Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The girls having their panda's sit up to the table for breakfast. Their stuffed animals or babies are frequently in attendance when we eat breakfast or lunch.
Kesler just sits and chills in his bumbo.

Kesler has to sleep with a blanket smashed into his face, it use to scare me but it seems to be the only way he soothes himself to sleep. He also loves to sleep on his side, sometimes he will make a few fussy noises at night and I just have to go in and move him his hips so he's on his side and he instantly goes back to sleep.

The girls sporting their new stylin dresses from grammy.

While the weather has been so perfect we have been going on lots of walks outside. The girls in the  pink jogging stroller and Kesler in his blue stroller. We go on this paved path that goes down the canal and it has been so much fun just talking with Travis looking at the different houses and yards. This is a sure sign that Travis loves me, he use to hate going on walks (he didn't see the point) but now he does all the time because he knows how much I love it and true be told I know that he is catching the vision as to how it can be so enjoyable :)
The other day we walked three to four miles just getting lost looking at houses and talking. It was so fun but we worried that the kids would get too much sun on the way back so Travis covered Kesler's face with his hat, he was too cute I had to take a picture! 

I love this picture of our cute kids before bed!

My mom came down and spent the weekend with us, it. was. so. FUN! My mom is such a ginormous part of me and my happiness, I love her to PIECES!!!

The girls are so crazy about grandma, they had been looking forward to her visit ever since I told them she was coming!

Funny faces!!!

My mom's birthday is on October 19th so when she came we had to celebrate a little. We had her (and mine as well) favorite cake, oatmeal apple.

Grandma also took Kaydence out to celebrate her birthday that is coming up on November 9th. She took Kaydence shopping and Kaydence fell in love with everything pretty fast, grandma SPOILED her!

Kaydence was also pretty thoughtful, she asked grandma is they could get something for Marley as well. So she picked out some sticker ear rings for Marley as well. Kaydence is really sweet about making sure Marley gets things too. Whenever Kaydence gets a treat at church (which is every Sunday since Shayla's been her teacher) she never eats it until we get home then makes to give Marley the same amount she got. Even when Kaydence was littler and Brother Jenkin's would give her a candy (as he still does EVERY week) she would always ask him if she could have one to give to her mommy (this was before Marley was old enough to have one).
Kaydence and Marley are so opposite in a lot of things. Some examples: Kaydence loves to save her treats and takes a long time to eat. I've also noticed she saves her favorite part of the meal for last. Marley eats her treats as soon as they hit her palm and her mouth is full to the brim of food while she is eating, she takes such huge bites. Marley also eats her favorite part of the meal first. Their favorite part of every meal is usually different too, like last night Marley ate all her broccoli and I had to tell her to eat all her brown rice before she could have more. The exact opposite with Kaydence.
They are both really good eaters though and eat really healthy, I always have them try everything (four bites to see if you really like it and 9 out of 10 times they do like it). Even things like grilled tilapia, chicken and butternut squash stew with quinoa, grilled chicken and spinach pasta, steak, any soup, etc. (just to name some of the ones we've had this week). It surprises me sometimes how much they like certain things.
Back to examples: Kaydence likes things to fit really tight -her shoes a little too small, her hair really tight, her bows tied around her waist super tight, her socks tight to her feet, etc.. Marley likes everything really loose - her hair loose, her shoes big, no socks or tights, her clothes really loose she likes to wear t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops EVERY day. While Kaydence likes to wear dressy outfits, complete with accessories and layers (under shirts and leggings to stay modest, she is always very conscientious of being modest). They both LOVE to talk and are VERY dramatic but in different ways. Kaydence talks to anyone and everyone while Marley is more shy and won't talk to people she doesn't know. Once Marley knows you she will talk and tell stories in the most animated fashion you could imagine, its hilarious. Kaydence is more dramatic in expressing her emotions while Marley is more dramatic in how she tells stories.
Marley had her first nightmare last week, she woke up yelling, "MOMMY, MOMMY!" When I came in to hold her she told me the spiders were going to get her. She had a nightmare about spiders. This morning when she came out of bed she gave me a hug and told me that the Lamanites were going to kill her (meaning that's what she dreamed). Sad, maybe we should be less animated when we read the scriptures with them (we just try and make it entertaining for them but I didn't think scary).

Kesler is my happy little man that fills me with smiles every day. He is scooting and rolling all over the floor and sticking everything in his mouth. It's also funny how if you startle him he starts laughing. He also laughs when you whisper in his ear or blow raspberries on his neck or tummy. He is slowly getting more use to letting other people hold him, if he sees me leave it's all over though.
He makes his monkey face all the time, I LOVE it!

He is also such a good eater, he eats more than my girls did at this age. When he eats a lot of food (not the cereal but carrots, sweets potatoes, or squash) he has a HUGE blow out and it is everywhere on his pants in the bumbo. This is so gross but I wanted to document how his bumbo looks the day after he's had vegetables, YUCKY! And this isn't even documenting it all over his pants and up his back!

The girls and Travis have been addicted to the Ipad! It is pretty amazing, I really love all the educational activities they have on it for the girls. I can't believe how much this will probably revolutionize education! There are tons of amazing tools to study the gospel as well for us and for the girls, its really awesome!

