Monday, October 21, 2013


When my parents and Aunt Marilyn and Uncle Ron were here they went to the production "Tarzan" at the Hale Center Theater. They were so impressed and enjoyed it so much they went and got us tickets to see it! So the first weekend in September we went to it, W.O.W.! The best kind of entertainment! It was so fun! I loved the family theme throughout it, the amazing musical numbers (they had trapeze ladies up in the air for one and Jane and Tarzan souring through the air and everything), the vibrant colorful costumes, amazing acting, the humor was PERFECT (Jane's character made me laugh so hard I started to tear up), and I think every girl in the crowd was drooling over the guy that played Tarzan (except for me of course, because I have my own piece of eye candy who I get to check out whenever I want!). They had this little boy that did awesome at playing little Tarzan and the way he crawled and walked around reminded us of Kesler so we call Kesler our little Tarzan now. SUCH A FUN PLAY! 
I was going to get a picture with some of the cast but when we got closer to Tarzan and Jane I couldn't do it (I felt a little awkward getting too close to him wearing only a line cloth).

My cute girls before Church. Marley always wants her hair done just like Kaydence's.

We love when we get to see Kaitlin, Travis, and McCoy when they come to Primary children's every couple of weeks to cast McCoy's club foot. My girls want to hold him THE ENTIRE TIME! They are so in love with him

She can really get him to smile, it's so sweet!

Marley doesn't quite have the finesse of holding him yet but she still can't get enough of this little guy as well!

Playin around

Hot Cocoa mustache!

It has been so great getting all this one on one time with Marley while Kaydence is at school! Her favorite thing to do together is play my little ponies. It is pretty silly but she just lights up when we play and it's been so great! I love this girl!!!

Kaydence loves to put her outfits together for school, she started tying her belts on the side or in back (maybe trying to set a trend ;). She is too cute!
 I remember having crushes in Kindergarten and she has told me about how three boys tell her they love her but she told them you shouldn't say that to a girl till your grown up, I love this stage the kids crack me up! I've been volunteering in the classroom and it has been so fun to her there and interact with all the kids she talks about and to know what she's working on.
The school had an assembly where they had a magician come and put on a fun magic show. During the show he picked out three different volunteers and he picked on Kaydence to come up and be his assistant with some of his magic tricks! She kept talking about all the fun things he had her do, she got to pull out a live bunny out of his hat (his name was Stuart). She got to throw colored ribbons at him that changed colors and made some things disappear (at least those are some of the things she was telling me about).
Then he gave her a fake bunny (because he didn't think her mom would appreciate her bringing home the live bunny Stewart). The bunny has gloves that go with it to make it look like your hands are on the outside so you can slip your hand inside to make it move so it looks like it moving by itself. Then he also gave her this book! She was so excited, it just made my day as well!
 So fun! I was so nervous about her starting school but it has been such a great experience so far! I love seeing her love it so much!

My parents came down to Layton on a Saturday (they needed my dad to fix something) and we got to come up and spend the day with them at my grandparents house! The first place my kids go...

My grandparents were away at a wedding but we went with my parents to Cherry Hill to play miniature golf and had a lot of fun!

I love how you can see Kesler in the back of the pictures doing his own thing and going after his golf ball.

His face cracks me up, he is on a mission!

More to the left.....

Me and my mom being silly

My mom kept meaning to bring Kesler his gift for when he turned one but we weren't able to get around to until now (good thing he doesn't know any better :)

Grandma and grandpa got him a Thomas the Train book with the trains and plane that went on a train mat. They also got him some books!!! YEAH!

I made cinnamon rolls one day and they turned out good. They were pretty big and when I put one on Kesler's tray in his high chair his eyes got big and he said, "Whoa, Whoa!" It was the cutest thing!

We went up to Idaho for the weekend because Travis and Kaitlin were blessing McCoy!
Towards the end of the drive Kesler was getting fussy so I resorted to sugar to appease him. He got a tootsie pop and that did the trick.
Nice and sticky... and watching "Baby Einstein's".

That night grandpa after the girls were all ready for bed grandpa came in and got out his ukulele and sang to them.

Grammy rocking Kesler to sleep. She seriously has a gift with getting my kids to sleep! My kids don't go for it when I try to rock them to sleep.

Trav and the boys!

McCoy was just smiling at Kaydence, he is such a happy sweet little guy1

Grammy made brownies for McCoy's blessing and the girls got to lick the whisks.

Grandpa playing with Kesler!

Marley was grandpa's big helper as he was working on the truck.

McCoy's Blessing
They're making the same face

The cool table

Handsome man of the hour! I love his little outfit, he looks like a little stud in his white tux!

McCoy with his gorgeous mom!!!

McCoy's biggest fans!
It was great getting to talk with and spend time with Travis (Nelson's) family as well after McCoy's blessing. It was the first time I saw the house Kaitlin and Travis are living in as well. It is such a nice big home and Kaitlin does an amazing job at decorating, as always! They are living in this house of a family friend while they are on a mission, lucky ducks! If anyone deserves the blessings its Travis, Kaitlin and McCoy! They are so amazing and we are grateful we were able to be there for McCoy's big day!