Monday, August 26, 2013

Western Caribbean Cruise - DAY 2 - Day at Sea

We woke up to beautiful skies and the sea all around us, such a gorgeous site, and at our leisure (since my amazing in-laws were watching our wonderful kids). I think sleeping is one of Travis's favorite things and we definitely slept soundly while on the Liberty. We went downstairs for the late risers breakfast and loaded up our plates, it was wonderful! 
 I was a huge fan of the omelets and fresh fruit they offered!
There was so  much happening on the ship it could be overwhelming trying to decide what we wanted to do. We watched this awesome guy hacking away at ice and created this beautiful swan ice sculpture, it was very impressive!

Every single time we left our room we would come back to an immaculate room and an adorable towel animal in the room! This was the cutest little dog! 
 I felt so spoiled, I never had to lift a finger the whole time. Everyone was serving me, feeding me, laying napkins on my lap, opening doors, pulling out chairs, cleaning our room, anticipating any needs I might have. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I started to feel a little over indulgent after a while, I wanted to place some of the crew down and serve them for a minute. It really was amazing being served so completely. Travis is the sweetest man, whenever I say that about the cruise he tells me "Now you know how I feel everyday with you serving me". This is definitely not true but it  makes my whole day when he says things like that :) He is always so grateful and sweet about anything I do.

The ship had 24/7 ice cream, frozen yogurt, and pizza. I think the whole time someone, if not most, of us had ice cream cones with them throughout the day.

The Silver Dining Room, where the most decadent meals were served!

Jonathan is so hard core and competitive, he was playing basket ball with all these big black dudes (Jonathan isn't one to get intimidated by anyone I swear).  He had a lot of fun playing some hard core basketball! When we ran into them on the lido deck stuffing our faces he came with battle wounds. He got a hug blood blister on his foot and a black eye!

 It makes him look tough!

Jessica is also competitive and hard core! She played in the volleyball tournament and got a medal from kickin some butt and takin names!

As I said before, ice cream 24/7

That night on the ship was formal night for dinner! I LOVE an excuse to dress up! A much anticipated event for me, It was so much fun! Us girls got together and did our hair and everything!
 The lovely couples

My sister got to bring her good friend Meg.

 Even though we each ordered at least two appetizers, entrees, and desserts, I still wanted to try everything! I think we each sampled everyone elses dishes every night! Here my mom is letting me sample her creamy stuffed mushrooms, mmmmm!

Every night they had a "DIDJA" (as in did you ever try..) dish of things you wouldn't normally eat, this night it was alligator fritters.

My favorite food is seafood so you bet I ordered the lobster with tiger shrimp.

I loved how during dinner they would have the major D come on and play music while we all danced, swung our napkins around our heads, or clapped to the music. It was so awesome!

Spare ribs

Prime rib

I think the magician liked us, he would come to our table and do magic tricks for us! Once he had me helping him do the tricks and he had a fake cockroach in the trick that made me scream.
 He was awesome and so entertaining!

Every night Travis got the chocolate melting cake, which I swear I ate most of every night. I ordered it a few times and would order something else to try something new. This cake was most of our favorites. It was so rich, smooth, and a good quality chocolate that when you combined it with peanut butter and ice cream was HEAVEN!

An apple dessert, I wish I remembered all the names of the dishes they were all so fancy!

We went to another fun show that was like a bright flashy Vegas Show.

After this amazing day I couldn't think of how it could get any better, but it did!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Let me just say right now...  I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!!! 
My mom has been blessed to be able to travel a lot in her life and has always wanted to take all of us on a great vacation. So she asked all of us where we would like to go or what we would like to do, after a lot of discussing back and forth we all agreed on a Carnival cruise in the Western Caribbean! Then there was setting the date, even trickier than picking the trip. Because of trying to coordinate 12 peoples schedules we couldn't do the trip on the off season we scheduled the trip from August 9th to August 17th (if we booked just two weeks later it would have been SOOOO much cheaper but we had to book it at the height of the season). On top of that my parents got all of our plane tickets and the last excursion on the Cayman Islands! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MOM AND DAD!!!
So needless to say I have been peeing my pants with excitement! I have never been on a cruise and neither has anyone else other than my parents and Mickell's friend Meg. Okay so I didn't actually pee my pants but I lost many nights of sleep in anticipation and excitement over this trip! We flew out on Friday morning but I had starting packing my bags the previous Sunday, "My backs were packed and I was ready to GO!" 
We all flew out Friday and then met up with Taylor and Amanda (their flight got in right after ours did) in Fort Lauderdale. We got a hotel, went out for some Subway then hit the sack. The next morning we woke up and had to rush to get ready to take the shuttle to get on the ship (actually I'm an early riser so I was up but the others didn't know we were suppose to be on the shuttle at 9:45, so it was a little crazy). 
Once there we had absolutely NO LINES!!! We just walked in, got checked in, waited in our seats about a half hour then went right on the ship! I've heard people say that the lines are horrible the first day but we didn't wait at all, it was AWESOME!!! We were on the ship by 11:30 Florida time (9:30 our times). We went straight to the Lido deck with the buffet and loaded up our plates, it was heavenly! Then we explored the ship!
 Giant sized chess pieces!

We took a tour of the spa.
 Amanda is being the volunteer for acupuncture.

We were all being willing volunteers for the massage portions of the tour.

My dad surprised my mom with a spa day right after. She had the head to toe pampering package. She said it was incredible! If anyone deserves to be pampered and spoiled it's my mom! 
The guys did some relaxing in the Sauna. The guys were all sweaty and gave my dad big sweaty hugs for the picture. 

 This was our room! It was actually a room for people with "special needs" so the bathroom was pretty big, someone must have apprised them that we were coming and that we're a little handicapped or "special" as I prefer it termed ;)

A tour of the gym!
The instructor told us that the average person on a cruise gains one to two pounds a day on a cruise, which averages between 10 to 15 pounds! Well I was planning on gaining some weight and stuffing myself to my hearts content :)
 Speaking of which, Dinner in the Silver Dining Room. This was where I was spoiled and indulged beyond what I thought possible.

 We would each order at least two appetizers, usually two entrees, and a dessert or two (depending on the night). SERIOUSLY!!! It was a little ridiculous but HOLY COW we were enjoying ourselves.

 The first night I ordered a shrimp cocktail (which I literally ordered every night) and this cured salmon dish as the appetizers. For the entree I got the broiled salmon, then for dessert I ordered this apple cake thing and the chocolate melting cake with peanut butter and vanilla ice cream! Ahhh! It was incredible! I LOVE trying new things and where this food was so fancy and delicious I took advantage of trying as many things as I could. My favorite food is seafood so I always got seafood every night! I have never had such flavorful, delicious, and beautiful meals, Oh it was WONDERFUL!
Then we went out on the deck just watching the water surround us on all sides and talking.

We walked around the deck and discovered the Serenity spot (you had to be 21 or older to hang out there).

Enjoying the whirlpools

 THEN we enjoyed a fun night show complete with singing and dancing!

AND this was just the first day, the day I originally thought would be spent standing in line, just boarding the boat, unpacking and getting settled! It was AWESOME!