Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Fun Events

Here are some of the fun things we do in December with other pictures of my kids thrown here as well :)
Kesler loves bath time, he just splashes like crazy!

One morning we went out to Rogers bakery for fresh doughnuts for breakfast. They loved getting to chose their very own!

The Madrigals came and performed for our party, they were so good! Such a great Christmas performance, there were a lot of them that Travis taught and knew from Seminary so it was really cool to see them!

Lovin the feast!

Marley loved dancing to the whole performance.

The special guest that made an appearance!

Marley wasn't so sure about going to see Santa but eventually decided to give it a try since her big sissy was going up

She didn't quite make it to his lap this year... maybe next year

The girls crack me up with the things they come up with. They got out some eye lash curlers and were acting like they were curling Marley's hair

Johnny and Jess flew out to Texas and were able to hang out with us the night before they left. We went to see the lights around Temple Square, it was a lot of fun!

Kesler was all bundled up the whole time, he didn't even fuss or anything the whole time. He doesn't seem to be as sensitive to the cold and he just loves being outside no matter the weather.

I was playing with this picture, Jess and I were being goofballs! We had our matching boots on and we had to showcase these bad boys!
This was a surprise look-and-shoot shot, Jess was a little caught off guard but she still pulls off the nice posh shot!

Instead of gingerbread houses we did Christmas trees, so much easier and I could just let the kids go crazy and do it all themselves.

Kaydence showing me her incredible dancing balancing skills.

This year the girls were so excited to buy each other gifts. They each earned money through the last few weeks so that they could buy each other something. I took Marley to get her sissy something, Marley got Kaydence a princess vanity mirror and a matching brush. Travis took Kaydence and Kaydence picked out an orange wig (or hair extension, hideous but the girls love it) and an orange tutu. They were more excited about the gifts they got each other than they were about their own gifts.

We went up to Idaho for a special weekend, Kassidy went through the temple for the first time. It was such a special weekend I feel so blessed that we were able to be part of it and to be part of such an amazing eternal family.
Cuddle time with grandpa, Marley was out!

Grammy was winning Kesler over with Ritz crackers!

Gorgeous girls

Such an incredible family I married into!!!

Kim was so touched, she is such a sweet mother!

Best Buddies, Madrid Spain here they come!!!

A lot of love going around!

We were able to celebrate Kassidy's birthday, she is getting a mission paid for and all the stuff that goes with it for her birthday but a nice straightener too! We are so proud of Kass!

Monte was cute making Kesler laugh!

We act out the nativity story every year. Kaydence is all about it but Marley just walks around saying "Baaa" every once in a while, she wanted to be the lamb. 

 Yes, I look like such a dork. I put the blanket on all wrong and the sad thing is that I laughed at how Travis looked. Pictures are great proof to show who is really the fool!!!

Kaydence HATES to wear diapers but we make her wear one to bed when she's had an accident the night before. This is how she wears it, I call it her diaper thong!

 This isn't the best picture of Kesler but I wanted to get one of us together after his bath. He loves to splash and play in the tub!

My grandparents had a big delicious Christmas dinner for all of us the Friday before Christmas. It was so much fun talking with everyone, I love them all! Uncle Kevin brought us all this delicious popcorn from Minnesota.
 The girls!
 Grandpa and my dad making the candy canes

 Is there anything better than stuffing your face with delicious food and talking with the people you love?!?!

 So crazy in love with my man!

 This is the biggest most decadent cake EVER! Actually it was voted as one of the top five most decadent cakes in the United States, rich and smooth! Holy cow I was a big fan!!!

Travis takes out the girls for the date of their choice every December. Kaydence went to Hollywood Connection with dad, they had a blast!!!

She really wanted to try roller skating but it was a lot harder than she thought it would be.

 Mini golf!

Marley just wanted to go swimming with dad.
Travis said it was really fun getting to go with just her. She was so sweet and would mimic what Travis was doing. We have such sweet special girls and they have such an incredible sweet father. How did I get so blessed?!?!?