Tuesday, July 31, 2012

chillin in July

I’m going to try to separate my blog posts a little instead of just jamming everything we did in one blog post. Me with my handsome boy!
Kesler looks so handsome in his collared shirts for church I wanted to get a picture with him. Unfortunately he was tired and hungry by the time we got home so he wasn’t so happy here but seriously he is so stinkin adorable when he cries too. 

It has been really hot outside this summer, almost too hot to do anything outside. So when we do go outside it’s for short increments of time. Travis had the great idea of taking the girls out to fly kites so they each chose their own kites (Barbie, of course Marley just chose whichever Kite Kaydence wanted) and we took them out. The girls loved it! 

Just another picture taken after church but this one is of my hot husband and gorgeous big girl. 

Kaydence asked if she could take a picture of me and daddy since I got to take one of her. 

I think she is progressively getting better… sort of.

I gave Kesler his first haircut at ten weeks. He needed one. His hair was getting shorter around the sides, where he lays his head but it was still getting longer on top. So I decided to even things up a bit. I used clippers and a size four on top and a three around the sides. 

This is right before I cut his hair. SO CUTE I his bumbo with his diaper on, I LOVE his little man boobs and the cute face he is making!

 The hair that came off

I wanted to take an after shot right after but by the time I had his hair cut, then bathed him, and had him dressed he was tired. So here is a picture of him I took about a week later with his hair cut. Isn’t he so handsome! When I look at him with his little hair cut I think he looks like such a handsome future priesthood holder. 

I’M SO IN LOVE WITH MY KIDS!!! Being a mom is the BEST! I’m so grateful I’m able to stay home with them EVERYDAY! I just want to enjoy them forever, I don’t want to miss a beat of them growing up. I’ve noticed that when I make them my primary focus every day and don’t get caught up in trying to get “things done” I enjoy life so much more and see what miracles my children are and how incredibly blessed I am to get to spend this time with them. I DON’T WANT KAYDENCE TO GO TO SCHOOL AND LEAVE ME!  I know it would only be a couple hours but I think I might just keep her home and all to myself for one more year…. She is so social and I can teach her the things she needs to learn before Kindergarten. So I’ve decided to be selfish and keep her with me for one more year, we told her she could do soccer, swimming, or ballet instead so this way we’re both happy J

Monday, July 9, 2012

June - July 4th

PART 1 - June pictures 

The other man who stole my heart

Mariella came up to see us one evening to meet our little man, she said she is in love with him. She stays so busy all the time with her full time schedule down at BYU, she is going into civil engineering and excels at everything she does! My girls sure love her, they call her "Ella" and Kaydence thinks she has the most beautiful hair ever. Ella is down seeing her family in Peru right now for the rest of the summer before school starts back up again. Hopefully we'll get to see her again sometime soon.

Marley fell asleep during our Sunday meal, she is always so pooped after church and has a hard time staying awake to eat before her nap.

He's so cute in his Bumbo! His expression just makes me laugh.

He loves his swing, it allow me to get some things done during the day.

I love how Kesler just nuzzles up to me and sleeps like this on me all the time.

My boys

I love this one!

We go to the Rec center all the time, this is just one picture we've taken when we went swimming of our cute little Marley Jo. The girls LOVE to go swimming!

Kesler will fall asleep in his Bumbo
 I love his cute little dimpled chin, just like his dads!

 PART 2 - Independence Day trip in Idaho
We got to Idaho on Friday in time to go on a fun little date night with the family. Kim had a delicious meal as soon as we got there that we all ate together. Then we had Harley come over to babysit our girls while we went out on our date to the driving range then to Jensen's grove to play around.

Travis was flirting with his hot date!
 Travis was trying to tell Kaitlin how to golf and I told him he should use this as an opportunity to put his arms around his woman and get all romantic on her!

Kassidy was a little pro, knocking those balls out there

Kim was cooing and playing with her newest little grandson.

Kesler's first date night, he was loving his date (grammy).

The guys teeing off. Both Travis and Travis were on their golf teams in high school, they just love it!

When Travis and I were first dating in college I asked him what he remembered about me from high school and do you know what he said?!?! He said, "You were terrible at golf, probably the worst I've ever seen!" Lovely, so he didn't marry me for my golfing skills that's for sure. He knew this because for homecoming our senior year we were on a huge group date together (of about fourteen other people) and the guys took us to the golf course. I was Colby's date and I'm pretty sure I tore up the whole lawn trying to hit that little white ball.
This time Travis showed me the grip and how to golf so I did better, but really that's not saying much.

Jensen's Grove

I love these pictures, they say it all. WE. ARE. COOL.

