Sunday, November 3, 2013


Kaydence has friends come over after school, this is Mckenzie and Drake. 
Once a week I take my kids and their friends to visit my friend Bennie Daniels. She has a huge sandbox and has treats for the kids every time. 
Koolaide and caramel apples.

Travis turned 29!!!
I had to tease him with "30"

Cute pictures of Kesler puckering up, smiling, and folding his arms when we pray.

So crazy about this cute boy!!!

Kaydence drew a picture of our family.

Fun Halloween crafts - Painting pumpkins, making bats

Gardner Village play date with Melanie and Crew.

We got "Booed"!

Marley is our little accicident prone child. She was playing with our neighbors and got on the skate board and fell on her face. She had some pretty good scabs on her face for a week, poor girl!

The final products, their pumpkins and bats.

We had so much fun playing in the leaves! We had leaf fights, were jumping in piles of the leaves, and buried each other in leaves.

Then we came inside and made candied apples, but it seemed like a fun fall treat.

I got Kaydence all ready for her school Halloween parade, she was so excited! Of course she had to be a princess!
She loves facepaint as much as she loves dressing up, she is such a beautiful girl!
For the parade they assigned a 6th grader to each Kindergartner to go through all the classrooms then in the gym for all the parents and everyone to see them. I got to help in the parade then I stayed for the rest of the time helping out with the party in her classroom it was so fun! Marley got to stay for the party as well. She was so shy at first and didn't want to come in the classroom until Kaydence saw Marley and got all excited and brought her inside and introduced Marley to all her friends, it was so sweet. The kids watched little Halloween cartoons, then we did Halloween songs and dances, played Halloween Bingo, and then got treats. It was so fun!

Jocelyn (one of the three amigo - Kaydence, Mckenzie, and Jocelyn are always together).


Saunahee, another one of Kaydences friends that she just loves.


Wondering what in the world is going on here!
Watching the show
Doing the dances

Kaydence's teacher, Mrs. Ericson. Kaydence LOVES her teacher!

After school I had Drake and Trenton over and they got to run around and play in their costumes and eat some of the treats they got from school.

Marley after eating her fun dip with vampire teeth.

Then we went out trick or treating with Heather and Brian for about an hour before the Trunk or Treating. Marley got her facepainting done.

Once we got to the church for Trunk or treating these girls had so much fun being together and going around to everyone saying "Trick or Treat". They are so stinkin fun to watch, it just made my whole day watching them have so much fun!

Our little baseball player (he lost his hat right before we left and I couldn't find it until the next morning of course). This is the face he makes to strangers.

My friends Jana and Caleb, they looked so awesome!
Such a great month! I love this time of year with all the holidays and fun, it just gets me happy and excited!