Thursday, May 16, 2013


One night we just finished our bed time routine and sent the girls to bed and Marley came to me and said, "Mom, there's poop in my bed!".... say what?!?!?!
Lo and behold yes, there was a large turd in the middle of her bed. At some point during that day she pooped in the middle of her bed and tried to hide it by covering it with her blanket. Lovely (I had to document this to embarrass her someday ;)
My mom came up one weekend and took us all out to the Aquarium, I have the BEST MOM!!!

We sure LOVE grandma!!!!

We celebrated Marley's birthday while my mom was here (we like to wait a few months after her birthday to celebrate it because her birthday is so close to Christmas).
Grandma SPOILED Marley! Marley's new obsession is "My Little Ponies". She is all about it. All she wants to play with is her ponies, watch My Little Ponies, pretends to be one of the ponies, etc. She LOVES it and grandma got her all the ponies she's been wanting (to add to her collection)!

And princess accessorize!
There still isn't a day she doesn't take her ponies with her. Thank you so much mom!!!

We did an Easter Egg hunt first then had a Scavenger Hunt with clues that takes them to the next clue that led them to their treasure.

It was cute seeing the girls trying to solve the clues.
They would have daddy read some of them.

The last clue

It led them to their baskets where they both got tutu skirts, Kaydence got a new swim suit with goggles, and Marley got a baby doll and a stroller (part of her birthday gift too).

I seem to love getting pictures of our guy eating in his high chair, he got strawberries and Frosted Mini Wheats for Easter ;) . He is too adorable!!!

Kaydence in her new swim suit. (Marley was too busy playing for me to take a picture of her :)

Here he is at his high chair again, but asleep

The girls doing their school work (just doing little work sheets I print out).

... and Kesler in his high chair eating... again

We put Kesler in his big boy car seat this month!

Over Spring break we took the kids to Jump Around Utah and they had a blast!

It was so cute seeing Travis holding Kesler. Kesler was just nuzzling up to his dad and falling starting to fall asleep.

Then we went out to eat at Chuck-a-Rama. Kaydence first wanted a strawberry salad, good healthy choice. Kaydence likes to eat healthy, which makes mom happy

On the way home the kids were so tuckered out!

All three of them out cold :)

My mom and Mickell came another weekend just for a day
I know I probably write this every time but it is so true, it is such a TREAT when they come to visit us. It means so much, we LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

It has been great to hear from Kassidy on her mission. She is such a great example to all of us and her letters are so motivating and uplifting to me. The girls miss her so much, they made these signs for her.
I asked them what they would like on their signs if they could tell Kassidy anything what would it be. We love our little sister missionary in Spain!

I like to get pictures of the kids doing what they do on just a regular day and this is what they pretty much do at some point EVERY day! The love My Little Ponies.
They asked me to take a picture of their ponies and their castle

Another regular thing we do is DANCE! These girls got moves!
We just finished watching Barbie in the Pink Shoes, so they are doing their best ballerina moves.

It seems like every few nights we some upstairs and are surprised to find the girls in an awkward position in their beds. I was putting Marley's medicine on her and then I looked around for Kaydence, she wasn't on the top bunk. 
She was asleep inside the laundry basket!

Falling asleep while snuggling, my girls love to snuggle.

Kesler started crawling about two weeks before he turned one. A whole new world has been opened to him. When I was in cleaning the kitchen he crawled to the back door and got his legs outside and was so tickled with himself! It was so cute, he couldn't stop smiling and laughing.
I'm so in love with this happy boy!
On Kesler's birthday, the girls woke up and got random toys from their room and wrapped them to give to him. They had so much fun having him open all the "gifts". He was laughing and clapping, it was so cute!

He got a cookie on his birthday, we had to save the cake for the following day :)

Another surprise, finding the girls asleep on and under their princess table.

Kesler taste testing the frosting that went on his cake.

We had a little barbecue outside for dinner on his birthday, he LOVED the cantaloupe  I think he ate too much of it because he wasn't as interesting in his cake afterwords. Well here he's just trying to eat the toy dog.

He was more into putting the cake in his hair and on the floor.

Me eating his cute little toes!

Since he didn't really eat any of his cake I let him have some of his cake the following day after breakfast (I'm such a cool mom ;)

I am just enjoying my time being able to hang out with these amazing kiddos EVERY DAY! Seriously I have the best "job" EVER!