Just spending time outside running around with the family is so much fun!

Hanging out at the luxurious Peterson residence. Kim is so incredibly sweet, she will go and get us all our favorite treats and snacks when we come and we pretty much binge the whole time! This time Travis was on a diet and she still went to the store and got all this stuff for him that he could eat while following his diet. He is on a high protein diet for about a seven week time period. His goal is to get to 8% body fat while maintaining all his muscle. He only has two more weeks left.

I love this picture of my boys!

We got out the fun pool that grammy and papa got for the grandkids. They love it!

While the girls were playing in the pool, Kass and I were sun bathing while painting our toes.

Grandpa also set up the sprinkler next to the tramp for the girls.

Jerdanna’s bridal shower! Isn’t she so gorgeous!

Jerdanna has been my best friend through high school and college  and although we don’t see each other very much anymore she will always be one of my best friends. She is getting married to Shawn Bird in July and I couldn’t be more excited for her. Saturday night was her “Little Black Dress Bridal Shower”, where all the girls wore something black and sassy. The shower was at The Sandpiper, a really nice steak and seafood restaurant. A perfect ladies night out.

My closest friends in high school - Jerica, Jerdanna, Deni, and me.
It was so fun seeing each of them and catching up. It will be ten years since we’ve graduated next May! Jerica got her Masters Degree in History and is teaching English to kids around the world (she taught this last year in Mexico and will be teaching in Poland this next year). Jerdanna got her bachelors degree and was going into dental hygiene for another degree when the man of her dreams came along and swept her off her feet. Deni got married right out of high school and has three little boys and stays busy working two jobs (a receptionist at the hospital and a Zumba instructor at Gold's Gym). Crazy how we all grow up and how different each of our lives have been!  

I was tempted to sing Jerdanna Happy Birthday as they brought out her cake.

This was the whole group of ladies that were there (minus three or four that had to leave early)

Opening the gifts is always fun especially when it is for a "sassy" style bridal shower, I bet you can't guess what EVERYONE got her...
... nope, not my little Kesler, although it looked like he was numbered among the gifts

Holy Cow she got a ton of lingerie and it was all SOOOO cute!

There was only one gift that was not lingerie (or other sexy paraphernalia).
Yep! It was from me, I also got her some lingerie as well though.

The next day was a very special day! Connor Dane Parkinson's blessing!!!
As soon as we got to my sister's house all the kids swarmed around Kesler, they sure love Kesler and Connor!

I love how he looks like such a little ladies man already here.

I got some of the sweetest pictures of Connor in his blessing outfit.
 He also got to wear the suit Dane was blessed in. I love that both Connor and Kesler share Dane's middle name and hopefully more than that. 

Connor and his mommy!
He was so wide eyed and interactive during the whole sacrament meeting. He was just smiling and being so sweet, he knew it was a special day and there was definitely a special spirit there.


This is everyone who was able to make it to the blessing.
They just moved into their new beautiful house in Pocatello and still had us all over for dinner after church. Kent was the grill master cooking up the burgers and my sister made the most amazing raspberry jello salad thing ever and these coconut filled brownies (I literally made myself sick by eating too many).
Poor little Corinne took a bad fall in the backyard on the concrete and her face got all scratched up.

The feast!

I changed Kesler into his shirt that says, "Awesome like Mommy". So I had to get a picture with him!

I LOVE his little smile!
He is such a happy little guy, every morning he smiles from ear to ear at me. Whenever he focuses on my face he just lights up and gives me these huge smiles and they completely melt my heart! 

Kaydence LOVES my mom's monkey bread (she also made the best red potato salad)
It is always a must have a my moms house.

Jonathan always has so much energy to play with all the kids, I think Kendra was attached to him most of the time.

I love these pictures! Connor and Kesler are only 8 days apart in age.
Can you believe Kesler is the younger one! He is chunking up FAST! I don't think my kids know any other way.

Monday Travis spent the day with his dad, they worked on the cars, went golfing nine holes at the golf course, and later went to a movie together (which they left because it was inappropriate). The girls and I went to my moms house where the girls ran around and played dress up the whole day. My mom, Mickell, and I looked through all these pictures my found the other day. She found two big boxes of pictures and it was such a treasure! There were so many pictures of Dane when he was little and pictures of the rest of us when we were little and let me tell you what I was an absolute CHUNK! I was born with a double chin! So I guess the chubbiness of our babies isn't only attributed to my creamy milk but to my genes as well (it looks like I was just about as chubby as Taylor was). We spent most of the day looking at the pictures and I still don't think I saw them all! We each have a big box of pictures and things of us growing up but these pictures were all new so it was really awesome.

