Sunday, February 2, 2014


The first post of every year is celebrating this special girls birth! Marley Jo turned FOUR this year. I always do a video with 20 questions on their birthday and this year Marley's was really cute. She is all about "My Little Ponies", princesses, playing with her sister, pink and purple, and giving affection. She is such a lovable, snuggable thing! I took her to get a hair cut for her birthday, she got it cut in a cute A-line. This way she wont have to have her hair done every day, she can just brush it and be done (which makes Marley very happy). 
Some funny things Marley does:
Marley doesn't call people "people", she calls them "humans". So when we are at the grocery store she will say, "mom, look at that human" or "mom can we have some humans over for a party" or "my favorite humans are my family, cousins, grandma's, and grandpa's". I have told her that she needs to call them "people" not "humans" but she persists and anyway its pretty funny. 

The kids helped make Marley's birthday cake.

She wanted to go swimming for her birthday. 

Then we came home and had presents and cake.

Kaydence wanted to make something special for Marley for her birthday. So she got feathers, materials strips, canning lids, and she made Marley a Pony house for her birthday. So sweet!

Happy Birthday big girl, we are so incredibly grateful you are ours! We love you so much!!!!!!!!!

Pictures of the kids taken throughout the month. Playing at the Edutainment Center and the girls wanted me to take a picture of them climbing high on the nets.

Adjusting Kesler's carseat.

My parents and grandparents went to see the Exhibit showing the Dead Sea Scrolls here in Salt Lake so we got to spend the following day with them up at my grandparents house. My dad is such an incredible grandpa! Kaydence was saying something about how her great grandpa is great but that he (my dad) is the greatest.

Grandma making her famous Chicken noodle soup with Mickell.

Me and my beautiful mom. We all went shopping out to Seagull Book, Hobby Lobby, and DI while my dad watched the kids and filled them with ice cream and decadent chocolate cake. Oh I enjoyed that chocolate cake and some of their amazing dark chocolates with mixed nuts (my favorite combination).

The girls playing, Alyssa and Megan are giving them piggy back rides.
While we were with my family we announced that we ARE PREGNANT!!! We are expecting our fourth child at the beginning of September! We are so excited! My due date is actually August 31st but they always move my due date back so I'm just going to plan on September. We got to see an ultrasound of our little gummy bear and see it's little heartbeat, it is such a miracle. I feel humbled and so incredibly grateful to be a mom and have these incredible children.

Just some fun pictures of the kids in the tub. They are so cute!

Kesler in his Sunday finest, he is such a little missionary in his white shirt and tie I love it!

This is Kesler's little set up most nights. Travis sets the couch cushions up to make Kesler his own chair, throws Kesler's comfort blanket over it and gives him a little bowl of popcorn to snack on. He loves it!

Kesler loves playing with his legos!

The kids playing around the house

Kesler trying to put his sisters panties on, I thought it was hilarious! Traivs wasn't a fan, hahahaha!!!

Kesler loves to put stuff on, especially mom and dads stuff. He puts our socks on, shoes, hats, coats, and then runs around the house. He also tries to put his own diaper on when I change him and tries to dress himself, he does really well with putting his pants on and half the time getting his socks on but he gets pretty frustrated when it's not working and just screams "MOMMA"

The girls thought it was so fun wearing dad's coats and seeing how they were so huge on them. They asked me to take a picture of them.

Yeah, they are very use to me gettting the camera out and taking pictures of them. They ask me to take pictures of them whenever they are doing something that I mention is cute. I don't think my kids will lack in the picture department!