Sunday, September 9, 2012


My boys playing on the floor

Travis loves playing with our little man.
Travis had me take a picture of Kesler from his point of view while they were playing.
Kesler has the chubbiest most kissable cheeks ever!

Some mornings the girls like to "surprise" me by being all dressed when I wake up. The outfits Marley comes up with sometimes crack me up. They are just too cute, I love waking up to our kids every morning and just getting to be with them all day.

We were able to spend the day at the Hogle Zoo with my close friend Kate, her boys, and Martha Ann one day. It was so much fun!!!
Cooper giving Marley a sweet hug!

My little monkey :)
Kesler just chillin in our pink jogging stroller, you know your masculine when you can make pink look manly ;)

Watching the bird show, it was awesome having birds fly all around us.
Jackson, Cooper, my AWESOME friend Kate, Kesler, Marley, Kaydence, and Martha (who used her grandparents pass to get us all in and brought fun treats and juice boxes for all the kids, she is such a sweetheart!)

We got tickets for the girls to ride the carousal, they were doing their little happy pants dance (that's what daddy calls it).
I love it!

The seals

The polar bear was so active and fun to watch swim and play in the water.

Cute kiddos

The kids had so much fun, although Marley threw the tantrum of her life upon leaving the zoo. Complete with kicking, screaming, hitting, trying to bite me, throwing her body around so I could barely keep her in my arms, the whole sha-bang. I got quite a few knowing looks from passing mothers but when I went to try and put Marley in her seat she wrung free of me and went running as fast as she could away from me and a lady close by gave me a look like she was considering whether I was dealing with a tantrum or if I was trying to kidnap this little girl. Luckily I didn't have anyone call the cops on me. Not the highlight of the trip, that's for sure :)

Our kids have the best daddy in the world! Seriously, he is always playing with them and trying to spend quality time with them. He gets home pretty early so that we get lots of family time, one of the greatest blessing in the world! I feel like time is the most valuable thing we have and I'm so grateful we can spend so much of it together!
Cute pictures of our kids with daddy
Daddy was rocking Kesler while I was getting our Sunday meal set out.

Marley loves to snuggle and dad is ALWAYS willing to take her up on it

Kaydence was scared during the movie and was holding her daddy SO TIGHT!

We don't make a habit of watching scary movies especially with Kaydence but I didn't know Harry Potter fell into this category. Travis and I had a Harry Potter Marathon where we would watch one a night (over the course of a couple weeks). We let Kaydence watch the first one and she loved it and I forgot that there were scary parts in the second (the snakes and spiders) and let her watch it with us too. After that we decided to finish this marathon when the girls went to bed. It was really fun watching them all side by side together.

Travis laid down on the coach to take a little power nap and the girls wanted to join him...

I don't think he actually got any sleep :)

Just one of me and Kesler to throw in here

We went to a Peterson Family Reunion at Cherry Hill with Travis's VERY extended family. It was Monte's grandparents posterity, not everyone obviously but enough so that I really don't remember many people's names. It was great getting to meet and talk to so many distant relatives.

Kaydence climbing the tree, with dad's help.

Kaydence's favorite part of the afternoon was getting to be with grammy.

I'm always up for any excuse where we get to see our family.
Two of my mom's sisters came up from Arizona to go to education week at BYU and flew in a day and half early so WE got to have them stay with us!!! I was so excited, I just love my aunts!

They read to the girls before bed.

We hiked up Ensign Peak one beautiful afternoon. My aunt Geneen watched our three kids while we went up to the peak, seriously my aunts are some of the most selfless people I KNOW!

We LOVED having Geneen and Marilyn stay with us, we feel so spoiled getting to spend time with them!!!

Kaydence also had her first cavity at the dentists. She wasn't a big fan and asked if we could put her to sleep next time but she did so good. She was trying her hardest to be so brave and got two tokens from the dentist then I took her out to get a slurpee at seven eleven (sugar free, since she got a cavity I figured it would be counter productive to get her a sugar loaded slurpee).
Her least favorite part of the whole ordeal was having half of her mouth numb. After the slurpee and a movie her mouth "woke up" and she was all better.

Our brave girl!
Kaydence just saw this pictures and said, "oh, that was when I couldn't feel". She really hated being numb, someday she will realize it's far better than the alternative.

