Wednesday, December 4, 2013


The fun in November started on the 1st, the day after Halloween! I got to meet up with my sweet friend Kate at Wheeler Farm, I just love that woman! I just love any time I get to spend with her and her cute boys. The geese were wild (they always seem to get wild in November). Kaydence and Cooper were hiding by the bathrooms because the geese pretty much attach you when you start throwing bread. Marley loved it, she was the last of the kids still surrounded by the ducks and geese until one came up to her and was too aggressive in taking the bread right out of her hands. They nipped at Kate a few times and one nipped me right in the BUM!!! It startled me more than anything, it doesn't hurt or even pinch but it is kind of crazy that they are so "in-your-face!" The kids just played and played the whole afternoon it was great because I got more talking time in with Kate! 
Our big girl is SIX YEARS OLD! She is such a complete joy in our live! I do a video of her every year on her birthday where I ask her 20 questions, it is so funny because this year pretty much EVERYTHING is her favorite. We had a surprise party for her this year, she has been asking me for a "surprise" party for the last 6 months! I kept telling her to stop telling me that or it wouldn't be a "surprise"! Anyway it went so well, Grammy drove all the way down here to spend the day with the special birthday girl! She took her out just before lunch time and they went shopping then went out to lunch. Meanwhile I was decorating the house and getting everything ready for her surprise! It was so much fun, the kids seemed to have such a great time! We played freeze dance first, mainly while we were waiting for Kaydence. We had cake and ice cream and opened presents next, her friends totally spoiled her (particularly grammy, she got them the cutest princess pajamas in the history of pajamas! Also the cutest dress with a belt, tights, and gloves and light up candle). Then we went to play the games I had planned. It was BEAUTIFUL! You never know what kind of weather you are going to get in Utah but I had been praying for nice weather on her birthday and wouldn't you know it, it was gorgeous! Amazing! We played Red Rover, Freeze Tag, Tug of war, Red Light Green Light, Cookie Monster are you Hungry, and relay races. Travis made the whole thing awesome! He was so funny the whole time and getting into it, it was such a blast! He is such an amazing dad!

Random picture taken on our phones throughout this month. Travis texted me the picture of Kelser eating dad's dinner while I was at my R.S. presidency meeting, even though he ate his dinner apparently dad's looked pretty good too. Kesler loves to wear hats! He loves to put everything on his head, it is too cute! Travis took the one of Kaydence and I saying our morning prayers. If I am in my room saying my prayers when Kaydence comes in, she will just join me and say her own next to me. I watch my neighbors son every day after school for about four hours, his name is Drake. The kids sure have fun together, and Marley whispers to me that she is going to marry Drake. Such a silly girl!

Travis took Kaydence on a daddy daughter date! They went out for ice cream then out to a play that a lot of Travis's students are in, "Tom Sawyer". They had a lot of fun! While they were out on their date I took Marley and Kesler out, we went to McDonalds (I know we are high rollers) then we went home to blast the Christmas music and decorate the tree! I LOVE IT!!!

Then the Food Coma Started!
Travis's Faculty Party
Around Christmas time each year Travis's faculty take us out to each somewhere nice, I always look forward to this date! It is so much fun! This year was the BEST in my opinion, we went out to Toscano's, the Brazilian Grill the day before Thanksgiving. The servers come around your tables with these huge steel skewers with delicious meats. Stake, pork, bacon wrapped everything, glazed pineapple, brisket (served in a dish though), meat of every varitey - it is a man's kind of meal! The guys were going nuts! I was loving it as well, I think it is my favorite restaurant... if only it wasn't so expensive. This was my first time to Toscano's but I've been to the other Brazilian Grill which is exactly the same to me called Rodizio's, they are AMAZING!  The salad bar was great too, they had the best fresh salads, with fresh salsa's (I'm a huge salsa girl), fresh mozzarella, steamed vegetables, and all this amazingness that went so well with all the great meat. The company was the other great part! You just don't get better people than this, they are so much fun too, they know how to have a good time! 
Craig and Jenna Pierce 

Travis and me

The guys!

The ladies!

Michelle and James Fowler (she is the new secretary this year)

Hagop and Shelley Arslanian

 Jessica and Atina Laufiso

Dana and Jennifer Williams

Thanksgiving at the Peterson's House on Thursday then another Thanksgiving Dinner at the Petersen's House! It was incredible! We stuffed ourselves so much, the food was so delicious!

Kesler's first time having pop, he went a little crazy!

This was the tent Grandma Green made for Travis when he was about six, Kaydence's age! The kids had so much fun playing in the dress up's grammy just got for them and playing in the awesome tent!

The boy loves hats!

Two turkey's one fried and one roasted, both a HUGE success! Yum!

These kids have so much fun together! It just warms my heart seeing my kids having so much fun with their cousins, I really don't think there is anything in the world they love more than playing with their cousins at my mom's house. Kesler caught onto the excitement and was dancing around the house and in Connor's face. I LOVE IT!!!

My mom had some fun crafts for both the kids and Kathleen and I. My mom got all this fun stuff for the girls to make necklaces and bracelets, and Kathleen and I did these gorgeous pictures of the temple!

I have so much to be Thankful for.