Thursday, March 6, 2014


Some funny things I have wanted to record about my kids
She had her first nightmare and it was about giants. The same thing Kaydences first nightmare was about. It kind of makes me feel good that they aren't exposed to the horrible, horror movie type things that can scare kids but that the things they are afraid are giants, which came from reading about David and Goliath. Now there has been a new develop as well though. She is now terrified of traps. I switch babysitting with a friend watching her son Trenton and when he was over last he was pretending the whole house was boobietrapped, he has a very active imagination. Ever since then Marley is scared to go anywhere in the house by herself because she thinks there is a trap waiting to catch her. The other morning she came into bed next to me and told me about a bad dream she just had. She said that her and I were trapped in a cage with leashes around our necks. We were yelling for daddy but he never heard us and we couldn't get out of the trap. I had no idea something so simple could scare her so much.
Marley and Kesler have been playing so well together while Kaydence is at school, it's fun to see them use their imaginations, hug, and laugh together.
We are afraid that Marley will be our child who challenges us and our authority the most when she's a teenager because she is already pretty good at it right now. It may just be a stage but I have to share an example of the things she does. The other day Marley asked me for a treat and I told her no (she loves sugar so much and I think it affects her quite a bit so I'm trying to have her lay off it a bit). She wasn't happy with that answer so she went into the other room and started flashing all the lights off and on, off and on. Then I said, "Marley, stop turning the lights off and on!" Then she looked at me very matter-of-factly and said, "I'll stop mom when you give me a treat." She can be a little stinker, she likes to act like she in charge and doesn't seem to grasp how authority works, or she knows all to well how it works and is great at challenging it.
(Written by Travis). The other day I was at Lowes with Marley Joe, (She says the most random funny things all the time) we were walking down one of the isles and she was holding on to the side of the shopping cart. She looked over at me and then continued walking, she had a quick second glance at me, her eyes widened and her eye brows raised... and she say's, "Oh my goodnes, I thought you were another human there for second" I didn't laugh because I didn't want her to feel like I was laughing at her... but that girl is hilarious! We'll just be standing in line at Wal Mart and she'll say, "Hey mom, look at that human over there." Random stuff like that all the time. We can always count on Marley for some comic relief.

Kaydence HATES mosquito bites, that is the one thing she's not looking forward to with the weather getting warmer. The other night she had an accident so I stripped the bed and then set her up another bed on a mattress on the floor. She was worried that the mosquitoes were going to get her if she slept on the mattress on the floor and wouldn't lay on the bed until I reassured her that mosquitoes aren't even out yet. Kaydence is beyond excited for this next baby to come. In the mornings she likes to come and lay next to me to feel the baby and talk to it. I told her the baby won't come until she starts first grade so now she likes to ask me, "how long until I start first grade?" Then she usually says, "Well maybe the baby will come early" (highly unlikely none of mine have EVER come early). I showed her pictures of what the baby looks like right now, developmentally. She loved it and wanted to see more, so I showed her the videos for each month of the baby development. She has watched all seven videos more times than I can count. I think Kaydence likes to stir in some drama at school. She seems to keep track of who likes who at school and seems to stir up some drama among the boys who like her and chase her at recess. I'm trying to convince her not to do this but to just be friends with boys, we'll see how that goes as well. Kaydence is so sweet and considerate of others. She is always trying to make me and others happy. The other night she got hurt when she fell and hit her back on the plug-in in an outlet. Soon after she said our family prayer before bed and in her prayer she said, "please bless that no one else will get hurt on the plug-in" and she said this because she was feeling hurt and didn't want anyone else to feel hurt. She says that she doesn't want to pray for herself but for others. She says the best prayers and always blesses everyone in our family with whatever she feels like we want/need. Kaydence is such a spiritual little thing, she teaches me a lot. This morning when she got dressed for church she came upstairs and asked if it was Testimony meeting at church! She gets so excited to bare her testimony and wants to every  month, we try to give the kids opportunities to share their testimonies during family home evening but Kaydence just LOVES to bare her testimony. When she got up today she bore her testimony about how she knows that Heavenly Father answers her prayers. She told of how this last week we went swimming and she went up the stairs to the big twisty slide and she was getting really scared (she had to go down alone). So she said a prayer and asked that He would make her brave and make it so that her head wouldn't go underwater. Then she stated, "I know that Heavenly Father answers my prayers because he helped me". 

