Monday, May 21, 2012

May Update

Kesler's 2 week check up
Our little ones don't stay little for long. At Kesler's two week check up he had grown so much. When he left the hospital he was 7 pounds 2 ounces and exactly two weeks later he weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces! I love it, he is filling out everywhere I mean look at those cute cheeks! 
When he was born he was 20 1/2 inches long and in two weeks he grew a full inch! He is now 21 1/2 inches, that's nuts to me! He is our big growing boy! My mom said if he stays growing at this rate he may be as big as Taylor, he gained a pound a week when he was little and his nickname was Budda Boy.

The girls bedroom is a little crowded now-a-days. We have two bedrooms downstairs but we don't want the girls that far from us so we have Kesler's crib in there (for when he is a little older) and we have the girls bunk beds. It would be perfect because the room is pretty big but Marley kept climbing up the bunk bed when we first got it and I was sure she was going to break a bone. So the bunk beds lasted all of two hours. We put them down so the two beds are right next to each other. The girls love to jump from bed to bed, naughty girls :) and on occasion they will be found asleep in the same bed or sprawled out on both beds as shown. 
They are so funny!

When Kim, Kaitlin, and Kassidy came down the other weekend Kass went to prom down here!
 She had such a blast, they were in a group with 12 people. They had water gun fights, each of the couples built their own castles out of cardboard boxes, had lunch, got ready for the dance, went out to eat, to the dance at "This Is The Place" monument, then told scary stories and cooked smores by a camp fire in a 15 man tent.  She had fun. Roy was her date.

The girls loved Kassidy's long stem rose and were having a hard time sharing

Their "funny faces"
 Kaydence was a little disappointed about the rose

Travis got the girls the movie "Hop" and I made them sticky popcorn, Marley just popped a squat there in the kitchen and ate her popcorn.

Travis spoils me and the girls, Kesler's first week home he took the girls out swimming, out to the park, to play at our Rec Center, had them help him work in the yard, etc. All this so I could get more rest and just focus on Kesler for a while and slowly adjust to having three.  Kaydence and Marley sure LOVED it, they would come home and tell me all about what they did with dad.

While here it was Kim's birthday!!! The girls made her cards, picked her out a balloon, and we made her a birthday cake. We were lucky that we got to have her here on her special day!
We are sure crazy about grammy! LOVE HER UP TO THE SKY or UP TO THE STARS (that's what Kaydence wanted her card to say to grammy)!!!

We got to see Kass before going to the dance, she is so gorgeous!!!
The girls thought she was a princess.

The girls gave her hugs that made her fall over.

The next morning was Mothers Day. The girls choose what they wanted to get me. Of course they are all things they want (pink fluffy crown, balloon, goldfish/whales)

The girls love the nice weather. They love to play outside in the sprinklers in their swim suits.
They are too cute!!!

This little guy is so cute as well! I can't believe how blessed we are to have all three of them!
Kaydence and Marley love to dance, this is Kaydence bowing after her lovely performance. 
We went out for a nice walk and Travis looked too cute with Kesler's little body hanging out I had to get a picture.

More cute pictures of Kesler

I wanted to get the girls in some pictures as well and they wanted to be with Kesler in the pictures.

I like how they are both looking in the same direction.

Such a little minute.

Handsome little guy

Kaydence getting her reward for not having any accidents. When she doesn't have any accidents she gets more time getting to hold Kesler :)

I love this picture too!

I need to record some of the things that the girls are always doing. The girls are always playing dress up together. They love to wear their swim suits as well. They love to just put random outfits together, going through all their drawers (half the time they are wearing each other clothes). Here they are wearing their swim suits then they put their "over-swim suit outfits" on. Then they went outside and found snails. They LOVE to do this, they go through the vines and find them then gather them together. They will designate some as moms, dads, babies, sisters, brothers, husbands, etc.
Yeah, gross I know but they love it!
That's a little bit of May Madness. It's been a little crazy adjusting to three but so much fun at the same time. I love that I get to spend every hour of every day with them. I am so lucky!!!

Pictures of family with Kesler

These are all pictures of our families with Kesler when they came to visit. 
Kim didn't get to hold Kesler long because she was watching the girls while we were in the hospital but she got to hold him before she left

Cooper is one of Kates handsome boys, both Jackson and Cooper were such amazing helpers while we were at the hospital too. Cooper and Kaydence played so well together and Jackson took it upon himself to take care of Marley, such good "big brothers" to our girls!!!

My dad and Mickell didn't get to see Kesler when they came up the previous weekend because Kesler waited until the following morning after they left to make his appearance so they came up the next weekend :) A good excuse to make them come see us again and give us more time with them, Kesler knew what he was doing

 So Sweet!

My sweet sister Mickell holding our little guy

Jonathan holding Kesler

I LOVE this picture!

Jessica had a volleyball tournament down here in Utah so it worked out perfectly for them to stop by too!

My mom and her little snuggle buddy!

After church on Sunday my mom came home with me to get dinner ready and my dad and grandpa came home a little early because Marley wouldn't go to nursery when she could be with grandpa instead!

 Tanner, Chan, and Parker are moving to Pennsylvania and they were able to come see us and meet Kesler Sunday evening!
 We're going to miss them but were hoping we'll be able to visit them on the East coast some time.

Grandpa came and stayed with us for a night, he was heading out with Tanner the next morning to move them to the other side of the country.
 Marley always says, "sleep. by. me.".... "little. bit." making the cutest face. She tried it out on grandpa and it worked :)

The following weekend we got to have Kim, Kaitlin, and Kassidy down!

 We LOVE having family come down to visit, SO FUN!!!