Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Part One - McCoy's BIRTHday and Camping in Logan Canyon

Marley Jo is one of a kind! She is so funny, she wants to wear these boots to church every week and we have learned early that we have to pick our battles with Marley. She definitely has her own opinion and a very strong will to back it up. She is also incredibly affectionate, she is always telling family she loves them and has even told people she knows very little that she loves them, she has such a big heart.
 At times it seems like she wants to do the opposite of you want her to do, if she feels forced she will battle it out until the bitter end. Thank goodness I have Travis because when Marley gets in these "battles" he is even more stubborn and won't give in to her. I try not to but I try to avoid "battles" at all cost, her wearing cowgirl boots to church is one thing I have decided not to fight! 
Marley is also Kaydence's shadow, she LOVES her big sister! I love watching them play and use their imaginations. Of course they argue, some days are better than others, but one punishment Marley especially dislikes is when I separate them. I'm so grateful they have each other and are so close.
Marley still says things so cute it just makes Travis and I laugh all the time, words that have the "s" "th" or "sh" sounds. For example instead of spoon she says "pOOn" emphasis on the "oo" :) Something Marley says all the time, almost every night were reading scriptures or when I ask her what she learned at church she says this, "Mom, this is SPECIAL - When Jesus died on da cwoss (the cross)!" 
Yesterday I was scrubbing down the stroller really good, cleaning it from the week before when we went camping. Marley said, "That's not bery beautiful" pointing to me scrubbing stroller. Odd.  I said, "Yeah I'm just cleaning it really good because it was so dirty". Then she pointed to a zit on my chin and asked, "What's that?" I said, "That's a zit and I know I know it's not very beautiful either". I could tell by the expression on her face that she didn't think it very becoming on me. But Kaydence always trying to make me feel better said, "Mom it's pink and I think it's beautiful on you!" So sweet, and true it was her favorite color :)
I have to tell a few more stories about things Kaydence has said. We were in the store standing in line at the pharmacy when an older lady turned around and told me what beautiful children I have, so sweet. This lady was probably a smoker or had been because she had a raspy and deeper voice. Kaydence in a very loud voice looked at me and asked, "Mom, what is that? Is "it" a boy or a girl?" AHHHH! I about died I felt so bad! 
When we were up in Blackfoot for Mickells Graduation my grandparents were up there as well and my grandma came into the room where the girls were. Kaydence looked at my grandma in a thoughtful state and asked her, "Are those wrinkles all over your face?" Grandma smiled and told her they were then with sympathy in her eyes said, "Do they make you feel real bad?" Grandma came out and was laughing so hard she was crying, good thing my grandma is so sweet! 
She is so sensitive and sweet about others but until she understand what can be offensive she is incredibly blunt. I have quite a few stories of her saying things like that but she is learning to first whisper it to me so that it won't hurt anyone's feelings.
I am still totally a kid at heart and I love to sing, dance, and act silly with my kids. On one such occasion I was singing this song off "Sid, the Science Kid". It goes like this: "I love my mom, Yeah! My mom is cool! ... Now it's time for me to go to school!" I love that song, maybe because I'm partial to hoping Kaydence will always think I'm cool. I guess I needed a bit of a reality check because after singing it I was playfully talking to Kaydence and said, "hey! Your mom is cool, huh?" Showing her some of my nerdy dance moves. She smiled and shook her head in the negative! I said, "What! Yeah right I am so cool!" Showed her a few more moves to convince her otherwise (but in all honesty I probably convinced her she was right). She told me in all seriousness this time, "No... Mom YOU are beautiful and wise". I'm so glad she thinks so but still wanting to be cool in her eyes I said, "You know I could be cool too". She shook her head in a solemn manner and said, "No mom". Shot down! But Oh well I suppose I would rather her think me wise than cool... we'll just see how long that lasts though :)
Our precious little nephew McCoy was born on July 1st weighing a whopping 3 pounds 12 ounces (he came five weeks early). He is cute as EVER as you will see in these pictures and he was so strong he never needed to be hooked up for breathing or anything and was home in a WEEK!
Proud new parents, I love those McCoy's cute footprints on his daddys forearms!

Travis giving his sister a much deserved foot massage

Travis sure loves his little sister!

The precious baby boy that has us all wrapped around his tiny fingers.

The kids didn't get to meet their newest cousin because he was so tiny and in the NICU but they still got to spend the morning together. The girls were so excited when they found out they were going to see Parker, Kaydence exclaimed, "PARKER! I haven't seen him FOREVER!!!" Then they started squealing with excitement.

I made the batter for Swedish Pancakes and Travis cooked them up on the grill. Peterson family tradition, gotta have swedish pancakes when the family gets together.

Cute little preggers!
Chan is having a sweet little girl coming in October, we are so incredibly happy for them!

I had to get more pictures of my adorable little nephew! You can't tell how tiny he is in pictures but he seems to small and sweet to be real.

Gorgeous new mom holding her precious baby boy

You can't help but fall in love with this sweet boy when he's in your arms, he is so precious!

