Wednesday, April 23, 2014


At the beginning of this month we made a spur of the moment trip up to Idaho! We threw my dad a surprise birthday party that Friday night! It was so fun getting to hide in the house and waiting for him to come inside, the kids especially loved that part. Then jumping out and smothering him in hugs and love would qualify as the best part! 

We also got to meet a guy that Mickell was dating, Justin.

I am so proud of this little lady, Camryn! She is so talented at playing the piano, Oh man she could teach me a thing or two!

Dad got the giant sized can of Mountain Dew, he is a "Dewster" for life (yeah I totally made that up).

The next day we celebrated another VERY special birthday, it was Corinne's FOURTH BIRTHDAY PARTY!!! It was a princess party, yes the girls were incredibly excited! Corinne had lots of friends over and all the girls were dressed up as princesses. Not long after the party started we had a surprise visit from Ariel! All the girls got pictures with her and got it framed and Ariel read a story to the girls.

The story was, "The Princess and the Pea". So then my sister hid a "pea" under one of the cushions and the girls sat on each of the until they found the pea, which then earned them the title of being a "True Princess". Such a fun party! So grateful we were able to come up!

My kids love going to grandma's house and getting to pick out a cereal because she has the good sugary ones! When I was little the marshmallow cereal was combined with those cheerio type cereals (you know like Lucky Charms and stuff), well NOW they combine marshmallows with fruit loops forget about the "lightly" sugar glazed stuff!

Kesler playing with the camera on my phone again :)

We have play dates every week with Mackenzie and Brooklyn. They are best friends and play so well its great! I actually seem to have more time to relax during their play dates because they are so busy playing dress ups.

Family Home Evening.
We had a little Trivia Step game after our little "lesson" and the kids were so cute because they were all holding hands and being so funny. Travis did a video and its great because it captures each of our kids personalities pretty well.

Our girls :)

We had a play date with Kristina (Shawna Garricks grand daughter who is in Kaydence's class) one day and of course they got on dress ups. They were playing outside and they were too cute I had to take a couple pictures.

My kids are entranced watching the Frozen music videos on Youtube... like every other kid it seems.

Kaydence really wanted us to buy her next set of school pictures but I forgot about it and they didn't look the greatest so I told her we could do our own photo shoot at home that weekend. The girls picked out a few outfits, had me do their hair all fancy, and did poses around the house.

Yes sorry about the "low cut" dress, this dress up is a few sizes too big.

It was pretty cute, when I pulled Kaydences hair up like this and was finished styling her hair she went up to daddy and said almost coyly, "Daddy, don't I look just like mommy."

Got a quick one of this little man!

Such fun girls we have!

While we were doing our photo shoot Travis was working on the yard and Kesler was eager to help!

On weekends we have been letting the kids sleep in the spare bedroom and watch a movie to fall asleep. It has become a tradition in our home over the past couple months. The kids look forward to the weekends so they can have some snacks while they stay up to watch a show in the spare room.

Kaydence wanted me to get a picture of her looking like Mary.

Kaydence has learned to braid hair and after their baths will braid Marley's hair while I read to them.

The Frozen phenomenon has hit our family. Now every day my girls have been asking for Anna or Elsa hair, Anna hair has two braids and the Elsa braid is a slight side braid. Kaydence sporting her Anna braids.

When the weather got a LITTLE warmer my kids begged me to get their swim suits on so they could play outside. They really wanted to play in the kiddie pool but I didn't want them to get cold so I filled pitchers with warm water and filled it about a quarter the way up. The kids had so much fun running, playing in it, and running to the table for dehydrated apples. THIS is how you know were in Utah (or Idaho), when it's only 54 degrees outside and your kids are playing in the pool!

One Friday Kaydence decided it would be a great idea to throw Marley a surprise party. So Travis took Marley out with him on some errands while we got ready for her return. Kaydence "decorated" the house in ribbons and scarves and we made a fun treat spread for her. Then we hid and jumped out and said "surprise" when she came home. It's the simple things in life, right?

Travis's grandpa Green had a bad spill one week and was in the hospital over in Alta. So we were able to go visit him for a while. He is so sweet, we hope he recovers speedily. We love you grandpa!

Kaydence is inside the princess tent fully asleep.

Kesler eating his bagel with cream cheese, he more or less just eats the cream cheese.

After I read and sing to the girls they will get up and sleep on the same bed after I've left. I never get tired of looking in on my kids after they've fallen asleep.

This has been the hardest pregnancy. I had the worst nausea then as soon as that got a little better I was getting the worst migraines - constantly! Travis felt so bad seeing me so miserable he was trying to make me feel better. He knew how much I craved fruit (especially nice crisp apples and berries) but that I am too cheap to go out and buy myself very much of it (I am pretty odd, if fruit is not on sale I won't get it). So he got up early on Saturday (the one day he gets to sleep in) and went to the grocery store to surprise me with some fresh fruit, they often have good deals at our local grocery store if you get there early. It was so sweet I may have cried. 

Just some fun snap shots taken on Travis's phone. He seriously has the best job ever, these guys know how to have fun! 

Goofing around while touring the BYU campus. I believe Craig tore something in his thigh when he was trying to do the hurdles and landed on his buttocks. They got to see this incredible art exhibit of paintings done by Carl Block, Heinrich Hofmann, and Frans Schwartz. Some of these painting have not left the churches and museums they are in EVER but have made this one exception because our church truly appreciates their work (Many of the Carl Bloch paintings are used in our books, and hung in our churches). They have an app you can download that makes the art exhibit such a personal experience. It sounded amazing, I always get a little jealous of all these amazing things they are able to do! 

Too much information here, about me.
  So I have always had this insecurity about going without makeup. I never leave the house without mascara, as I've thought about it I think it has become like a security blanket for me. Especially when I was a teenager, I felt like people would view me differently think I was a poor homely thing or something. Even around my family I felt naked if I didn't have it on. I mean seriously when I had cheer practice at 5 or 6 in the morning, I still always made sure to have mascara on before practice. I remembered worrying about the person that I married seeing me without it and having second thoughts (only too late). I know it's so sad and pathetic, but true. Thankfully the way I view myself has changed significantly. Travis makes me feel so beautiful and is always building me up and making me feel so good about myself. I have come to accept myself more as I am and I feel like that has come as I've come closer to my Savior as well, and to see myself as He sees me. Even so, I still always put mascara on almost first thing in the morning because it has become a comfort thing for me, I'm still not comfortable without mascara. Anyway this is a long narrative to explain this picture but in March they had that breast cancer awareness thing where all these women were posting pictures of their "naked faces" for cancer awareness on Facebook. Well there were many articles later posted to kind of debunk the value of posting those pictures but it made me think - I don't think I have even one picture of me completely without makeup. So after I was done getting ready for bed and washing off my "face" I took a picture of myself with my phone. One for the books, yes I am a nerd!
Seriously though, the set tint on my phone didn't hurt my complexion ;)

This cute boy loves to have his hands in his pockets.

The girls wanted me to take a picture of their masterpiece.

Kesler definitely has older sisters! Here he is sitting in the chair backwards with a baby in hand, chillin and watching a show.

Kesler gets excited when daddy comes home. When he knows he'll be home soon he will a lot of times go to the window and wait to see him come. He gets so excited some times, it's super cute! Travis took these with his phone as he was passing the window.

Spring break this year was the last week of March/ first week of April. So the next post will be our little spring break :)