We also celebrated Marley's half birthday!!! Once the girls were awake we went to Roger's Bakery inside Reams and let the girls pick out a doughnut for breakfast.
I was kind of surprised out of all the ones with sprinkles, creams, jelly filled, or huge ones they picked out red velvet doughnuts. Originally Marley almost chose a the simple glazed doughnuts.
breakfast of champions

Kesler Update
Travis took a few snapshots of Kesler just smiling and gabbing on the floor. He is such a happy smiley baby, especially in the mornings. He sleeps really well at night, he is like clock work. He goes to bed at about 8 clock at night, then wakes up at two and five for a feeding and wakes up between 7:30 and 8 just talking and smiling like crazy. He has also started full out laughing! I love it! Before you could tell he was super ticklish and would kind of attempt to laugh or didn't quite know what to do but now if you nuzzle his neck, tickle his ribs, or surprise him (like peek-a-boo) he just starts laughing.
He is such a BIG BOY! At his two month visit he was 15 pounds!!! He doubled his birth weight. He was in the 95th percentile for weight and the 97th percentile for height. He seems so long compared to my girls at this age.
At his four month check up he was 18 pounds. So he was in the 93rd percentile for weight and the 92nd percentile for height. That's our boy!!!
It's hard to get pictures of him smiling because he smiles when he see's our faces but when we put a camera up to try and get the picture he just stares at it and the red light.

My parents flew back in from their trip to Hawaii (they had such a BLAST) and were able to spend the rest of the weekend with us and celebrate Marley's half birthday.
Marley wanted to make rainbow cupcakes for her birthday and put frosting, sprinkles, jelly beans, and other good stuff on her cupcakes.
Grandma and Grandpa spoiled her, as always.

Daddy wearing his birthday hat, it's funny because everyone wore a hat except for the birthday girl. Apparently she thought we all looked like dorks and didn't want to join in.

Then Marley wanted to go swimming. It was Kesler's first time in the pool, he looks a little worried.

Grandma holding him, he didn't even fuss at all. Look at that cute mug!

I kept trying but I couldn't get a good picture of Marley, she was too busy playing like crazy!

I was loving it! He fell asleep after a while, all the noise and the movement of the water must have lulled him to sleep.

The kids LOVE to swim and all of them were completely tuckered out by the time we got home. We had fun.

We took another trip to Hogle Zoo but this time with my grandma on her grandparents pass and we got to go with my sister Kathleen and her family and my little sister Mickell!
We started out riding the train. Kesler's first time on a train.
through the tunnel

Kent, Kathleen, and Connor hiding underneath his little hat.

Connor and his cute momma!
Connor is so interactive and he was just making the cutest faces while we were watching the girls go on the carousel. Then both Connor and Kesler just started smiling, making noises at each other and reaching out and touching each other, it was seriously the cutest thing. They were buds back in their Pre-Earth life :)

The girls LOVED riding the carousal, I don't know how many rides they went on but by the time we left I know all the adult had their fill of riding it with the kids (especially the guys).

Our little nest of girls

watching the otters and sea lions

The polar bear was awesome!

This picture would have been PERFECT if a boy didn't walk infront of the camera right as I was taking it (I tried to crop his head out, right where the polar bears head would have been)

Corrine was pointing to everything with so much enthusiasm, it was so cute!

Connor fell asleep with his mommy's finger in his mouth, CUTE!

Grandma got all the kids popcorn and Marley was going to TOWN on it!
Posing on the bears

Kesler fell asleep in our PINK jogging stroller, poor boy.

The little munchkins holding hands :)

I love to have them hug for the camera, they are just too cute!

The kids were getting so exhausted as we were finishing up, most of them ended up sitting in a stroller or being carried on shoulders.

He's just too cute!
Watching the tigers

Afterwords we had a relaxing night and we put on a movie for the girls in the girls guest bedroom and they set up their princess tent and table and had popcorn and their own little party going on.

The next morning after breakfast Kent, Kathleen, and Connor had to go to IKEA to pick up a few things so I got all the girls swim suits and took them all over to play at Kates!

They were having water fights and building motes in the sandbox. Jackson and Kendra

Cameron building another massive mote

I love this picture of Mickell and Kate, such bright eyed beauties!!!

I said something to make all the kids look at me at once for a picture, it actually worked!

Kesler chilling in the shade with Mickell, Kate, and I while we chatted away :)
We had such a fun summer! I can't believe how fast it flew by!
I'm not writing as much in my posts anymore because I am WAY behind on posts and my blog book, it's RIDICULOUS!!!