Then we got to spend the rest of the day with my family. My parents stay busy with their garden and we get to enjoy the fruits of their labor, quite literally. Kesler eating grandpa's beets, I love beets.
The girls eating ice cream in their dress up's, at grandma's I don't think they ever wear the clothes I pack them. Grandma has so many dress up dresses and they are all so adorable, the girls are just in heaven!
KESLER GAVE HIS FIRST KISS! ... and it wasn't me! Grandma was just holding him and kissing him all over then he turned to her puckered up and gave her a kiss on the lips!!! It was so cute and he was just smiling and he proceeded to kiss her a few more times!

Jonathan was playing with him and Kesler gave him a kiss as well! I got a kiss out of my little guy as well, I'm thinking he likes this kissing business. I'm thinking grandma might have opened up a can of worms :)

Laughing after giving a kiss and making funny faces. He loves to make people laugh by making faces.

Before we left the kids got to see Kaitlin in the hospital. We are sure proud of Kaitlin and so happy for their little family of THREE!

Then we were off for camping in Logan Canyon. When we arrived we were greeted with this adorable dirty face!
I couldn't help laughing when Kathleen got a wipe to clean off his face the second she turned her back he promptly dipped his wet face in the fresh dirt, it was GREAT!
The cute boys playing.

These two are so fun to watch play! Whenever we play with friends Marley usually just sticks with Kaydence but it's different with Corinne. She runs off to play with Corinne as soon as she sees her, these two are already BFF's!

Eating cookies!
It's funny, Kathleen and I were saying how completely different Kesler and Connor look (pretty much opposites - from their skin tone, to eye color, to build) but they both still look like Peterson's. I love it!

After the cookie. I LOVE this face, it makes me laugh! Catching this expression on camera totally reminds me of my older brother Taylor.

Taking the boys on a walk.

Travis and Kent went fishing each day we were there, they didn't have much luck but still had a great time.

The yummy meal Kathleen made!

Connor's favorite person!!! He wanted Jonathan and no one else, it was so cute!

Playing in the river.

I love that dirty face!
No point in cleaning their faces because they would just get dirty seconds after cleaning them. Gotta love camping!
Great picture of Camryn.

Is that not the cutest bum you have ever seen!

I love these pictures!



He like to eat his smores like Corrine use to eat her PB&J's (like an oreo).

Loungin in the sweet chairs Johnny and Jess brought.

Johnny and Jess brought A TON of eggs with all the works to put in them to make our own omelets, it was so good!
And fruit!
Kathleen told us about making our own eggs this way, putting them in a bag and then cooking them in boiling water and it worked great!

So cute!

Kesler discovered a new delicacy. He dipped everything I tried to feed him in dirt. This is what I like to call "fruit snack a la dirt" YUM!

There was this fun tree with a branch that grew sidewards and the kids liked to climb it, or shimmy up it.

Marley fell off the branch and got a fat lip! Sweet Aunt Mickell holding her after she got hurt. 

I was impressed with how well Kaydence climbed. She is so persistent when she sets her mind to accomplishing something.

Grandpa with his grandsons

So sweet!

We went on a hike and Jonathan got hot so he took off his shirt and of course he was carrying his little buddy.

I can't believe how good this picture turned out, my beautiful little Marley Jo!

Connor fell asleep, the guys were teasing him about trying to nurse him with his shirt off and all.

The pretty wild flower bouquets the girls made. When we go on walks at home sometimes we go on wild flower hunts to make bouquets, they love it.

Kaydence got her toe smashed in the elliptical at home the week before camping and the toe nail was barely attached and bothering her. This is Travis trying to be patient with her whining and complaining.

The kids played hard, so they crashed hard as well. Marley went into the tent to change her panties because she had an accident...
She apparently was too tired to finish changing :)

Mickell was teaching Kendra the fun little hand shake songs, Connor's expression in the background cracks me up!

Boys playing ball

My mom made a great dinner as well, we ate great the whole time!


One morning I was out walking with my dad and we spotted a mother moose and her baby! They were so close it was crazy! They were actually IN our camp the first night after I went to bed.

Our Tent

We played lots of fun games

The kids love playing with Uncle Johnny and chasing him around. He is such a fun uncle!
Splashing him

Chasing him up a tree

Yep, gotta love camping!

The girls all slept in the same tent and it actually went so well. They had so much fun, it just warms my heart seeing my kids have so much fun and making such great memories with the family!

These are pictures my sister took. 
I got the kids together to play games. We were playing "Red Rover".

Johnny and Jess brought Mexican Horseshoes and I was trying to practice and kept getting them caught in the trees. The boys got them down though

My favorite picture of the girls, they were seeing who could sit and stay in the freezing water the longest.

FARKLE! I had never played this game before but Kaydence and I won! Beginners luck! It was cute because Kaydence and I were on a team, Jessica and Camryn, and Mickell and Kendra. Jessica and Camryn were doing all the math together - of course this is Jessica's area of expertise and Camryn was so good at it. It was cute seeing them work together. Mickell and Kendra were so cute working together as well, it was really fun with the kids!

Connor has this fascination with grabbing Kesler's face. I think he likes getting a rise out of Kesler, it's so funny because even though Kesler is a tank Connor takes on the alpha role when they play.

Jonathan can be so random. We were sitting around the fire and he got it in his mind that he wanted to break this huge branch off the tree. It was hilarious seeing the guys trying to knock it lose, it didn't even budge. I have a funny video with them attempting to break it, it's great!