Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kesler Dane's Blessing

First off, just some pictures of us doing what we do! With all this warm weather we are regularly attending the park in the afternoons and going to the library. That is one of the things that I have found to be very manageable with three little ones because Kelser can't get into too much trouble and Kaydence and Marley always stick together and play. They play so well together, Kaydence is so sweet with Marley and Marley's favorite person in the world is her big sissy.

This picture is too funny of Kaydence, I've been trying to get her to make a "normal face or smile" when I take a picture and most of the time I get something like this

Here's the smile I was looking for!

Kaydence and Marley have been sleeping in the same room and they have to get all settled before going to bed. The other night they both had about five babies tucked into bed with them, each with their own little blankies. Marley is always hugging her baby or her stuffed animal when she sleeps.

Another regular thing we do is get out the little kiddy pool and turn on the sprinklers so the kids can play in the water outside. Travis got out the squirt guns and they were chasing each other around the yard. While Travis was watering the yard the girls would try to sneak up on him and get  him wet...
... probably not the best idea when daddy has the hose.

I was weeding around the flowers while they were running around with their squirt guns. Kesler wanted to be held so I attempted to finish weeding while holding him, he loves to be outside.
Kesler's Blessing
My mom came up a couple days early so we could spend some time together, she always spoils us whenever she comes but the best part is just getting to be with her! My parents had to come up early to pick up Mickell from EFY in Provo. When they picked her up I think she was a little pooped, when she got to our house she asked to hold Kesler and I think within minutes they were both asleep.

My dad and Mickell went up to Layton and my amazing in laws came over that Saturday afternoon, I cannot tell you how lucky I got in marrying into this family! Grandma and Grandpa stayed and played with the kiddos while we (Travis, Kaitlin, Kassidy, my man, and me) ran to pick up some things at the store. We also met up with Travis's cousin who rode this sweet motorcycle and the girls thought his helmet was just the funnest thing to wear.

Kim is amazing she brought this all-out-meal for all of us , it was delicous! Complete with a vegetable tray, two amazing salads, chips, and manwiches. It was perfect!
Didn't everyone do this with olives at some point in their lives... I still do sometimes

After the girl's bath they ran to cuddle with grandpa
Then everyone went out to the movies, Battleship. I wanted to just stay home to put the girls down and hang out with my mom and little man. It sounds like they all enjoyed the show and TONS of buttery popcorn that has butter dripping off your fingers.

The next morning Kesler was blessed and it made it so special having all these wonderful people there. I LOVE FAMILY! My uncle Jade and Aunt Jamie and their three kids came too, and they left us with all these adorable hand me downs from their kids! I LOVE IT! My grandparents just got back from China in time to make it to the blessing too. Thank you so much for making it everyone, it means a lot! Some of our family couldn't make it, which I all too well understand but I know they would have been there if they could have (I feel bad even asking everyone to inconvenience themselves to come to something that lasts all of ten minute, if even that).

I told everyone to make a funny face in this second picture

Kesler Dane's blessing was so special, I look forward to each of my kids blessing so much. It is such a special reminder of who each of them are and how much our Heavenly Father loves them. I really hope they each come to know who they are and know how incredibly loved they are.
Kesler's blessing was really special too because he got to wear the outfit Dane wore when he was blessed. The blessing touched my heart so much and I felt Dane there in a way I hadn't felt him here before. I know Dane loves his family so much and longs to be with us all the time, I'm so grateful for the times where I feel him right here with me.
I loved all the words spoken through Travis for Kesler's blessing and I always wish I could remember every word spoken during the blessing. I had no idea that my friend, Michelle, in our ward was writing everything down and she had is nicely printed out for me and brought it over to me a couple days later!
He is too kiss-ably handsome!!!

We just had our parents and my grandma bring salads and we got papa murphy's pizza's the previous day so all we had to do was put them in the oven after church (we were thinking the easier the better!). I worked out perfectly! 
Kaitlin and Travis were changing when I got the previous picture of everyone at the blessing so after the meal I had to get a picture with them in it too!

Kass and Kesler

My dad is always out playing with our girls, they just love him!

He got them those firecrackers you throw on the ground, they were LOVING it!

My mom was really sick the previous week and was pretty much over it when she came to visit but she wanted to be really careful not to get Kesler sick so she didn't hold him while she was here. I think it was KILLING HER! So finally on Sunday afternoon she had had enough and found a way to hold him without worrying about passing anything to him. She got my dad's bandanna out and wrapped it around her face so she could hold him.
She looks like a baby robber, LOL, it made me laugh. Then my dad said that he uses the bandanna to blow his nose, my mom about threw up when he said that. He was totally kidding, the little stinker.
After a weekend like that my heart is just so full.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a special Memorial Day Weekend this year, since it was the first memorial day since my brother Dane passed away we wanted to start some new traditions to help us remember Dane and keep him with us. It worked out perfectly for all of us to get together because Dane's senior class graduation was the Thursday night before. So my brother Taylor drove all the way to Blackfoot from Washington, my mom made that happen :) Kathleen, her girls, and Connor were also able to be there for most of the weekend too! Kent was too crazy busy with trying to get their house ready to sell to make it, but hopefully things will slow down for them here soon! We were able to leave Thursday right after Travis got off work, we got there a little bit before Dane's graduation.
 It was the first time Taylor met Kesler! So cute how Kesler was just staring at his uncle that completely towered over him :)

Then we dropped off our three kids at Grammy and Papa's house so we could go to the graduation, I don't know what we would do without our parents that are constantly helping us and there for us! I was hoping the ceremony would be only a couple hours so we could be back in time for me to feed him so we didn't bring our little man BUT I got to meet Kent and Kathleens new little man, CONNOR!!!
I just LOVE this boy! He is so kiss-ably cute! It is such a blessing for our kiddos to have such amazing cousins around the same age, I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Connor and Kesler are incredibly close in age, Kesler is only 8 days younger than Connor! They are definitely going to be best buds!

