Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Part 2 - Christmas break

As soon as the Kaydence was out of school for Christmas break we played in the snow building snowmen, making snow angels, and starting our snow fort. Our neighbor friends Drake and Britain came over and helped us with our fort too. 

Our sweet boy! He is so much fun!!! He is such a little copy cat, it is so entertaining. He is making a funny face I'm making right here.
If I'm doing the dishes he comes along and acts like he is loading the dish washer as well. Every time I fold laundry he is right there "refolding" everything I've folded. When I pick up around the house he follows me and picks stuff up too (just to throw it back on the floor to pick it up again). If dad is working on anything around the house Kelser gets so excited to be his little helper, he got so excited the other day to help dad fix the legs on one of the dining chairs. I am so in love with this little guy!

Kaydence and Marley were also able to spend the money they have been working to earn and buy each other gifts, they were both so excited! 

Our new obsession: Vanilla Bean Frappe, YUMMM! It's definitely Travis's favorite treat, I usually make one after our bowls of popcorn. We love our snacks and treats :)

Our Last Family Home evening before Christmas we got the kids in their warm jammies and boots, I made some crockpot Nutella hot chocolate to pack with us, and we went out to see the Christmas lights around us.
There was this awesome culdesac someone told me about where every house went ALL OUT! It was so much fun, the kids were pointing and squealing with excitement at all the different displays. Oh man, I love this stuff!!!

Christmas eve we had a big breakfast then got all bundled up and went sledding. I didn't get pictures at the stake center where we went sledding but it was so fun because it was icy and we went down so fast. Kaydence would just slide down on her bum, her enthusiasm and excitement is so fun and contagious I love it!

That night we had a fancy candle lit Christmas Eve dinner. We all got dressed up in our nicest clothes and sat around the table to eat our feast and discuss the true meaning of Christmas and some of the blessings we received this year.
Then we opened our Christmas Eve gifts. This year the Christmas eve gifts were the funnest for me. I made Marley a quilt and sewed her name across the side of the quilt in big letters with a matching big pillow. I made Kaydence a little quilt and matching pillow for her babies that go inside the new crib my mom got her for her birthday. A soft night robe for Kaydence as well (didn't make that one). We got Kesler a super soft fuzzy new blanket, in hope of replacing his favorite blanky that is getting a little ragged (nope apparently the other one is too much of a sentimental object or a comfort item to replace).  Then I also gave them each 4 of my TY beanie babies. I didn't realize what a nerd I am until a while ago I was going through our storage boxes and went through my box of beanie babies. I remembered the names of most of the beanies I collected over the years (middle school years), I remembered who gave me some of them, and other sentimental silly things attached to them. So yes I am a major nerd but I thought my kids would love them and it turns out they were one of their favorite gifts this year. They have slept with their beanies every night since I gave them to them :)

Then we set up a tent in their room, read scriptures, Christmas stories, sang songs, then the girls went to bed.
I was so excited and couldn't sleep past 6 a.m.... again. I am a grown woman and I still can barely sleep on Christmas eve because I'm so excited. Travis and I ended up going to wake up the girls (again like last year) because we couldn't wait, it was 7 a.m. Travis completely surprised me this year, the last gift given was one hidden in the tree with my name on it. It had recipes in it and led me to a BOSCH!!! I didn't even think that was an option but Travis totally surprised me with it, holy cow I'm still so excited about it!!!
Cinnamon rolls for breakfast

By 2:30 p.m. that afternoon we were at my parents house to celebrate. We were treated to an amazing Christmas feast once we got there. Jonathan is seriously so fun, as soon as the kids come in the door and give hugs they jump on Uncle Johnny.

Then we opened our gifts from my parents, the girls got all this artsy crafty stuff (that is their favorite thing to do at home, make stuff) and they got more beautiful Christmas dresses, they spoiled us all so much!!!

 Connor broke his nose that afternoon when he fell off the TRAMP! Poor little guy!

The kids climb all over grandpa too, these kids sure know that they are LOVED!
We cranked up the Christmas music in the front  room and danced the night away.

Travis and walked out to see Dane's gravesite, we really miss him but know he is with us especially when we're all together. 