Kesler's enthusiasm is so contagious. He is always flashing his big smile and dimples and excitedly proclaiming, "YEAH!" He gets so excited about things like model airplanes flying, throwing and catching bouncy balls, dogs, tearing down his Lego towers, dancing around the room and trying out some new moves, etc. His personality couldn't be more fun! Kesler is very affectionate and still loves to cuddle a lot, he just wants you to lay his comfort blanky across your shoulder and just nuzzle his face into your shoulder. I love it :) He also loves to act like a puppy, make puppy sounds and laughs if you do the same. He is so easy to make laugh! He makes so many faces all the time. He  likes to make faces by moving his eyebrows, puckering his lips, or anything else. It's like he is trying to figure out how all the different muscles in his face works, it is so funny! I am always so surprised with how he figures things out. He likes to disassemble and reassemble things, figure out buttons, matching these little shapes I have with a picture design of them on paper, etc. It's so funny seeing how his mind works and how is constantly trying to figure out everything. I'm pretty sure his favorite part of the day is when we put the girls to bed and let Kesler stay up and hang out with mom and dad. He imitates his dad a lot, whatever his dad is doing or whatever he is snacking on Kesler has to do the same thing. Travis gets himself all comfortable with pillows and blankets set up on the coach (you kind of have to to keep from falling in between the cushions) and Travis sets up a little place for Kesler too and it's so fun to see how Kesler sets himself up and knows "the drill".  I have also been doing "homework" with Marley and Kesler colors and acts like he's doing homework too, then I put on Sesame Street clips about learning letters. Kesler loves Sesame Street!   

Travis was playing some fun Disney songs on his guitar and the kids were having fun singing and dancing along.

Kesler was loving the camera on my phone, I took a few pictures of us then he took over and took a ton of picture of himself. He was having fun!

Breakfast, the faces I get to wake up with every morning.

This boy loves our old broken cell phone and likes to jibber jabber into it and carry it around in his pockets.

The kids love to play on the rock wall at our Rec Center

When we were at the gym Kesler had a bit of a blow out so I let Travis finish up his workout while the kids played on the wall. Kesler looked adorable climbing with his chunky bare legs showing.

Valentines Day/ Hundreds Day party at school! It was so much fun! I was helping out with Kaydences class and Marley and Kesler got to party with all her class. They had 10 different activities all centered around the number 100 which were set out through out the two Kindergarten classes. They also got their Valentines bags and even gave Marley one as well!

Kaydence's Valentines card with a bag of treats attached. 

This was Marley's paper she filled out at the party and I thought it was pretty cute.

My brother Taylor took work off for almost a week so he could drive from Washington to Idaho to come see us!!! I had been so excited to finally see him I was counting down the days! So we left as soon as we could on Thursday and were able to spend the whole weekend together until Monday night.
Taylor's birthday was this weekend as well, how perfect! We made him a cheesy little candy bar poster board card and put it in his room.

On Friday my mom invited Kaydence to spend the day in her class and enjoy their classes Valentines Day party. Kaydence was really shy and wouldn't leave my moms side but she loved it, I think her favorite part was being able to be with grandma and see her in her classroom :) I love how my mom takes the time and effort to make memories with her grandkids and spend so much time with them. We're so lucky!

We were able to stop by Trav's family home for a bit and Kim had the kids these cute Valentines Treats that said "You are o-FISHally my Valentine" with Swedish fish and gold fish.

We spent the day playing at the Parkinson's house. They just got two guinea pigs, spice and pepper, and the kids LOVE them!

The guys went out to see a movie while to girls visited at home and stopped by the D.I. Thn my mom got us all pizza for dinner! 

We got to have all the cousins over Saturday night and Sunday and the boys were so ready for their naps after sacrament meeting that I came home to put them down and cute little Connor must have pooped after I layed him down and when I went to check on him and make sure he had fallen asleep I found another surprise. He had made quite a mess playing with his poop :) Good thing he is so stinkin adorable!!!

Travis's family came over for Sunday dinner and fun games! The dinner was amazing, my mom made my favorite dish she makes this amazing Lasagna, along with home made rolls, vegetables, potato casserole, and Kim brought her raspberry salad. Oh, if only I could eat it over and over again!

Taylor playing with his nephews, he was really enjoying all the little kiddos but I don't think as much as they were enjoying him! He is such a great uncle!

This is the most succulent meat  and my dad makes it, it's cooked for 24 hours and my dad always wins Travis over with it!
Everyone else was loving it too, obviously we were eating like kings the whole time!
Taylor's birthday cake
Happy 31st Birthday Taylor!!!

Taylor is built like a horse and the kids climbed on him and played on him like he was one!

Playing outside with grandma!

It was so incredible getting to finally see Taylor again and spend some quality time with him. I love my big brother so much!

That following weekend my parents came to stay with us when they came to see Les Miserables. We totally get the best end of the deal when they visit, I always look forward to the next performance they come to see.

Taking us out to eat and sending Tay and Mickell some quick snapshots.

So I have had some interesting cravings this pregnancy but the weirdest one had to be pretzels with mustard (this was a one time thing, now it disgusts me). The kids thought it was funny and wanted to try it too, they said it wasn't too bad! Hahahaha, I'm such a bad influence Travis couldn't even stomach watching us eat it so of course I had to record it. The kids thought it was so funny!

The girls just wanted to be creative in the pictures here.

So I've found that the sickness I've gotten from my pregnancies have gotten worse with each proceeding pregnancy. With Kaydence "morning" sickness was all but non existent. Marley's I was sick the longest but the intensity of the sickness has gotten worse with Kesler and now this one. I just don't feel like myself and I feel like I've almost forgotten how it is to feel "normal". Its not too bad, I'm just grateful I can carry these little miracles. That's not saying that I won't shout for joy off the rooftops once this sickness passes!