Sunday, March 31, 2013

Goodbye for 18 months!

We came up to Idaho to spend some time with the family and go to Kassidy's farewell. We got to Blackfoot Friday night so I was able to go to my little sister, Mickell's play "Oklahoma"! They did so great, it was a lot of fun! I had never seen this play or show before so the lines in the play were totally cracking me up, it is staged in such a different time. 

Mickell's fan club, rooting her on!

Me and my cute sister! She spend a lot of time working in her plays, helping with the sets and props, it was so great to see her up there performing!

The next morning we had to have Kass's favorite meal, SWEDISH PANCAKES made by Montel. He is a PROFESSIONAL when it comes to making them! So delicious!

We stopped by Jonathan's house for a little bit, to see all the work he's done on their house. I was impressed Jonathan pretty much does everything and does it well! It looks so good!
The girls were just fans of his swing set in his backyard

Sunday was so enjoyable, Kassidy did so amazing on the talk she gave. It was on families, what a perfect topic for something she holds so dear and close to her heart.
Then Kim put on an amazing lunch! She had pulled pork sandwiches, salads and side dishes (brought by others as well), and tons of desserts (brought by others as well too). There were so many people there to support Kassidy it was amazing, so much family drove all the way out to hear her and support it. It was awesome!
Pictures of just a fraction of the people who came to see Kass
I love this picture!

(my dad and Kesler)

The help

The cute pregnant ladies! I know you can't tell but YES Kaitlin is pregnant! She is just the cutest tiniest little pregnant mama EVER!

Grammy got Kesler to sleep, so sweet!

It was so special getting to spend this time together as a family.

Kass and I's matching toe nail polish (I just borrowed her's because I loved the color)
Nicole's (left) Kassidy's (right)

It is so hard to leave and say goodbye! Love this girl!

Giving grandpa hugs and kisses

These are just funny pictures of Kesler eating, he is so funny!

His favorite food right now is frosted mini wheats (made soft with milk)

Then on Wednesday it was time to take Kassidy to the MTC. We met down in Provo at Zupa's, Kassidy's favorite place to eat.

Our little stud, giving us his "blue steel".

We spent some time around the temple taking pictures then they had to drop Kassidy off at the MTC.

Kesler won't let anyone hold him if I'm around, he's a bit of a moma's boy! Either that or he knew that this was the last time he was going to see Kass in 18 months :)

These pictures are so tender and sweet, we all love Kass so much, it is hard to say goodbye!

We are so excited to hear about Kassidy's experiences on her missions and we know that she will touch so many hearts out there in Spain. We love you Kass, and as Travis would say, "Thanks for serving"

As we were leaving the MTC we saw the long line of cars, all dropping off missionaries. It was incredible. It just made some scriptures come to my mind and made me think of this work and how the Lord's work is moving forward. Satan is such a loud voice in the world today but the Lords side is answering back with these amazing missionaries sharing the hope and message of the gospel. It gets me so excited to be out there with my husband some day going forth sharing Christ's message and helping build up his Kingdom here on Earth! Boo-Yah! I can't wait!