Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shawn and Jerdanna's Wedding

My closest friend in high school just got married this summer to Shawn Bird. Aren't they a gorgeous couple! It was such a beautiful wedding, first they were sealing in the Idaho Falls temple. Then Shawns parents took everyone out to brunch. Then we helped set up. Then they had a wonderful ring ceremony on her parents ranch followed by the reception. It was seriously so FUN and BEAUTIFUL, but I wouldn't expect anything less coming from Jerdanna! I'm so grateful I was able to to be there!  

Me loving my best friend on her special day!
Travis and I during brunch

The good looking couple

Jer with her sister in law and her kids
Me with the happy couple

Me, Jerdanna, and Megan. We were roommates at CSI together (or rather I worked with Megan and she took my place when I left for BYU Idaho). It was so fun getting to spend time with Megan as well!

The fella's

I got to be one of Jer's bridesmaid's, it was awesome!

This was too cute, the ring security team that delivered the rings to the groom

Jer with her dad's, she is just so radiant!

I really love the bridesmaid dress Jer got me

My parents and Mickell were able to be to everything this day too. We all just LOVE Jer, she is pretty much family!

Me and my hot man (who actually worked up quite a sweat helping set everything up)

Us at the table after eating the awesome dinner they had (it was served in a fully decorated barn with twinkling lights and everything)

Megan and I, we haven't even really talking since my second year of college and we got to spend most of the day together it was awesome!

It was too dark by the time I thought about it but I asked Mickell to get a couple pictures of Travis and I infront of the wheat field.

She did good :)

I wanted to get more pictures of Jer and Shawn but there three other photographers constantly shooting them and I figured their shots would turn out much better. I might have to have her send me some of those pictures. I REALLY want a copy of the fun pictures we took with Jer and the bridesmaids in the photo booth. Jer had all these hilarious props and costumes that you could pose with, it was awesome! 
 I just love Jerdanna and she will always be such a close friend that I'm so grateful for, CONGRATULATIONS JER AND SHAWN!!! 

Tenney Petersen Reunion

We had another fun Tenney Peterson Reunion this summer, we had one two summers ago. Its my mom and her twin's families. Our families are really close, we might as well just add Tenney into our names as well :)
We were kind of worried about traveling eleven hours there, then fourteen hours back up to Idaho with the kids but we were pleasantly surprised with how well it went! We let the girls pick out movies from redbox, I packed fun treats for the kids, and even popped a bowl of popcorn for us to eat while we watched our movies. It was actually a really fun drive! While Travis listened to his book and drove, the girls and I were dancing in back to the new Alvin and the chipmunks movie while eating popcorn! The girls were great! We also think that preparing them for the drive is what helped so much too. Travis and I were telling them about the long drive days before we actually took the drive. They were so excited!
Marley entranced in her movie.... 
... and loving her treats

My movie buddies

This little guy did AMAZING too! He was so good the whole time, he would just stare at us girls in back and smile or just sleep the rest of the time. He is such a little prince.
Travis listening to his book and getting us there safely. We left around 1:30 pm and got there around 11:30 pm (their time, 12:30 our time).

The Tenney's have two gorgeous cabins that were perfect for all of us to comfortably stay in for the week. They are up in Forest Lakes Arizona, so it was much cooler there than it is in the Valley. Forest Lakes seemed to be a little cooler than it is here in the Salt Lake valley, about 10 degrees cooler. 
After staying up and talking for a while and going to bed we woke up to a big breakfast complete with french toast, eggs. and oatmeal. We woke up to a delicious breakfast every morning thanks to my amazing Aunt Marilyn, we had blueberry, wheat pancakes, omelets, oatmeal with berries and fruit, bacon and my brother Jonathan made crepes one morning as well, Mmmmmm! We started our mornings off right :) 
Then we headed out to the lakes. I love this picture of my Uncle Ron and cousin Troy! STUDS!

The girls loved playing in the water!

Our pretty girl!

My Uncle Ron and Aunt Marilyn got four kayaks for all of us to paddle around the lake, it was so much fun!
 I think my husband is so hot, I got some pictures of him kayaking. 

This is Natalie, a really awesome girl my cousin Trevor is dating. My girls sure loved her and I'm pretty sure everyone else did as well, she is such a sweetheart. Trevor is such a catch and she seems to realize how exceptional and rare he is, which only made me like her more :)
Trevor and Natalie are both hard core, they were swimming laps around the lake and racing on the kayaks! One day Trevor literally swam over a mile, I love swimming or rather playing in the water but I am a horrible swimmer. I could take some lessons from these two.
Trevor still had energy to play with Kaydence afterwords!
So cute!!!

Uncle Ron's turn on the kayaks! Travis giving him a little push! (I like to get pictures of Travis when he's not aware of it)

Trevor and Natalie

I looked like such a dork in this picture that I cropped myself out, we were both making funny faces but I just looked "special". I get to do that since I'm the blogger :)

Paddling together around the lakes was a lot of fun! 

Travis and Troy

I loved how this picture of my aunt Marilyn and Kesler turned out!

Kaydence with grandma! These girls can't get enough of their grandma, every morning the first words out of Marley's mouth was "gram-ma" or "et's go wake up gram-ma".

The next day we went to church up in Heber. It is actually my cousin Rhett and his families ward but they weren't able to come because they had a big family reunion in Utah this week! We sure missed them, but I'm hoping we'll get to see them again sometime soon and get to spend more time with them.

The girls like to follow aunt "Jess-ca"
Jessica's hair is so shiny and pretty, she should be a Pantene Pro V model I swear!

