Sunday, June 16, 2013


LOVE May weather! We have been enjoying a lot of the day outside, we have a canopy we put up for shade, a little kiddie pool, and we got an old swing set from Kate and Mike when they moved so the kids just want to live in the back yard. I don't mind that one bit either, it helps keep the mess outside :) 

Kesler just loves being outside, if I put him out there he is one happy boy!
Every time he goes for the dirt and starts eating it! Does that mean he is needing some nutrition his body needs or something, I think I've heard that somewhere.

Case and Point - making a mess OUTSIDE! Sticky fingers!!!

My dad came up on Mothers Day weekend to see his mom and came up to see us for a couple hours! He took us all out for ICE CREAM!

It was delicious and so awesome getting to spend time with my dad and sister Mickell! Love it!

Travis's family came up for the day on Mothers Day AND Kim's birthday! It was so fun getting to spend this special day with them, Kim is such a great example to me that I look up to in so many ways such a great mother.
Monte fell asleep on the floor and Kesler came crawling up to wake grandpa up! He just kept pushing him and climbing over him until he was up.

We went on a walk and the girls love to make bouquets from "flowers" they find along the way. I let the girls wear their dress up dresses on the weekends, she is an Arabian Princess.
Eating Creamies out back!

I wanted to get some pictures capturing their different eye colors that are so beautiful but the lighting wasn't very good.

They love finding snails in the backyard, it drives me a little crazy and makes me feel like a Nazi about washing their hands because I don't want them to get sick but oh well they still seem to love snail hunting.

This is Thomas and Lizzie our great new friends. They play so well together and Mandi and I just sit and chat the whole time, its FABULOUS!

We went with Heather and her big boy Trenton and nephew Zender to Jungle Jims, it was so much fun!

Keslers first time on rides, he wasn't so sure about it but as long as I was holding him he liked it!

He wasn't a fan of this one!
He was okay if he was sitting with Kaydence as well, he loves his big sister!

Kesler is SO stinkin playful! It is so funny! He loves to be silly, laughing and playing.

We discovered the girls after they put some beautiful eye shadow on.

Kesler is so fun to play with, he was just laughing so hard when I pressed my face against the plastic.

Then he started doing it and laughing at himself, he is too cute!

Nothing says summer like grilling, swimming pools, popsicles, and WATERMELON!

We were able to go up to Idaho for Mickells graduation! I can't believe she is already done with high school, I'm excited for her and I know she will just love it up at BYU Idaho!
Kim and Monte watched the kids while we went to her graduation, Kesler was warming up quite nicely to grandpa. He loves to be kissed and snuggled!

Mickell's cheering section!
My sister Kathleen, my grandpa, Travis, and Grandma

Jess had a complimentary VIP pass being a teacher and all
Travis was having fun with my parents camera taking pictures of people in the crowd and on stage and having us find what he took a picture of, it was better than a Where's Waldo book!

The graduate with our amazing parents!

I love how this picture turned out with the girls

Work that cap Mickell!

Mickell with her good friend Meg.
Mickell with her best friend Maraya.

Playing at the park. The girls climbed the big rock wall, no problem!

Kesler making a mess in the cornstarch

We got to go out and visit Dane's grave since we weren't able to be here the previous weekend for Memorial Day. The girls made him a card with pictures of them with Uncle Dane and I read a letter I wrote to Dane. I really miss Dane, I'm so grateful to be his sister, love that boy so much!

Jonathan put his missionary tag on Danes grave and it was so touching seeing it there next to his name. I'm so grateful for the tender moments I'm able to feel his presence.

What better person to be named after.
Such a great weekend with the family.