to behold).

The kids were out that night! They slept in longer the next morning after seriously swimming all day (from opening to closing). I snapped a picture of these sleeping princesses.
That's Marley hanging off the bed.

My dad made his famous biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

Kesler and Connor sharing their breakfasts.

I love these pictures I got of the kids right before we left, such gorgeous girls!

My favorite picture right here!!!

I tend to forget about all the different "stages" my kids go through, particularly all the joys in the "terrible 2's". Kesler is reminding me though. We just started to unpack the car and he wanted to get himself out his carseat so we took the first loads inside the house and came back to find this little monster in the car.
He reached over and got into the cocoa powder. He is reminding me that when you're two it literally takes SECONDS to make a big mess. Travis and I were just trying not to laugh when we saw what a mess he made. Cutest little chocolate monster with chocolate brown eyes that I've ever seen!

Kassidy came home from her mission in Madrid Spain on the 22nd around 9 pm that night. We have all been so excited to see this girl again but it seemed like the elements were trying to keep us away on this night. Tanner and Chan made the long 10 hour drive up from California and on their long trip with their two little ones they got pulled over and got a nice big speeding ticket. OUCH! 
Then for us, Travis got off work earlier around 2 pm and I had the van all packed and ready and the kids as well. We got out on the road and about 45 minutes to an hour into our drive the transmission in our van decided to go out. We were broken down with three little kids on the side of the Legacy parkway (thank goodness we didn't take the busy I-15 though). So we were making phone calls had a tow truck coming for us and Hagop and Burbidge were coming to pick us up with all our stuff in the Burb's Suburban. We waited for about an hour, walking around this path that had horses and wildflowers. Then we drove the hour back home, packed that little car with everything we could then got back on the road again. Back on our way to Idaho we hit traffic hour and were at stop and go traffic for over an hour. Then we were driving through a beautiful lightening and thunderstorm, I love storms but it was making me so nervous knowing that Kassidy would be flying right then. We were cutting things too close to when Kass would get off the plane and to make things worse the kids had to stop for not one but TWO potty breaks. The second of which Kesler had a bad poopy diaper and the girls were coughing and having a hard time breathing. When Travis got Kesler out of his car seat it was covered in poop. Then Kesler was walking up the pavement and we saw clumps of poop just falling out of his shorts. Lovely. 
I tried to hurry and clean him up the best I could in the sink with soap and water and get back on the road. The speed limited was raised to 80 mph and if it wasn't there is no way we would have made it, which technically we didn't make it on time anyway. She had gotten off and hugged everyone and during that time we were running inside the airport and the girls saw Kassidy and ran right up to her and into her arms. 

Even though Kassidy had been awake for over 48 hours and on the longest flight ever we were too excited to go to sleep right away. Kassidy got everyone souvenirs from Spain, she is so sweet! Kim and Monte also got something special for Kass, a new iphone she was so excited!

The next morning Monte made us a huge breakfast, they had tables chairs and everything set up in the garage for this big crowd. He made delicious pancakes, hash browns, and eggs for everyone.

After breakfast we went to visit Hazel's grave, she would have been born around this time. The girls made Hazel little crafts to stick in the ground by her grave and they picked out a balloon too. We made some for Dane as well of course. It was really nice being there and having a place to "visit" her. Through this experience of losing her the Lord has really lifted the pain and sadness of it to where I feel like I've never lost her at all. When I think of her I feel like she is a part of our family just as much as the rest of my children, like nothing that I've been through has been a "loss". The only times where I get sad is when I just want my baby in my arms but I'm so grateful for my forever family and the message of the gospel.

I'm so glad that Tanner, Chan, Parker, and Raleigh were able to come visit their graves as well. I'm so grateful they made the long drive up and we were able to spend the weekend with them.

Kassidy giving the kids the souvenirs she got for them.

Playing around outside - hands up stands up!

We got all dressed up to have our family pictures taken by Jenny Skeen and I got a couple before we went to take them around the river.

Kesler was NOT wanting to take pictures during our photo session and on the way home his eyelids were heavy and he was barely staying awake.

Kim made a delicious meal, Hawaiian Haystacks.

Fell asleep watching his favorite show, "Mickey Mouse".

Travis got everything set up so that we could all sit under the stars and have Kassidy watch her first movie since coming home, "Frozen". Travis had the projector set up, the cars backed up with blankets, pillows, and of course - popcorn! I loved holding hands with Travis and sitting next to each other under the stars bundled in blankets, I still feel like a gitty little girl around Travis sometimes.

INTERMISSION - Kim and Monte made their dutch oven upside down chocolate cherry cake with pudding and whip cream.

So yummy!

The next day Kassidy spoke in church and she had a great turn out, as usual. Everyone just loves Kassidy Marie, it's hard not to! Kim once again prepared everything for a great feast afterwords. Lots of chatting and eating, we seem to be good at that.

Hannah spoke earlier that morning, such an incredible duo!

The trip back home was at least uneventful which was nice but our van would still be out of commission for a few days. The joys of being car owners :)

Things aren't in order but in the middle of one of the weeks we went up to the completely remodeled and gorgeous Ogden Temple. 

The girls were so excited to get to actually go inside they were talking about it since we told them we would be going. The gorgeous paintings (lots of art work I hadn't seen before), woodwork and moldings curving around every room, the great attention to details, the dazzling chandeliers, the feelings inside, it's just so perfect. Kaydence seemed to especially love the baptismal font and now can't wait to go do baptisms for others when she turns 12. Marley said "All the rooms in the temple were my favorite! I loved ALL of them!" 
Then we went to my grandparents house where my grandma made a delicious home cooked meal (with like 5 different dishes). She seems to really enjoy serving us and going out of her way every time we come, it makes me feel so welcome and loved. And of course the kids feel the love every time they raid the ice cream parlor and candy machines :)

 My kids loved the corn on the cob so much my grandma sent us home with more which my kids enjoyed just as much the next time around.

 It's that time of the year again, BACK TO SCHOOL!
Kaydence loves school and was lucky enough to get the same teacher (Mrs. Hurst) her two best friends are in, Jocelyn and McKenzie. She was even assigned the desk right next Kenzie! She really enjoys Mrs. Hurst and I already like her a lot because she seems to really love what she does and the kids. I'm excited to help in the classroom and see more :) 
I'm not going to lie I'm having a harder time than I thought I would have. She doesn't get out of school till 2:55!!! I realize it could be later but it seems so long! I feel a little jipped that her teacher gets more time with her on the weekdays than I do and to be honest it has made me pretty grumpy this first week back. I hope I will get used to it. I'll just have to focus on making the time I do get with her quality time. 
On Wednesday after Travis and Kaydence got home Travis stayed and watched Kesler while I took my girls out for a girls night out to the Movie, Maleficent. I'm naughty and stashed tons of treats and pops for us to snack on while we watched it. It's fun to mix things up and just go out with the girls sometimes, I have such a wonderful husband!

On Friday we had Kaydence's friends over since they got out at 12:40 (I could handle THAT every day).

Better late than never:
Travis has been telling me that I need to take a picture in a cap and gown so we can frame the picture with my college diploma ... and it's only taken me almost 5 years from the time I graduated to actually do it.