The next day we got to celebrate Christmas with Travis's family! We opened up gifts from Grammy and Papa, had a wonderful Christmas dinner, then played this fun Farming game (it was kind of like monopoly but with loans, harvests, tractors, OTB's, fines and fees with farming, etc.).

Kim made this adorable minky blanket for Kesler where it had this adorable missionary pattern on one side and the other was a lime green chevron design, so cute! Grammy and Grandpa also got Kesler an awesome tool set and the girls got a tablet that they have a hard time putting down now! So spoiled!

We all surprised Monte and Kim with a book we made them. It had pictures and letters to each of them from each of the kids and in-laws, sharing memories, expressing gratitude, and explaining what a huge impact they have had on each of our lives.

He is so kissably adorable! I loved watching him jump around in his jumper, so cute!

We stayed with my parents while we were in Blackfoot. My dad spoiled us with a limitless supply of these babies! The best dried apples on the planet, they are so addicting and none of us can get enough of them!

We went and spent the day at the Parkinsons house. Kathleen was showing me how to bake bread with the Bosch, we made nine loaves of bread (4 french bread and 5 100% whole wheat), then she made us this great sweet and sour chicken she made. While we were busy in the kitchen everyone else was busy playing on their tablets, Minecraft where they "interact" together. We watched some fun Studio C clips, the kids were running around playing, I got to hear Camryn play some songs (incredible), and we ended up staying the night, watching a movie and snacking. It was so fun!

The girls after they got out of the tub, they wanted to all squeeze into the same bed but that didn't last long.
Then the boys took a bath...
... then they made a complete mess of themselves in the flour!!!

Cute boys!!!

The next day one of my closest friends, Jerdanna and her husband and newest little addition, Harrison came to spend the day with us! It was so amazing getting to finally catch up and seriously talk all day. The guys went out to a movie together and stuffed themselves with greasy popcorn (yuck)  while we had the real fun at the house ;) Harrison is such a handsome adorable little guy, it would be impossible not to fall in love with him!
When the guys got home we played a round of SCRUD around the pool table. While we were playing Kesler and Harrison were bonding :)
Kesler trying to give Harrison his binky.

Me and Jer with our little guys

We went to the church gym one day and played poison, dodgeball, and just messed around.

New Years Eve Party!
I tried planning some fun things for the kids to do on New Years Eve. The balloons were melted together and pretty much impossible to blow up, it was hilarious seeing the guys trying to get these sticky balloons blown up and they would pop right in their faces.

Kent finding Camryn hiding in the curtains and swinging her around.

I was trying to set up the relay races for the kids but it just wasn't working out in my favor so we ended up just running around throwing balls and hula hoops down the court.

My dad made this succulent flavorful brisket, Travis has convinced my dad to make a chuck roll when we get together for our family reunion this summer

The kids are drawn to uncle Johnny like moths to a flame!

I made a photobooth for our party and Mickell helped me make all the lips and mustaches (she actually ended up doing most of the work with them). We took pictures throughout the night, snacked on yummy treats, and played the best games EVER! My mom was searching for some fun new interactive games and we found such great games, my cheeks were literally aching from laughing so hard. We played InchyPinchyWinchy, with Travis being the victim of that game. We played Occupation and The Noun game, we have such characters in our family is was so hilarious! Such an awesome party!

Kesler loves to follow what we are doing so he was trying to pose in the photobooth too, such a cute baseball-er!

Cake break!

The victim of InchyPinchyWinchy
Luckily he loves me, so he was generous enough to forgive me :)))

The next day my mom took Marley out Birthday shopping. This girl is OBSESSED with My Little Ponies

Then we went to spend the rest of the day with Travis's family and Kim took Marley out for her birthday too! Guess what she chose... Yup My Little Ponies. Our children have the greatest grandparents on the planet, our kids definitely know that they're grandparents LOVE them!!!

Look at that cute face, he has his moms full lips!

He is such a keeper!

Grandpa took the the girls out on the tractor and let Kaydence steer the tractor around the field and around the house!

We had such a wonderful Christmas break, we were gone for a whole week! The time flew by so fast and the kids slept well and were so well behaved that it made the trip that much more enjoyable. 
Goodbye 2013, hello 2014