Friday, September 20, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise - Day 3 - Cozumel

Ahhh! It has taken me a while to get back to updating the blog! Kaydence has just started school and we have been getting into our routine. It has been so great! Kaydence LOVES school!!! She is little miss popular (as her teacher has told me), she is friends with everyone and loves every minute of school! I am now volunteering twice a week in her class as well and it has been so much fun seeing her there, she is totally in her element. I have also loved all the one on one time I've been getting with Marley. We play ponies every day or we cook something fun together, it has been so fun spending this time especially with her. Kesler is my little stud muffin that has just started walking and flashes that 100 watt smile at me and makes my whole day. 
Anyway back to the cruise! 
We woke up the next morning and were one of the first people off the ship for our first adventure, SCUBA DIVING! A favorite hobby and passion of ours!
I love the warm humidity and the smell of the salty beaches, it just screams paradise to me!
Gotta get some fun touristy pics!

The love birds swinging while we were waiting for our scuba guide to get our stuff all ready

Getting your own Scuba guide and speed boat is totally the way to go when diving. Travis is in LOVE with diving... I am SO IN LOVE with this man!

Mom and Dad, the experts!

Kent and Kathleen got certified through ISU just this last year in preparation for this... and future dives together! Seriously they were so good, with their buoyancy, their breathing, and everything! They were born for this stuff!

I was going for the whole colorful tropical fish look! What with the bright wet suit and sweet long tube socks! Actually I wore long socks to make sure the reef wouldn't touch my legs because some of them can give you a little rash.
AHHH! We were in HEAVEN! It was so colorful, clear, and gorgeous! Our first dive we saw four little reef sharks swimming together. We saw sea turtles (they were Kathleen's favorite), every kid of colorful fish, more reef sharks, jelly fish, halibut, crabs, lobster, did swim through where you go inside and through the coral reefs with light spilling in through all the holes, AWESOME! I need to get me some underwater gear so I can take pictures down there, but pictures could never do it justice.
We went to the beach for our interval time before our next dive, relaxing on the beach, swimming, finding shells for the kids, drinking apple beer, and we got to see our dive master from the last time we were here Louise.

After our incredible diving experience we walked through the city getting souvenirs for our kids and ourselves.

Iguana's everywhere, see if you can find the two in this picture.

Hot mammasita!

Travis is a fan of the manzana pop, or apple beer.

Kathleen and I bartered and got some sweet sunglasses

While we were diving Taylor and Amanda, Johnny and Jessica, and Mickell and Meg went para sailing and played on the beach. They had such a blast as well, though we were told the para sailing was so much higher than they thought. 

After our fun day in Cozumel we got back to the ship in time to shower, get ready and meet up for dinner.
Every day I got this yummy number as an appetizer - shrimp is one of my all time favorites!

This was a seafood pasta dish I got, it was the only one I wasn't crazy about the whole time we were there. It has salmon, oysters, scallops, and shrimp, it was good just not spectacular like everything else.

Dessert - cheese cake and chocolate melting cake (which we also ordered every night)

Then we would go up on the deck to talk and watch the sun set. My mom is so hilarious. She is afraid of heights and scarred to look down, she is afraid she will just freak out one of these times ad just throw herself off the deck or ledge so she clings to the railing and keeps her distance. I love my mom, she is always good at making me laugh and smile.

The sunset was so beautiful we got some pretty pictures that night.

Then all the sudden after the sun set a storm came and the rain started pouring down. We were just watching the storm with our ice cream cones.

Then we went to go dancing, where our cruise director was going to teach everyone how to dance to the Michael Jackson song, "Thriller". While we were waiting, we were right by the casino, the guys seemed drawn to the tables and watched a few people try their luck.

Then the real party began, OH YEAH!!! We were bustin our our moves on the dance floor!

This is us when we start the dance before we get up and act like zombies. My mom videoed us dancing, it makes me laugh every time, so great!
THE best video was of these two though! They had a dance off between four people and my dad volunteered Jonathan so then I volunteered Travis, Holy cow I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life! It was awesome! My mom told them they totally made the trip, definitely a highlight of the whole thing! Amanda said she wanted to have that video so that if she ever just needed a good laugh she could just watch it and bust up laughing! So great!!!
They definitely earned these trophies!

Our little towel friend when we came back to our room
That night there was a very slight little rock from the thunder storm and it felt like I was slowly being rocked to sleep cuddling up next to the love of my life. Such an incredible day!

AHHHH, every day I was thinking - "IS THIS FOR REAL!"