Connor did so good during the ceremony, Kathleen is completely smitten with her little boy too!  Boys are GREAT! 

In our seats

Travis was enjoying holding his newest nephew, Connor just snuggled right up to him. 

So Sweet!

It was really hard being there and seeing Dane's class and knowing that he should be standing up there too. I felt like I could see him up there in his silly cap and gown, downplaying the whole occasion and all his successes. The vice principle called my mom and got her enough tickets for all of us to go to the graduation. They did a beautiful music number in his honor and Daniella Wheelright had some beautiful words to share about Dane. Then when they called Dane's name to accept his diploma, the whole senior class stood at the same time to honor and recognize him. There were a few who spoke at the graduation that mentioned  or referred to Dane's death and how that has brought them closer and been something that affected each of them. Its so nice to know that Dane was such a powerful influence not only in our own family but with his friends and the whole class. Dane really is a rare jewel, I know that sounds corny referring to him as a jewel (he probably wouldn't like that reference but I don't know how else to say that he is so rare and has higher value than anything)

Kathleen and I got some pictures of our two little guys together, they definitely have their differences.

I always seem to find my mom asleep on the couch snuggling with Kesler. So sweet!

The guys outside throwing the baseball, football, and frisbee around.

I call this pose "pensive". You can just see the depth in which he is considering the universe and all it's complexities.

He puts Ben Stiller's blue steel to SHAME!

It is so funny because initially Taylor may seem so intimidating but this macho man probably has the best sense of humor of anyone! He is always making me crack up!

Mix that with my fun-loving, outgoing, and goofball brother Jonathan and you have a recipe for sore cheeks (from laughing and smiling so much).

Non stop fun with all the cousins!

The guys had an all night xbox 360 party, complete with a big screen and projector screen. Crazy boys!

This was the only decent picture I got with the two newest additions to the family.

I don't know why but everytime we went to take pictures of them together this was Kesler's reaction. Little stinker!

My gorgeous sister with the other man that has totally won over her heart.

Travis's family was able to come over for a couple hours after church to eat and hang out, I LOVE when we all get together. PLUS it was Kaitlin's birthday so we were able to celebrate it with her and the whole family! I just love Kaitlin so much, she is so sincere, so sweet, and so inspiring to be around. Plus she is also always willing to show me all these sweet beauty tricks, she always looks so gorgeous. I never wore eyeliner, eye shadow, or eyebrow definer before because I had no idea what I was doing but Kaitlin has shown me some techniques and tricks with hair, I love it!
Kaitlin is totally the baby whisperer, she has the magic touch. She is so amazing with Kesler, he has her wrapped around his little finger too.  I love it. My kids are so blessed with so much family that love them so much, it just warms my whole heart.
Everyone talking and hanging out

Marley wanted Aunt Kathleen to trim her finger nails too.

Marley also got to hold her new cousin Connor

If I'm ever wondering where Kesler is, I can count on him being with Kaitlin. She asked if she could hold him pretty much the whole time since it was her birthday, Kim and Kassidy tried to comply... most of the time :)

Singing her happy birthday!

Kaitlin and Travis are officially back in Pocatello now that Kaitlin has graduated!!!

My mom can always be found holding one of her grandsons. The grand-daughters get plenty of her attention too, all the grand kids sure love their grandma and that is very much reciprocated by my mom who spoils them with love... and everything else.

Eating birthday cake!

Why use a spoon when the ice cream scoop is so much bigger.

That night my family all played this hilarious board game called, "Would You Rather". This is Taylor doing his "challenge card" LOL!!!

Jonathan's challenge card on this one was to cover his face and try to guess who everyone is by feeling their face.

It was so impossible not to laugh

Jonathan actually guessed that Travis was me!!! He has facial hair!

Jonathan is such a good sport he did the other part of the challenge card too! I know he is SMOKIN HOT!

The next day was Memorial Day and Dane's headstone was just put in the previous Wednesday. It looks so good.

This is one of the traditions we're going to do on Memorial Day and/or his birthday. We each write little letters to Dane and share them. Then tie them to balloons and send them up to him
I think he knows what each of us wrote him and how much he is loved. It was really special getting to share each of our messages to Dane with each other at Danes grave.
Enjoying the rest of the day outside.

When it was time to finally head home Kaydence was shedding alligator tears calling to grandma, it was so sweet I had to get a picture.
Leaving the house. I know how she feels, its hard to leave sometimes.
It was sure a great trip, I'm grateful we got to spend it together. 

This was too hilarious not to post. Marley is such a mischievous little things! So Travis and I find ourselves using techniques trying to keep her in line :) Don't judge. But you know how there are some bedrooms that have locks where you lock them from the outside, I've always wondered why and how that would be so barbaric to lock someone inside... well I know why now. Marley will NOT stay in her room when it is her nap time or bed time so what we've started doing is using a rope to tie her door to the closet door to keep it closed so she can't get out. Yeah, it sounds bad but it works. One time it didn't work out in our favor though. Marley and Kaydence had to be seperated at bed time so we put Marley in our room that night and as usual she wouldn't stay in so we "locked" her in. 
This is what we found when we came up to check on her. 

She took off her wet diaper and got out the baby powder and proceeded to put it all over her naked body and ALL OVER OUR ROOM! 

Yes, she keeps us on our toes