Monday, February 4, 2013


We started some of our own Christmas family traditions this year. We had a candle lit dinner Christmas Eve with some bubbly.

Kesler wasn't dressed as formal, he got a little messy :)

Then we made cookies for Santa, of course Kaydence choose to make sugar cookies. Those are her favorite, I don't know if it's because she gets to cut out the shapes, put the frosting and sprinkles on top, or the taste. Probably a combination, either way they LOVE them!

I think Santa loved them as well

I was so excited that night I couldn't sleep, Travis and I were awake before the kids I kind of woke Travis up with my fidgeting. The kids were up just before seven and it was so fun seeing their excitement and enthusiasm, they are what makes the whole holiday so exciting and fun!!!

Santa brought the girls this gorgeous wood doll house with fun little furniture to furnace the whole thing. From porcelain sinks and toilets to velvet couches and ottomans. They just wanted to play the morning away.
Then we had a huge breakfast with omelets, bacon, and waffles. A bad storm came in really quickly so after we ate we hurried and packed up our stuff to go see our families in Idaho.

Christmas Eve tradition in the Peterson home!

Everyone wearing their comfy jammies from grammy! 

Marley got princess jammies!

Oh yeah we're stylin and ready to get some good rest for Christmas morning!

Grammy had a special surprise, she had these Christmas books that as you turned the pages it had grandma greats voice reading the stories to you! It was so special and such a treat to hear her and to get to read them every year together on Christmas Eve.
Grandpa playing with Kesler

LOVIN the amazing caramel cream cheese apple dip that Kaitlin made!

He loves sucking on the apples

Opening presents! 
We all made Kim and Monte a huge calendar with pictures, quotes, date nights, and temple nights all in it. It turned out so great!

It meant a lot that it touched Kim so much, she really is the heart of the family.

Then we went SLEDDING!
Travis got some four wheelers and we hooked up sleds behind them and went riding around, it was such a blast!


Jarvis tearin it up like he was wake boarding!

Then we went to the PetersEn home for some Christmas fun!
Nothing better when the whole family is together, Heaven on Earth!

I love how Kent is snuggling my husbands face in this picture, LOL!!!

Grandma and Grandpa SPOIL these girls, they must love their grandkids or something!!!

Connor wearing the beanie I knit him, he is just too stinkin adorable!

The guys shooting each other with their dart guns

Marley is in LOVE with this dog grandma got her!

We all made my parents a special book for Christmas. We each wrote our parents letters from the heart, recorded memories, and things we have gained from our amazing parents. We have lots of pictures, quotes and a poem in there as well. We wanted to do something extra special for our parents this year, they are such incredible parents and so we figured this was a great way to communicate how incredible they are and how grateful we are to be their children and have them as our children's grandparents.

Amanda painting her nieces toes!

Connor and Kesler are just too cute!!!

The girls giving Taylor a back massage!

I love seeing how absolutely adorable my brothers are with their nieces and nephews! They will seriously be the cutest dads EVER!

Taylors little miniME nephew!

 Everyone tells me how much he looks like either my brother Taylor or Travis, he definitely has Taylors head shape.

This picture turned out a little grainy but I still just LOVE it!

Holy Cow these two crack me up when they get together! Marley just loves Corinne!

Our big Christmas Feast!

My girls are such stinkers! They made their puppy dog faces to coerce grandma into going out in the freezing weather, shoveling off the tramp and jumping on the tramp with them! That is true love right there! 

Kesler just eating Aunt Amanda's face!

We went out to see Le Miserable, it was such an emotional and passionate movie totally made me cry!

We had the special privilege of getting to see Camryn baptized! Such a huge blessing!

Then Kent and Kathleen had everyone over for dinner afterword, even though she was so sick! It was so special! We are so proud of Camryn, I just love her to death and I'm so grateful to be her aunt!!!!

My dad has the magic touch

Marley just got into Sadie and Bentley's cage, I think she was trying to hide in it so she could go home with Uncle Taylor and Aunt Amanda!

Kesler sportin his "cool look" in Uncle Johnny's hat

We went back to the PetersOn home for a couple more days of FUN!

Kesler sure loves snuggling up to his grammy!

Marley wouldn't wear snow pants but she loved wearing the goggles.

Travis and Travis got up early to go hunting one morning and when my Travis was all bundled up in the huge camo gear and many layers I had to get a picture.