This was the first time Amanda met Kesler! Kesler needs to practice that look so he can get the ladies too. If he's lucky he'll score an amazing catch like Amanda!

So cute!!!
Kesler has been changing and while his face shape is still like Travis's his head is more round and looking at all our baby pictures he seems to have Taylor's round head. Maybe that means he'll be tall. At his 2 month appointment he was in the 97th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight. He is such a big boy! While my girls were just as chubby he is measuring a lot taller.

We went on some awesome quad rides together!

We went out with Johnny and Jess the first time. It is so gorgeous and fun riding all the trails through the area.

My mom sure loves being a grandma, she is so good with them!

We all gathered around and played games a few different times during the trip. We played "Would You Rather" and "What's Your's like?" We played in teams and the power couple of the group was Trevor and Troy, we couldn't stump them when we were playing "What's yours like"

Angela, Dillon, and Gary (and Audrey who is hiding in Angela's tummy)

We had devotionals every night that were amazing and gave us some great discussions. I think just being able to visit, spend time together, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings was the highlight of the trip. My Aunt Marilyn and Angela brought all their stuff to make jewelry and us girls had fun making some super cute pieces of jewelry. Too bad I didn't get pictures!

A few people went over to play at the Lake and Kayaked to the island then Travis and Jonathan went hunting for crawdads. When they brought them back the kids thought they were pretty cool.
Dillon and Kaydence were fascinated by them

LOVE this picture!

Dillon is such a cutie, Kaydence and Marley really loved playing with him.

We were eating delicious food the entire time. We each took turns making great meals and Aunt Marlilyn set out so many snacks and fun treats all the time, we were completely spoiled!

It was fun to sit out on the porch at night with the cool breeze, bright stars, and fun conversations that would take place.

It was Mickell's birthday just a couple days before we left so we had to sing to her and have cake to celebrate this specials girls big day!

There was a lot of relaxation that was going on as well, Troy seemed especially preoccupied with his book. He is such an intellectual, whenever I'm around the Tenney's I'm inspired to read and become better informed on all the issues and events in the world. 

The girls LOVED this game. Where they would throw a little stuffed animal down and grandma would try to catch it and throw it back up, it was so cute.

Cute little Angela is due with their little girl in just over a month.

The guys had a big project one day of building, or putting together, this awesome playground in front of the cabin for the kids.
The kids were having fun pretending to build their own forts and playing in the mud.

Still working out in the rain. You can't really tell but it was raining here.

Kaydence kind of loves her baby brother, can you tell?

My Aunt Geneen came for a couple days, we sure love her!

My cousin Denise let me borrow all these clothes for our little guy and this little ASU Sun Devil onesie was in there so I had to get a picture of Kesler in it with another ASU die hard fan... which is pretty much anyone on the Richardson side of the family :)

Yet another beautiful day at the lake, whenever it wasn't raining (and a couple of times when it was) we would go swim and play at the lake.

We went to the lake right after breakfast and the water was still a little chilly

The gorgeous twins, seriously could they look more amazing?

I love my girls!!!

I took the girls kayaking with me, it was such a blast! Kaydence loved singing "row row row your boat" and "A boy and a girl in a little canoe" with me. They are so much fun!

Jonathan is always dabbling on his computer, mainly messing around with their budget and figures. The boy loves economics and finances, I think he found his calling when he got his degree in accounting.

When you play hard you crash hard.

Travis and Taylor, such stud muffins!

I LOVE this picture of Kaydence and Amanda! Even though Kaydence doesn't get to see Amanda much she will always be crazy about her aunt Manda

Mickell was such a huge help, when I was busy with something and Kesler would start crying she would always just go and pick him up. (we just got back from the lake here and he fell asleep on her)

Shortly after Marley fell asleep on grandma and so we set them down on the coach to nap. My napping babes.

Everyone out there working and trying to figure this thing out. I guess there were over 20 pages of directions and after assembling a section they would find that a part was wrong or something and had to try again. They said that if they were to do another one they would do it in less than half the time.

These three seemed to be working on it non-stop, the finished project behind them.

Kaydence had the honors of being the FIRST to go down the slide
I her inspection it passed her approval!

It was so stinking cute, one morning Marley was Uncle Ron's shadow. She followed him around EVERYWHERE!  I think he took grandpa's place since he couldn't be here for this trip, besides according to Kaydence my Uncle Ron and Aunt Marilyn are her THIRD grandma and grandpa!

One  morning Travis and I woke up, ate breakfast, and headed straight for the trails on the four wheeler.
It is really pretty up there and there is quite a bit of wild life to see. On one trip we took we saw a huge elk right off the trail from us. We also saw bear tracks at dusk right after it rained (and the tracks of a wolf we think).

Aunt Marilyn brought tortilla chips to crumble up and throw to the ducks and the girls were loving it.
The ducks started to follow them everywhere hoping to get more crumbs or wayward chips. The cute chipmunks were coming right up to them to eat some crumbs too but the ducks kept scaring them away

My mom relaxing by the lake and reading her book

Me loving on my cute boys cheeks! He was happy right before I got this picture, I swear!

The girls LOVED getting to go on quad rides as well.

I mean look at that face! 

Johnny and Jess took Marley out for a ride as well
Marley felt safe and loved being sandwiched in between these two awesome people!
This trip was such a BLAST! It was so much fun getting to spend all this time together talking, going on walks, and doing fun things around the cabin. I hope that we can share many more fun memories like the ones we made this week down there!