Sunday, July 20, 2014


The last stop was Victoria in British Columbia. There is no way on or off the island except by boat or plane. When we got there we got a sweet ride to take us to the Butchart Gardens. It was really big there were five types of gardens: The Sunken Gardens, The Japanese Garden, The Italian Gardens, The Rose Garden, and The Mediterranean Gardens. I was glad I had my camera!

Marilyn loved the bright flowers.

This looked like a Dr. Seuss tree.

Popcorn stop

They had these plants that were cut and shaped into different animals around the gardens they were so cool!

After the gardens our limo driver took us to a hill that overlooked their island.

We then walked through Fisherman's Warf and downtown Victoria. 
This cruise was and all it's stops were such a feast for the eyes and non stop feasting on board, it was so FABULOUS!

Tracy Arm

Tracy Arm is a fjord that we cruised through, it was a mountainous passageway and at the end was a huge glacier named Sawyer Glacier. Yes is was gorgeous! The water was really green especially as we got closer to the glacier. It was pretty cold but so amazing!

The crazy green water is so green because the glaciers are made up of water that has frozen along with sediments from the mountain and it is the mountain sediments that turn it so green.

The parts of the glacier that broke off were such a brillant blue, the ice that was breaking off didn't look all that big until we saw these tiny dots on them and used our binoculars to see that there were actually seals on top of the ice chunks so they were actually huge! I was tempeted to yell,"ICEBURG - RIGHT AHEAD!"

Brandon didn't bring a coat and was snuggling for some body heat.

My cute mom had curlers in her hair and didn't feel like getting it documented in my book!

Brandon was loving the cold weather this morning!

The amazing duo - Rhett and Sandee

I love this picture of Ron holding Marilyn. My mom and Marilyn shared a room while Ron and Brandon shared another room but every morning Ron would wake up early and come into Marilyn's room to just hold Marilyn. I think that is so incredibly sweet. I hope they don't mind me sharing that, it's just that they are so sweet together. Marilyn was diagnosed with breast cancer the month before we went on this cruise. It has been very hard for all of us because we all love her so much. She truly is an angel, the most loving and selfless person on the Earth (with my mom of course). Such a tender picture.

After staying on deck and looking at the mountains and going in a circle to see Sawyer Glacier we were getting cold and wanted to go inside and get breakfast. We went to eat in the formal dining area (luckily they don't have a dress code for breakfast). I had a fresh fruit parfait and then eggs Benedict on a crab cake. While we were enjoying our fancy breakfast the ship turned in a circle two more times around the glacier and we had big windows all around us so we also had a spectacular view for breakfast!

The rest of the day was just a fun day on the ship!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Next stop - Skagway and up the Yukon Trail

This was probably my favorite stop. We had a great tour guide who gave us such fun and interesting information about the town as we drove through it then we went up into the mountains and up the Yukon trail. I have never seen such beautiful scenery in my life, it was gorgeous. 

The town was the cutest town, every little shop looked almost like little doll shops they all varied in colors, were such bright crisp colors, and were build after the western style cowboy type stores. It was so cute! 
This building was odd, the front is made out of thousands of sticks.

There was so much variance in the scenery as we drove through the trail, some rocky with little pools, majestic mountains, waterfalls, lush green covered mountains, a "desert" at one part, lakes that were so calm and clear that mirrored the mountains around them perfectly. My eyes couldn't get enough!
Travis did some fun panoramic shots where I would run to the other side of it, look its me and my twin!
This place reminded us of Lord of the Rings, we were little hobbits traversing the area.

Mountains in the clouds

This spot may have been my favorite, GORGEOUS!

I am so grateful for these two amazing women in my life, I seriously wish I could just be their third twin/triplet.

This may be one of my favorite pictures! Just zoom in and enjoy!

This is what happens when I tell Brandon to pose, hahaha I love it!

I love to goof around with my mom!

The Yukon Trail! I didn't realize most of it was in Canada.

We stopped for lunch at this great restaurant for barbecue chicken, potatoes, rolls, and coleslaw.
AND their homemade doughnuts :)

This cute little tourist area where we ate lunch had a team of dog sleds, where they train, some new puppies - future dog sled racers, and Michelle Phillips (whom my mom recognized from following the Iditarod with her 2nd graders this last year, they really got into it).

Who doesn't love sweet little puppies?!?!?!

They had a little petting zoo and I knew my girls would go crazy for these ponies.
It also had the coolest museum! There was a big area where they displayed all the stuffed animals that live or have lived in this area. It was pretty impressive, they have the largest stuffed bear (polar bear), the mammoth and buffalo with lions attacking it were so really cool. 

Davie Crockett... or a furry mullet, whichever you see.

Monte the Moose, hahaha were going to start calling his dad that ;)
I love this man!

This was the patch of desert in the middle of the mountainous forest.

I know this picture of us is so goofy but I love it!

Travis took this one and I didn't even know but I love it! This lake is called Emerald Lake, the edges around the lake are especially bright.

On our drive we saw a Black Bear and we could not have been closer, it was awesome! He was just so busy eating he came right under our noses while we looked down on him from our tour bus. 

Such a fun tour, then we go back on board to have fine dining and entertainment. This is the way to travel!