Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This post is out of order with how the pictures are in here but it would take too much time to redo them so here we go:
Kaydence's last day of Kindergarten!
I came to help and had my two little minions there helping with the Kindergarten "Field Day". I was manning the chalk and hopscotch activity and showed all the kids how to play hopscotch. We had a little challenge going on. The girls seem to have more coordination in this department. It was so cute to watch the kids and play with them. They also had the parachute, bubble station, soccer obstacle course, and this stick balancing activity. Then the kids played in the sprinklers and on the jungle gym. They ended the day with Popsicles and hugs. Kaydence sure loved Kindergarten. She did so well, she rose to the top of the class in school. Her goal was to make it into the "purple group" and she did. There were only three that were in that group, her and her two best friends. Here they are :
Jocelyn, Mackenzie, and Kaydence
It is so cute how every morning these girls run out to hug each other before school starts every time and just talk and talk while they are in line. I doubt they will all be in the same class next year, which is making Kaydence a little nervous, but making new friends is a fun adventure too. I loved getting to see her in class and helping and being able to bring Marley and Kesler with me to the fun activities during the year, I'm going to try and do this every year with each of our kids.   

The bubbles were Keslers favorite. It was cute how the older boys were playing with Kesler too, it made me laugh seeing Kesler trying to be "one of the boys".
I could not get a picture of him looking at the camera.
In between playing he would run up to me and hug my legs, I love how he does this it always melts my heart.
Goodbye Kindergarten, Hello SUMMER!!!

My girls love to play in their dress ups, Marley was wanting to dress up as a lion and I had to take a picture. Kesler thought this was the best costume ever, seeing Marley roaring around the house (Kesler loves to "ROAR").

We had a Family Home Evening activity where we were leaving our home like Lehi and his family to live in the "wilderness". We had the kids run to pack their back packs with the things they would bring if we were never coming back home. This is what they got (it was too cute not to take a picture).
Kaydence was trying to be practical and brought cups, keys, things to entertain Kesler, and of course lipstick.

Marley brought her ponies and her favorite book, "The Jesus Book" as she calls it.
Kesler just liked the cookies after the message was shared.

Just some fun pictures of Kesler, he's trying to curl his eyelashes as I was doing my makeup

At Smiths they gave the kids stickers and Kesler put one on each hand and didn't know where to put the third so I put it on his head. He thought that was such a great idea he put them all on his head and now wants to do that anytime he gets stickers.

The kids have been getting out the little pool every day. They like to add dirt, sticks, and other things to it and make soup or secret potions.
The kids enjoying drum sticks.

We went up to Blackfoot for Mothers Day to spend time with our special moms. Kesler and Connor were loving these megaphones.

Breakfast at Papa's, we sure love his swedish pancakes!

Happy Mothers day and Happy Birthday to this incredible woman!

Grandma got lots of special time with cute little McCoy this month while Kaitlin and Travis were in HAWAII!!!

Uncle Travis dancing so cute with Kaydence

The girls love to play in grammy's dress ups she has for them!!!
Singing the songs off Frozen for everyone.

Stud muffins!

Over Memorial Day weekend we went up to Layton to see the Lee's and stayed with my grandparents. The kids sure get spoiled when we go to see them! First thing every time my grandpa takes them downstairs to get them ice cream, candy, and toys from the little toy machine (the girls got lots of rings - great grandpa knows how to rig the machine to get them what they want).

They love these painting sticks

The next morning we went out to the waterpark in Roy to meet up with the Lee's!

In line to go down the waterslides.

I just love Kate, she is so sweet and such an incredible friend I am grateful I have her.

Cooper coming down!


Kaydence going down on daddy's lap

Marley went down the slide on Kate's lap, she loved it!

Mom (me) going down with Jo

Marley was showing me all the things she's been learning in her swim lessons. She is so cute, she makes me laugh and I just love being around this girl!

Cooper was just wanting to snuggle up to Travis, so cute!

I miss this girl!

After swimming we came back to my grandparents so we could all have sundae's, the kids had fun with the toppings!

The boys were unloading all the nerf guns on each other
Then we went over to Kate and Mikes to spend the rest of the day. They showed us around their beautiful new house then we had a BBQ. It was so much fun getting to see them and spend some quality time together, we just love the Lee's! Thanks again for having us over you guys!

Marley found a beautiful butterfly with it's wing hurt. She loved this little butterfly, made a little habitat for it, named it (Sparkles Glimmer, I believe) , and wanted to keep it forever. I told her butterflies need to be free, so if her wing got better we would have to let her go. It was really sad for Marley but by the end of the day she was able to fly away.

My treasures

Where the crime was committed, there was a big trail of cornstarch through the house.

The guilty party
My dad surprised me and took Travis and I out with them to see the Hale Center Theaters production of "Arsenic and Old Lace"! I loved it, it was so much fun! My mom has the old black and white movie and it is so great, I've always loved it.

Kaydence has been wanting to learn how to ride a two wheeler so Travis took her out and she caught on so quickly! She wants to ride her bike all the time now.

On the last day of the month we had an awesome barbecue with the Cyprus Seminary Faculty and their families. It was so much fun, it was at the William's house, they had a basketball court, trampoline, swing sets, slides, and games set out. Then we had dutch oven desserts. I don't know who had more fun, the kids or the adults.
Hello Summer!