Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Family Pictures

We got our Family pictures taken on October 5, 2012. Jenny Skeen took them and did a fabulous job, I just love them! I am filled with such pride as I look at them and I just can't believe that these four (husband included :) are MINE! 

My mom was there the whole time helping with the kids and everything, I'm so grateful for all her help!

Happy Halloween

The girls were really excited for Halloween this year. We have an advent calendar that counts down the days to Halloween and had a treat for each of them every day. They just loved counting down to see how many more days until Halloween and their special Halloween treat they got every day. It was so fun, it really built up the anticipation for the holiday!
Kaydence wanted to be a pretty witch for Halloween and Marley wanted to be Snow White (we used the dresses my mom had in her dress up collection for the girls). Kaydence and Marley asked if I had an apple then they started acting out the Snow White story, it was cute. 

The day before Halloween I came up with Kesler and I being a cop and robber. My mom had given me the cop hat the other year so I just threw this together, it was fun! Kesler was so good while I painted his little mask on, he is so cute!!!

The weather was PERFECT!!! In the low 70's!!! There were so many people at the ward trunk or treat and the kids made out with a huge stash of candy (and it was good stuff, lots of candy bars).

Holly Moss was the wicked Queen from Snow White so I had to get a  picture with Marley

Trenton was the cutest spider

Katie was Rapunzel, the girls wanted a picture

These two stinkers are moving!!! (The Moss's and the Searl's)

I don't know if we'll ever have such a warm Halloween so I had to take the girls to at least one actual house to trick or treat on our way home (Catherine Underwood, my awesome visiting teacher and friend)

I have to watch myself with this little guy. If I am ever eating or picking something up he will snatch it away from me so quickly its so funny. So when I went to put one of the cupcakes on the counter he quickly tore off the top of it and stuck it in his mouth so fast! He was LOVING IT! At first I was trying to take it out of his hands but he was holding onto it so fiercely I conceded, oh well it's Halloween! It's pretty fitting to have his first taste of real refined sugar on this holiday!