Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daddy Daughter Time

I think one on one time with our children is so fun and important. Travis had a lot of students who were performing in the school musical, 12 Dancing Princesses, and I thought that would be the perfect opportunity for Kaydence and daddy to go on a little daddy daughter date together. So Kaydence got her princess dress up clothes on, we all went to Maverick to get BIG frozen yogurts, then those two went out to the play. 

Marley LOVES sugar! We stayed home with Kesler and watched the show of Marley's choice, which was Dora the Explorer of course! Holy Cow this cute girl LOVES Dora!!!

Kaydence was so excited to go out with dad!

While they were there daddy spoiled her by buying her a gigantic chocolate chip cookie and some candy from the students fundraisers. During the play She kept turning to dad to ask him questions and he was explaining the whole plot and characters to her. I guess she had a BALL!!! After the play dad got her picture with all the different princesses and characters. When I run into some of these students they tell me how cute and excited she was, we love our girl!!!