Our cute kiddos!

The girls picked out some little presents for daddy and we had a cake for him, Travis had the powder puff game that night that he was coaching so we had to celebrate together later that weekend. He got a new suit for work and we got a babysitter so we could go out on a fun date.

We painted pumpkins for FHE, so we got the girls in scrubby clothes, laid down papers, put on some fun Halloween music off pandora and let them have at it.
Kesler the cute bystander with monkey lips

I LOVE THESE PICTURES OF OUR LITTLE GUY!!! He is always so happy I get out the camera and can't stop taking pictures

After the FHE lesson the next week we made bats out of egg cartons and paint

Marley was getting tired :)

We had to wait till the next morning to glue the eyes on after the paint was dry.

Then they wanted more pictures
Kaydence took this one of Marley and me.

Marley took this one of Kaydence and me.

They wanted another one with me, where I hold out the camera.

I love my sweet kids!!!

Saturday, October 13, 2012


At the beginning of this last month Kesler had his first bite of food, rice cereal of course. I was surprised at his reaction, it took my girls quite a few tries before they wouldn't just push the food out with their tongues. And even then the girls didn't eat very much, for the first couple months I think barely any of the food went inside their tummies. Kesler on the other hand downed the entire contents of the bowl (granted it was a little bowl, but STILL)! He is a good little eater!

We went to the planetarium for a play date with my neighbor Jill one day, it was a lot of fun!
I was carrying this little guy infront of me in a wrap, so I had this view the whole time :)

Looking through the telescope at the different constellations.

What clouds are made of...

When we were in the grocery store the other day Kaydence pointed to a rack of newspapers and said, "hey we went there!" I didn't know what she was talking about then I saw the magazine on the bottom had a picture in front of the planet Mars!

One small step for Kaydence one big step for the Peterson Family (yeah, I'm full of witty creative captions)

Dancing on the Moon.

Me and my buddy!

Travis really didn't want me to post this but I have to clarify that he is wearing a swim suit. I just HAD to add it to our book, Travis has one like this with his dad and they are just too cute! Also it is a super quick way of washing Kesler all up.

He smiles with his entire face, I LOVE IT!!!
I love those big eyes... I think they are changing colors right now so I'm excited to see what color they end up being!
He also started rolling over, both ways right at four months :)

I just took this picture myself, that's why it's so bad. But in the mornings the girls try and listen to see when daddy wakes up so that they can come and climb into bed with me. We lay and cuddle together for about half an hour almost every morning, I can't think of a better way to wake up every morning.

Kesler will fall asleep in his bumbo and I think it is the cutest thing ever!

I want to get more pictures of us doing what we do every day, so I just got a picture of these two playing together with their barbies. I love to listen to and watch them play, they have the best imaginations and I'm continually surprised at what they come up with. They usually play like they are doggies or some other animal, where one is the "owner" and the other the "pet" or where they are on this long adventure, or where they play mine and Travis's role in the home and they tell me I'm the grandma.

Marley took this picture of Kaydence

Kaydence took this picture of Marley and I.

The other evening Travis came home from a meeting and we were all up at the Island, the girls eating dinner, and me feeding Kesler his dinner of squash and cereal. And Travis said, "Wow, I still can't believe we have three kids". It still continues to amaze us, these three beautiful children are OURS!

My boys in their basketball shorts and t-shirts relaxing after a busy Saturday afternoon.

Just some pictures I took one morning, Marley is getting better at holding Kesler.


I love this happy little guy!!! I will grab him and snuggle with him in the mornings too.

About every year and a half to two years my hair gets too light from highlighting it so I dye the whole thing dark and wait a couple weeks to highlight it again. If we didn't take family pictures three weeks later I was considering leaving it dark for a while, this is right after I went dark. I just think highlights add more dimension to my hair.

Our girls tend to get attention when we go places, not always but quite a bit. Sometimes a nice stranger will buy them treats at the checkout stand or something like that (after quietly asking me if they could buy them a treat), I decided to get a picture of them after getting such a treat... spoiled girls :) I"m constantly amazed at how nice people are!

The girls like to style their hair in crazy ways while their in the tub.
If our blog wasn't private I couldn't add all these bath time pictures and I know I would forget to add them when I make my book.

Grammy and Papa were going on a fun little trip down to St. George (to see Aladdin at Tuacahn and go riding through the hills on Razors) and stopped by our house to stay with us for the evening until they had to leave the next morning for their fun trip. The girls were so thrilled!
Grammy spoiled them with beautiful dresses and matching tights! Marley's face cracks me up here!

We went out to eat at Rumbi's and it was delicious!

The girls were HUGE fans of the sweet potato fries!
Then grammy got them ice cream at Costco (the nice HUGE ones), that was all they wanted when we asked them where they wanted to go for Dinner.

My parents came for quick trip another weekend too! They came down for my cousin, Nicole's wedding. So we met them up in Layton at my grandma and grandpa's house (Kaydence knows their them as the great grandparents with the ice cream parlor). Of course at the wedding the girls both sat with grandma.

My hot date for the wedding

He slept through the whole thing. 

Their ceremony was really unique and they did this thing done in the Irish culture when they got married with bands wrapped around their clasped hands. I just love Nicole and hope them every happiness in their marriage.