The next day we all went down to Pocatello to hang out with my sister and her family. We first went to the park for lunch and it was a ton of fun.

 I was in the middle of getting all the kids in this shot and Corinne just walked up right infront of the camera right before I took it like "hey this is all you really need to see". Corinne cracks me up!

Then we went to swim at Ross Park where the girls had such a blast!

Corinne was not wanting to get in the water at first because when we first got there she just ran into the water after Camryn and Kendra and got a face full of water. It didn't take her long to get comfortable again and she was a little fish again.

My mom keeping an eye on our little guys while Kathleen and I were chasing our girls around

I love how my glasses went all crooked when I put my face up against my man, I look cool!

There is absolutely NO shade at Ross Park so Kathleen and I had to get inventive to keep Connor and Kesler shielded from the sun. They didn’t want to just hang out in their car seats all day and it was hard to hold a towel above them while holding them for very long. So Kathleen came up with this

It actually worked really well! They were so cute laying down there together, I just couldn’t get enough pictures of them.

While Travis was sunbathing I got a picture of me smooching him 
good angle of his nostrils

Corinne and Marley were so entertaining to watch. They were both playing together the entire time and just copying each other. They kept jumping on their bums, running around, and laughing and jibber jabbing. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but Marley LOVES food, if you want her to do anything you can bribe her through food. If there is food around she is sure to be there. When Kesler was born he didn’t keep her interest for long. She started scavenging around my room for food finding crackers, cookies, rice cakes, juice, etc. So when Kathleen opened the potato chips she was all over it. She was a little torn on swimming in the water and staying to snack so she opted for both. 
She and Corinne kept grabbing a handful of chips then running into the water after their chips were gone it wouldn’t take them long to run back and grab another handful. They both kept up this pattern for a long time, running in and out of the water and grabbing chips. Although the chips didn’t last long and were pretty much gone by the time they would reach the water. 

Two peas in a pod these two!

Kaydence and Marley were completely tuckered out by late afternoon so we started packing up. Marley was WAY past her nap time and was throwing an all-out tantrum so Travis carried our screaming girl out to the car.  During which time Kaydence went to follow Camryn on the other side of the park. I couldn’t find her for a while and I started freaking out, my mom went and checked the dressing room and parking lot while I was walking around the swim park. When I finally saw her I just burst into tears. That is the scariest worst feeling EVER!  

When we got back to the house Monte took the girls on a long motorcycle ride and they found these eggs in our neighbors drive way! The girls were SO excited they just came running in to show me. 

Can you see the eggs?

I didn't know this about this bird but if you get close to it’s eggs it starts flapping around on the ground acting like its wing is broken. So that it draws your attention away from its eggs, I thought that was pretty sweet.

This mother bird was just going crazy, anything to protect our little ones.

Then we wound down with a big bowl of popcorn, a show, and some crème soda.  I love time with my girlies! 

Then the PARTY began!!! 
We celebrated Independence Day a day early so we could get back home and we didn't want the girls up all night more than once. 
Kent Kathleen and their girls (I guess I can’t say that anymore since there is a little guy in the mix) came over right after the girls usual bed time so that we could have a fireworks party. 

My dad got the kids all these fun fireworks and they were loving it! First they each got packs of those firecrackers you throw at the ground and they pop, or you step on them to make them pop. 

I think grandpa enjoys spoiling his grand kids :)

Then they went through the huge pack of sparklers. At first they weren't so sure, I think Marley was a little worried it would burn her. But by the end they were running back to grandpa to give them MORE! The older girls were holding up to three at time by the end.  

Lots of different fireworks. This was the confetti one, Marley was inspecting it after the confetti popped out like it was magic or something.

These were those black things that grow and look like snakes. Corinne kept telling us that it was dog poop (she said it so cute).

Sitting down to watch the bigger fireworks.

It was a colder night than usual, Marley had grandma to keep her warm.

The guys putting on the show

Then we had a little bomb fire out back were we snuggled in blankets or with a buddy to stay warm and roasted marshmallows.

It was such a fun night, I love watching all the kids get so excited and have so much fun together!

We had to head back home the next afternoon. Grandpa took the girls out on another long ride on his motorcycle. Then he got out his guitar and they sang songs together.
Marley was a little grump, from lack of sleep the previous night is my guess, and wouldn't pose with grandpa. She is such a cute little stinker.
The girls always look forward to crepes with strawberry filling at grammy and grandpa's house. Things got a little busy and grandpa wasn't able to make them for breakfast so on the last day he made them for the girls for lunch. It was well worth the wait :)

We just love summertime visits to see our families!!!